Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New bloggie's on

inspiration was easy, obvious and natural :P
(lol yeah i'm a fan, so what!? Better than to be a fan of Britney or Christina! ;-)

A basis to be slightly improved (thank you Martin!), missing the time right now..

edit: "a basis to be MUCH improved!" (lol)... sorry, there are a series of details that make the text not so easy to read. That will be fixed :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pauline's candles

pshhhiiiiit... I haven't forgotten your birthday miss, how could have I? Such a memorable date (le jour de la sainte bérengère, hé oui!) :P

but I was in Bretagne and got no time to call or email you... soooooo... happy birthday, señorita!

The heater' s on!

but the dsl line is back! Phewwwwwww!

no kiddin, almost June and it's fookin too cold around, I still wear my scarf and I even need the heater again!
Not fun!

Even less fun, we've rendez-vous with the priest and other families tonight for Loup's baptism (yawn)
4 baptisms will be celebrated at the same time next week, we've to agree altogether about the texts and songs for the celebrations (double yawn)

So, I've stuff to prepare for it and get no time to relax... (waaaaaaa)

Besides, as my new blog's design's almost ready, it feels weird to post in here. Too dusty, you know?

Hopefully we'll have time to work on the last bits of the design tomorrow and we'll be able to put it online! yeahhhhhh!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006


Claustrophobia: an anxiety disorder that involves the fear of enclosed or confined spaces

...zactly what I've been suffering since our DSL line broke! I type this from Bretagne, our connexion in Paris is broken and under repair.

My world suddenly seems very small and I'm typing feet waiting to get *connected* again.
I'm not dependent really (lol, neee of course), but I'll feel ok again when my ol' Gully works again.

Apart from that, we're doing great! I've celebrated last week my 32nd birthday, Loup makes his night now (after 7 months! yeeepeee.......), Lola is organising a mama's day for Sunday and Martin tries to keep me zen while being over busy!

Oh, and my new blog's design is ready!!!! weeeehooooooooooooo!!!!
but, patience is required here...


Friday, May 19, 2006


this blog is under RE-construction (no kidding, 5 years with the same dusty design! lol)

I'm gone ... much to do!!!! :P

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy feet

I've never read the books dealing about women and shoes, must be fun to observe what's behind all that really (what can be behind, hm?!! I really wonder :P)

Do you think the shoes you wear reveal your personnality? I guess they do, but then, I wear reeboks 80% of the time!... oh I know! That means I'm a mama at least 80% of the time and I need to run after the kids! :)

Anyway, if you have 411 euros in your pocket and if you want to make my day, here's what I absobloodilutely need to *survive* !!!

but then, if you really hate me and want to save money (spending only 291 euros), here's another choice... yup, the kind of shoes that I will burn instantly! (eeeeeeeck!)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Pink toys

okies, it's Monday, let's have fun then (to compensate, huh!)

You think you can easily make a difference between sex toys and baby toys? Really?
Okies, then try this quizz and gimme your results :P

I've got 10 out of 15, huh!
That means that yeah I'm definatly a mama, but...not only!

(dancing around)

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I've survived the test... next one, pullllease?

There are times in your life when you face 2 different paths, both more or less tempting...

I've just experienced that yesterday.
How exciting, huh?!!!
In two words, Martin offered to help making my days much funnier with a new dishwashing machine.
Was I to accept the offer? oh very tempting because I CAN'T stand anymore washing the dishes all day long!

Well I did not accept it. But simply modified it!... Suddenly the proposal for a dishwashing machine tunred into 1 pair of new shoes, 3 skirts (hugging my lil diet for that), a hat, and a nightie!

I'm proud for having chosing the *right* path! I'll keep having wet hands but my feet will be safe in lovely shoes!

Life's grand! hehe
(thank ('s to) ewwwwwww, Martin!!!!!!)

PS: I have absolutely underestimated the cost of this so wunnerful decision.
My memory will be very selective with this one ;-)

Friday, May 12, 2006

blessed moment !!!

(putting boots on the table)
(enjoying my ice tea)
(waiting for Blondie and Tuco to play cards)
(happy sigh)

short blessed moments but always welcome ;-)

Jesus & Mary Chain

In a month we celebrate a catholic baptism for Loup! Alluia! :P
I've no idea how the celebration will be, I just hope it will be simply a *human* celebration. There will be another lil goilette baptised at the same time as Loup.

Why the baptism?
As for Lola we want to open another door for our kids, like a *spiritual* life. It happens I'm Catholic, Martin's Protestant, but we could have been Buddhist or Jew or whatever, we would want to give some kind of spiritual dimension to our babies' life.
We want them to imagine the possibility there is more than just a materialistic life, you know?
They will express their *spiritual* life it if they want, and they will express it how they want, through religion, through art, through love, whatever, it will be their choice.

With religion, with Catholicism more precisely, I find it's a pity Church people are not open and close enough to the people.
Their words are often the opposite of what I believe in. I even think we do not believe really in the same religion at the end.
But thank Gawd, there are not only extremist deaf Church people :)

And I won't let a huge bunch of dusty Church guys kill the lil bits of spiritual life in me!
That's why I also want baptism, to not let religion in the hands of religious people only ! RoaaaRRRRR

Not sure I've been clear, but that sounds Logical to me :)

Besides, I find it's a REAL pity that we do not celebrate babies' arrival! And a baptism is to us simply an occasion to gather with our friends and family around the new lil one!
Baptism is a party where you can feel Love all around... because the center of it is the most innocent (not for long, lol) and adorable one!

(happy sigh)

I'm too happy we took the decision to do it!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Moon lights

I miss blue skies, summer's in what... a month or so, no?!
Jeez, thank Gawd my paintings are here to improve the colours of my skies :)

click here

Monday, May 08, 2006

Tonight I drink to ....

(thinking not so hard)

who joined us yesterday to help on the hobbit house!
What a great, wunnnerful surprise! Since our arrival, we had spent our time working hard or/and taking care of the devils, not a minute to sit down and relax.. JL's visit was most welcome!
La prochaine fois, on prendra plus notre temps hein (pas forcément pour bosser lol)

long nights
something that has disappeared from me life... Yesterday, we came back really late from Bretagne (we were in Paris at about 3.00 am). Loup woke up as usual, at 6.30! lol
I feel like a survivor today: told Martin to stay in bed, I'll take care of Loup!
I slept another couple of hours in the afternoon. 5 hours at the end, not so bad!

Lola and I keep talking to him at the moment (guessing he's lying on a cloud, sleeping, purring), and I dunno why. I think we miss him of course. The other day I found a dress of mine, almost covered with his hairs :(

sunglasses in the shape of hearts
I've lost mines a few years ago, they were violet in hearts shape. If anybody find some, please take them for me, I'll pay double prize! :P

The Dog House News
I wanna make it alive again!
Who's ok to give the DHN a new life? (dancing around!!)

That preciousss moment I'm having with ews
when the kids are sleeping, Blondie's singing (gawd, she made really sh**t stuff too!) and I enjoying every second of it :-)

Cheers, big ears!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Portrait chinois

One of the classics in bloggies: le portrait chinois (do you call this "chinese portrait" in English?)

If you were a flower : a white lysianthus

If you were a colour : red

If you were a fruit : watermelon

If you were a song : Metallica's Unforgiven or The Eagles' Hotel California

I you were a country : I'd be Scotland

If you were a painting: Le verrou from Fragonard

If you were a word: free

If you were a band: Pink Floyd

If you were a singer: Björk

If you were a landscape: green wild secret forest

If you were a dish: a strawberry pie

If you were a city: Paris

If you were a drink: a planteur (rum, grenadine, ice, fruit juice, lemon)

If you were an instrument: Irish flute

If you were a tatoo: the secret one, hidden -->there

If you were a scent: honey (from flowers around in Spring time)

If you were some kind of art: music

If you were a movie genre: independent, Reservoir Dogs type

If you were a dance: saturday night fever's type! lol

If you were a quote: Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels
(Faith Whittlesey)

If you had to chose 4 people to answer this questionnary: Penny, Jack, Etolane and Jenny (+ everyone who wanna do it ;-)! And nevermind if you've already done this about a zillions times :P

Thursday, May 04, 2006

On the road, again and again and again

We leave tomorrow's evening from Bretagne, a short 3 days weekend, with just the 2 of us ... + 3 kids! (you don't really expected we left for some kind of romantic weekend, did you?)

The week ha gone like that: ----->woooosh, too much of multitasking, not enough relaxing times... So yeah, that's great we leave, it will break that very busy routine!

One of us will take care of the kids, the other will work in the house.... (sigh)
I think I've forgotten how Bretagne was without the word "work" floating above our head... anyway, at least we'll take the time to enjoy Spring's treasures... early in the morning or.... late in the evening ;-)

The Bonnie in me

Who were you in a past life? by Kat007
Favorite Color:
You were most probably:Bonnie or Clyde
If not then you were:Elizabeth Short
Quiz created with MemeGen!

(I've just found who Elizabeth Short was and ... no I was not her!)

Desperate but...irresistible! phewwwww


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Name Acronym Generator

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Flash for fantasy

Lola and I waste our time the same way...

...she's just besides me right now, on her papa's computer, playing!
If she starts at 3 years old, can you imagine what it gonna be at 10? lol

bad baaad habit!