Thursday, November 30, 2006

3 shots from my corner in Paris

I could live on a very small island, on the first 2 pics you get the area where I am most of the days!

On the first, the street I cross about a zillion times everyday. On the top right corner is Montparnasse, and if you go on the left, you'll find the eiffel tower.

On the second pic, it's about where I live (near the church on the left side; well, you can't see it, but you can imagine! :P). Lola's school is about in the middle of the pic.

And to finish with that microscopic gallery, just a pic of the roofs you get around here (depending in which country you are, the roofs are so typical and different!)

What was the number 1 single on your birthday, hm?

If you've no idea, you can just check here (thank you m'am Phantie :-)

so, back in 1974, 21st of May...
number 1 single in France: Abba Waterloo
number 1 single in UK: Rubettes' Sugar Baby Love (which can be added to my most hated songs list :P)

(well, I loved the *minimalist* choreography at the time! lol! so tired of the Britney/Beyoncé's stuff)

The season has just started! Can't you smell it?

When it starts smelling clementine, orange and cinnamon around... don't you just feel it's gonna get colder and whiter outside?
For me, that's the best time of winter... just before Christmas :)

(photo found here)

A promise is a promise

Mel', I couldn't find a pic of his (certainly) cute bum, but I found this (which was the closest to what I had promised! I hope it will make it :P)

Monday, November 27, 2006

Germano-French Lovers start early with their training!

I tell you my babyboy's gonna break hearts!

(merci, mzelle Palouche, pour la photo!)

Canon me baby

I think many of us have got *salacious* thoughts about the Canon 350D one day or the other ;-)

For months I thought about it night and day.. till we saved enough to pay for one last year:)

... well, I'm sad to say I'm unable to use it properly, and I won't use it properly. No time to learn about all the functions, too complicate for me too (that sucks! lol)

I'm forced to admit I use much more my heavy canon powershot A40. No bloody lenses to change, nothing to do except puching the button. Which suits me!

So ok, the 350D makes wunderful pics when you know how to use it and if you have talent (the machine does not make everything, huh :P). I do hmm entertaining photos.. which suits me.

So, I regret. I regret we spent so much money on it instead of chosing a lighter digit cam, small, high quality, and much cheaper! Pffff

(no way to sell it, Martin got addicted to the gadget! Men! re-pfffffff... hehe)

Thanksgiving in Paris

So we've celebrated our first thanksgiving, and I won't forget it!
There are not many events/celebrations where gifts are not involved... Thanksgiving is even maybe the only one, already for that I love it!

Then American people are definatly the best at celebrating such events. You should have seen all what Michelle cooked (well you can see below! :P), and also the spirit she and Frederic (her French hubby) brought to the event... Really wunnerful!

We had everything you could expect from a traditionnal Thanksgiving (and much more!): turkey, gravy, stuffing, smashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, corn, beans, pumpkin cakes, pumpkin pie, apple pie, cheese cake, carrort cake, pecan pie, etc.. + italian specialities + French ones (the tradition requires that the guests come with something to eat too, so we did).

There is a dessert you know that is called "death by chocolate", I think we could have named the meal "death by thanksgiving"! hehe
Mind you, it was excellent, everything was purfect. It's just that A french Christmas'meal is nothing in comparison with the Thanksgiving's meal! Your stomach has to experience that once in its life :P

We came back home with a huge heavy bag full of yummmy stuff, as it's also the tradition to share what's left! (happy sigh)
you wouldn't see that in France! Only your mom will give you what's left after a meal... otherwise it would sounds like "ermmm please take what's left with you, it wasn't that good for us". lol
Sharing what's left after a meal is such a nice tradition at many levels!

It's been a memorable experience. Wanna do it year! :)

PS: well, Xmas is in a bit more than 3 weeks!!!..
....time to start with a new diet here! pfffffff

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Botox, wrinkles and I

Noooo, I'm not about to get botox injections, just working on a book cover whose plot is a murder by botox injection (huhu)

..but I could be a candidate to these fookin injections: not even 33 and I can see the first wrinkles on the corners of my eyes!
Wrinkles, fook, real wrinkles!
Go back home, you're not welcome!

Hell, that also means I can't pretend to be 18 anymore... pffffff

I say... and you think...

Okies, I might be the only one to play it, but I still enjoy it! :P
(thank you again, you Unconscious Mutterings)

the rule: you just need to put the first word that comes to your mind next to each of the words below

1. Teacher ::
2. Fifty ::
3. Crossword ::
4. Stuffed ::
5. Family ::
6. Purr ::
7. Toad ::
8. Cocktail ::
9. Insecurity ::
10. Magical ::

Thursday, November 23, 2006

A prayer for the turkeys and a happy Thanksgiving to their American eaters

Not a fine day to be a turkey huh!

Life's already hard enough being that ugly bird (I know there is beauDy in everything, usually), but then they have also to end their life on a table, with their lil bum up and bits open to everyone. What a way to end one's life!

(photo from Fotosearch)

On the other end, I LOVE turkey. Yummmm!
Always that big dilemma for us, carnivorous creatures, we must not think too long about *what* we're eating really (which is definatly easy! ;-)

I must say I'm the luckiest because my lil family and I have the opportunity to celebrate Thansgiving for the very first time this year. We've been invited by Michelle (dear American friend os us) to share their Thanksgiving on Saturday! Yeepeeeeee!
I can't wait, even if I have to cook something (cooking is a big part of the party, isn't it? :P) and I know the guests will all bring delicious stuff. I'm simply not too good with cooking, honest.

(photo from Fotosearch)

Anyway, I wish a wunnerful Thanksgiving to Ariel, Laurienna, Gig, Fitz, Michelle of course, and all the other 'Rican ones I've forgotten here :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"Global Orgasm":no headache on the 22nd of December!

yup, no headache on that day because you'll highly be expected to "make love, not war"
(could be worse!)

Here's the plan of the guys :

"The intent is that the participants concentrate any thoughts during and after orgasm on peace. The combination of high- energy orgasmic energy combined with mindful intention may have a much greater effect than previous mass meditations and prayers.

The goal is to add so much concentrated and high-energy positive input into the energy field of the Earth that it will reduce the current dangerous levels of aggression and violence throughout the world.

Global Orgasm is an experiment open to everyone in the world

Well, with that in mind now, I think we'll rather rent a good ol' dvd on the 22nd... ok, the idea makes me smile, and I promise to do my best... but somehow it will definatly feel weird to make love on that day! ;-)

Anyway, I know you're open-minded and great defenders of Peace around the world.
Be ready for the 22nd now! :P


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Let's play again (huhu): top 10 of most hated and most favorite songs

Have you noticed how much some specific songs can make your day, or simply spoil it?
And I'm not talking of musical styles, of bands, no, just about songs that can touch you enough to provoke real emotions.

And there are songs you can't stand, right? Not bad songs, but songs that really does not fit with the inner you ;-)
Yup, You can't help it, but these songs make you sick, they really get on your know?

Here's my top ten of most hated songs...

Fine young cannibals's she drives me crazy
Zouk machine's maldon
Supertramps'dreamers (but, I still luve Supertramp!)
Paul Anka's you are my destiny
UB40's red red wine
ACDC's highway to hell
Elton John's sacrifice
Queen's I want to break free
Boney M's ma baker
Madonna's true blue

(yuck, watta list! I have awful songs in my head now!)

And then there are songs that you could listen a zillion times, night and day, songs that make you shiver with pleasure.. and you can hardly explain it, the songs simply fit with the inner *you*! :P

My top ten of most favorite "songs"..

Eagles' Hotel California
Haendel's Sarabande
Morricone's Ecstasy of Gold
The Door's the end
Madonna's Love profusion
Psapp's Cosy in a rocket ( )
Blondie's Call me
Metallica's no leaf clover
Theatre of Tragedy's a distance there is ( )
Pink Floyd's atom heart mother (from the first note to the very last one)

What about you, what is your most hated or most favorite song(s)?

Monday, November 20, 2006

New painting: the Healer

Is your Monday as yucky were you are as it is in Paris (=dark, grey, cold and rainy)?

What a typical way to start with the week! grrrmppphhh
And I don't even get any sun rays to share with you to warm up today! Only moonish stuff ;-)

I've just finished a pretty big painting, I worked on contrasts here and the blue colours of the night. Hope you like it (and if not, don't tell me! hehe :P)

click here to get a larger view

Friday, November 17, 2006

an IQ Test before putting your neurones on weekend :P

Among all the quizzes I do, I think playing at IQ tests is the most stoopid idea I can get (how ironic huhu)

I can't say the IQ tests are stupid, no, it's just that... what will it bring me at the end of the day?
A confirmation that I'm a genius or that obviously the results are wrong, 'cause I just can't be *below "average"*. Who can, anyway?!
("average", dunno why, but I hate that word!)

In other words... Will I survive the results? Will you survive them? hehe

okies then, your turn to play, it's here and it won't take more than a couple of minutes!

PS: to be a genius, you must reach a score of 160! Sounds easy :P

Un tattoo dans le cou, poil au g'nou

Got *inked* the other day (happy sigh)
This time, I chose a buderfly tattoo, which made laff our tattoo guy ("ohhh a butterfly!... man! how CUTE!")..
grmpppphhhh! ;-)

Actually, you can't see it on the pic really but the butterfly is really on the exact middle of my neck, on top of the spinal column. But I find it a bit small, no?
I did not realize in time I wanted a bigger one, with wings coming on the side of my neck (lol, I can hear your: "thank gawd she did not get that done"), but ok, an ornment around the butterfly can be done later I guess, so that's fine, I'm happy.

My 2 CUTE (rolling eyes) lil dragons have a CUTE lil friend now ;-)


My plan in the next years would be to decorate my spinal column.
(memo to self: my kids shall never read that bloggie! I plan not to let them get their ears pierced before, hmm their 18th year! And after much begging lol)

Well, I guess some inspired souls here reading this blog have already got tattoos or could plan having one.
Just curious, what kind of tattoo you got or you'd like to get, hm?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Babies and fathers, what a purfect team

Now, if it's still grey where you are, I hope that will change a lil, tiny bit the colour of your day ;-)

Ok, I really mean the title here, though the video below will prove you that besides making a perfect team, babies and fathers have a comic talent when put together :P

I insist that I'm not being sexist here, I know that fathers are not always like that (they can be worse! :P)

PS: if it takes too much time to load the video here, you can also watch it here

PPS: I'm turning into a real addicted *youtuber*, for the best..and the worst :P

Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday, Monday, Can't trust that day!

I'm wondering if I'll develop the title of that bloggie, or not.
(mind boiling)

It's grey outside, fog in my head 'cause my devils been awake the whole night, one with much fever the other not wanting to miss the party. Spent the morning at the doc. It's still grey outside, and the workers behind the wall make so much noise that I wonder if it's the end of the world, or not. :)
I'm a bit tired.
So I complain.
Hoping you'll tell me you share about the same Monday
(lol I'm so so nice)

Well, you can understand me, just another Monday after all..

I say... and you think...

Been ages I've played to the words association game from Unconscious Mutterings
A lil fun exercice to give total freedom to your spontaneity, which often tells a lot about oneself!

okies, if you've never played at it, you just need to put the first word that comes to your mind for each of the words below:

1. Nick : ...
2. Focus : ...
3. Police : ...
4. Miles : ...
5. Earn : ...
6. Twice : ...
7. Razor : ...
8. Personality : ...
9. Dumped : ...
10. Reliable : ...

I'll put my answers in the comment box, so that I don't spoil anything if you wanna play ;-)

Friday, November 10, 2006

What Loup needs to fall asleep

his teddies? no
his beauDiful sheep? nooo
some light? music? noooooo
our arms, our bed? nenenene!

He simply needs, desperatly needs, to stroke his mama's hair..
As Martin gets about 5mm on the head, no way he can help me with that!!!

(don't worry I've zillions of such interesting posts to put on here! ;-)

"Are you Alive?"

-"Prove it"

..a quote from Battlestar Galactica, the new series (I mean not the old one :P)
Thank you JL, you really found a treasure among SF series here! It's brilliant, exciting, pretty funny and much much better than I expected.

I really LOVE good series, this one has just been added to my Top 10 :P

You remember the late 1970's "Battlestar Galactica", hm?
If not, have a look at this, you will *know* ;-) :

When JL adviced us to watch the new series, I was pretty reluctant (Dirk Benedict?!!! huuuu, no thank you! hehe)... but as I know JL has pretty good tastes, we tried it. And loved it!

Here's the new version, pretty different...:

And to try to tempt you a bit more, here's the main theme... a beaudiful theme for such an action series. A perfect balance. When you hear it 10 times, you really turn crazy for it (scary, no?! :P)

Anyone around has watched it too maybe? What did you think?
If not, why not trying it, while waiting for the Desperate Housewife, prison Break, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, etc's next seasons :P hehe
Gawd, I'm addicted to my tv box or what!

Gwenola's phone call

"I'm expecting a baby boy!!!"

Loup will finally get help from a lil cousin to deal with the devilish girls of the family! hehe! Very good!
(Lola on my side and Marine, 2 years old, and Eva, 8, on my sister's side)

Again, I am very impressed with all the women who are ready to have big families (+ 3 kids)..
and my sister is part of that sacred gang now!
(the baby's due in March btw)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


its buildings, its houses, beaudiful, huge roofs, many red bricks. Great architecture, modern ones too!
its parks, its HUGE trees everywhere, its large streets.. the perfect compromise between country and city to me..
its quiet cafés, full of students, often inside old cinemas or libraries. Full of charms and yummy stuff..
its different districts, the over posh one, where I could buy any flat and house, the universities one, where red brick buildings hide not so expensive flats. The punk corner, turning to be the most popular (and pretty expensive) part of the city, the red district, with our fav tatoo guys and clubs and bars.
its harbour, living day and night, hiding beaudiful lil sailing boats between 2 huge cargos..
its Elbe, a promise for travels across the seas, an invitation for delightful walks on the sand, along old captains' houses..
its pubs, where you can find amazing (and yummy) specialities, and zillions of different beers (but not so many wines, often only wine from Italy, Australia, America.. erm, no French wines! (-am I being too Frenchie?- nooo!)I could not drink Pino Griccio for 10 days you understand... had to devote meself to beers!)
its shoes shop. Boots, hundreds of boots, oh! And its second-hand shops, hiding treasures! Hamburg has turned to be my ultimate shopping adress!
its "real autumn", with most beautiful colours and perfumes around (and that is very different from Paris!)

And with such a family and friends there, well, I really feel like at home in Hamburg.
But a rainy and pretty dark home (in winter, the night come to steal a lot of light! it should definatly be another time schedule). The night start to fall at about 4!

Now the photos,

when I talk of real autumn.. here's what I meant

click here

As for the huge trees, I'm not lying! And people are definatly like their trees there (huge, just like Martin actually! me mouse one with my 1m58!)

I believe these trees and the running Elbe give much Energy to that beautiful city.

PS: in case the Hamburg Tourism bureau need a motivated, charming and very efficient non German speaking one: you've found her!

Real holidays (I can hear you boiling with envy!)

When we arrived, after driving for about 12 hours, Martin's parents took the kids out so that we could sleep the whole afternoon.
Just typing these words make me tremble with envy!
Real breakfasts, cosy evenings when it was raining hard outside, no washing-up, no ironing, much time to jump in the car and just go for a pub, a walk or a shopping session, discovering new habits, new tastes, strawberries in beers included, the kids playing all the time with their Oma and Opa, visiting any Spielplatz possible around! waaaa....

So I had the time of my life, the kids too! But Martin caught an angina. That always happen when Martin stops working. Poor babe, been really sick for a few days!

But ok, we managed to enjoy ourselves I would say 90% of the time, which was already great :-)

Here's a postcard of our afternoon at the DOM fair. Despite the icy rain (which was balanced with spicy hot wines), it was brilliant!

click here

My fav' roller coaster (I made no pic of it, too much rain), but found one of it. A pity no one never want to join me to do it! But I had an hysteric (which is THE way to be on such thingie :P) german girl near me, and we both sat on the very front seats! Terrific!

Lola playing like a purfect Indiana Jones in one of the Spielplatz:

click here

Our evening walk here in the streets with kids holding their lantern and singing to the stars (which were well hidden above clouds I tell you!)

And Loup, holding his beer, like a purfect lil German one ;-) hehe
The lil devil now really walks and eat what we eat. He made huge progresses during the holidays!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Audio, video, disco * ... drinko, rigolo, frisco novembrum!

Oh yess, the holidays were wunnnnerful!
Imagine that: I could read a 800 pages book in 2 days (and that never EVER happens to a young mama you know!)

But we had our fav' beers too, in our fav' pubs, spent (not enough) time with our most fav' friends and relatives (argg Tanja, Oli, we've missed each other there!)

More details, and photos, to come soon, i swear it!

As for the title of the bloggie, I dreamt in Latin while in Hamburg. A whole long dream during which I spoke fluent latin! Topus classus maximus!
(if anyone has a useful meaning for such dream, I'm not far, huh :P)

* I hear, I see, I learn

What happens in 10 days? A hundreds lil revolutions!

Yup, because life is short, I enjoy catching the train when it passes near me
(lol fooking introduction for a post!)

Sooo hop hop hop, let's see how my blogwriters friends have been and what's been happening lately!

Alix has a new-new haircut, which required a high level of stress. A photo is HIGHLY expected!
Laurienna makes me want to play more at treat or tricks! Who wanna some pumkin pie again? Martin?
Mel' has been to another Paris Carnet, and I bet the beer was good enough! (drooling here)
Benoit is into new looks, for his own bloggie, and for his own self (à la Ben Kingsley). Well done!
Moukmouk introduces us Mahyconie, a beauDiful wolf, who bites into life as into some juicy apple!
Martin... well, he had a good excuse for not updating his bloggie :P
Jenny's learning Chinese (wawww, THAT sounds like a new Everest to reach) while Sylvain learns how to be a geek! lol
Angel is back, for real, after -dunno- more than 2 months to get her internet cvonnection fixed. Hmm, I think Angel uses "Free", in case you're the most patient type :P
Etol', la douce, won't let her beautiful lake down. Lucky lake :) Oh!!! And snow is arriving on her side of the planet! The white coat's on its way :)
France gets up too early on Sunday mornings! tssss, don't do that too often!
Hiro talks of flowers and hugs (if you were to run for president, I'd vote for you, Hiro san! :-)
Romuald, haaa Romuald... if I was Santa Claus, I'd check carefully before jumping into your chimney! Pretty risky I think :P
Jack is into hot toddies again (a toast for winter colds!), but keep offering us new short stories!
Miss lulu is surviving pretty well in Granbled despite bloody temperatures! Last plan on her rocket: a trip to Spain later in the year (good way to find some warmth, huh, and tapas, and sangria... ma qué calor!)

And I've not read half of what I wanted so far!
So much happens in so little time!
more bloggies to read tonight!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

It's Sunday and I'm about 95 years-old

... not only because holidays are over (boooo), but also because we drove all night from Hamburg to Paris, with rain and fog... to start a very long Sunday with very alive devils! hehe

my bed, where's my bed!

(I'll be back, a few years younger! Magic :-)