Thursday, October 21, 2004


Et hop! Lola's sleeping, Joe's purring and we're about to dive into our huge bed.
Tomorrow at 5.00, the four of us will be on our way to Hamburg. about 10 hours driving. Then it should be paradise for a week!

I've decided to do something crazy during the holidays: making great pics with my heavy slow digit cam! Yup while everybody's getting their supa digit cam (not fair! :P), I'll happily use my oldie (no choice anyway!) hehe

Hav a good one (whatever it is) and behave, I always keep an eye over ewwws from connected pubs! hic!



You are .pdf No matter where you go you look the same. You are an acrobat. Nothing is more important to you than the printed word

Which File Extension are You?

LOL... being .pdf sounds like I'm being full of dust... dunno why...! Not enough sex drugs 'n rock 'n roll in .pdf, unlike a .exe!!! grmmppphhhh

(usually I do not tell the sources for quizzes and tests... just cause you find them everywhere at the end... but that will be the exception. I found it at Lithium's :)

If we took a holiday...took some time to celebrate


You're going to let it be known that you are a
sexual being. Some people may be offended by
what you do, some will be amused, and some will
be turned on. In the future, you will
mysteriously acquire a British accent.

What band from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

LOL! That's simply not me, I hope you don't doubt that!
But I was a real Madonna's fan at the time of "Holiday" or "Like a Virgin", trooe troooe.
Now if I ever acquire a British accent, that will be really "mysteriously"! hehe

PS: The answers in the quizz for Franky goes to Hollywood are way to obvious!

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Lola's lil bubble

I've just registered Lola for her first year at school which should start in september.
Lola's school should be the one which is at 30 seconds from our flat, which is fookin kewl!

I hope then I can work from home, really taking care of my biz, which is hardly possible with the shrimpette around.

Lola will really start to get out of her lil bubble, that will be something**~~*^* *

Talking of bubbles, Lola's getting to be the bubbles' queenie at the parc. 10 days now she's doing that only, she's facinated by them. So 10 days i'm trying every liquid soap at the house to find the purrfect recipe.
Soap I use for Lola's much better than the one to wash the dishes ;-)

And 10 days now I have to run to catch these bubbles. I'm good at it with the feet, kick boxing way, of course :P

Mermaids' tats

I've just finished quickly 12 mermaids' designs for Martin. He wanted them very pin-up like. I did them rather my cartoon-ish style, trying to make them looking *blond* (pin-up) though.
Martin already knows which one he wants (number 3 on the mermaids pic!
Now we'll see with the tat'guy how much it costs to get a tattoo with our own design. That will be the main point actually:)

You don't find many tattoos' design online. Or rather many ugly ones. I think I'll put these ones to be downloaded (in high quality) online for free, and I will add others sometimes (I'll just ask for photos of the tatoos done in exchange). I luuuve the idea of it! :P

Bellybuttons: the end of the story

And now the results for the bellybuttons' lil quizz:

1 : Gwen Stefani
2 : Daryl Hannah
3 : Lucy Lawless
4 : Brigitte Bardot
5 : Marylin Monroe
6 : California's governor
7 : Kim Basinger

I think it was not easy, even really hard for Mrs Bardot and Monroe.
Sure thing is that Mrs Hannah and Basinger have got no probbie showing their (lovely) bellybuttons. There are hundreds pics of them!

I was sure Daryl Hannah showed her b-button in Blade Runner, and same for Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in Alien. But I did not find the photos. You just don't find *anything* on the internet ;-)

Saturday, October 16, 2004

And I thought there were real *navel* specialists here!

I know why I did not know "navel"! Because I've always used "bellybutton" (which is definatly cute)!
What's the difference between the 2 words?
I will soon forget *navel*, but just before I wanna *know* :P

Ok, so I've heard some recognized instantly the bellybutton of Ursula the other day.
That was way too easy. So I've made a lil test to check if you're really a bellybutton expert!

If anyone finds (which I really RILLY doubt), I'll play her/his numbers on lottery next week (and if you win billions, you will get the billions, I swear it! spitting! hehe)
Okies, so here it goes. Some are very easy :P

Tatoooo! Metoooo!

We're thinking hard about our next tatoos here. Martin already knowwwwws what he wants, a mermaid, pin-up style, traditional sailor style again! lol
Well, I laugh but like the idea! He hasn't found a design yet. Asked me to make it (argggg!). I will make a few, inspiring meself from the Bettie Page poses. The queen of the pin-ups no?

And as for myself, I know I want something floral, simple, like ivy. Maybe on the back of my neck (having a double heart attack thinking of the needle there), and going down a bit on the back or the shoulder.
I haven't found a design so far... and I won't make it for meself, oh nenene.
If anyone has an idea about it...

This one is not too bad, but not what I want

(Gweno, if you read this, and I know you do :P, don't tell mom I'm doing it again! lol! I just know she'll like it once she sees it...not before! hehe)
(Gawd, and I'm 29+1 years old!)

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Radio Candy, radio Blahblah

Have you noticed how much the music you enjoy can differ according to the season?

You would not really enjoy Hotel California as much on a bloody cold 1st of January as on a hot 1st of June for instance, would you?

Like now it's Autumn, you can smell the rain from the ground, from the wood and the dying leaves.
Time for Radio Candy to play ethnic and gothic music... Dead Can Dance, Rajna, Loreena mac Kennit, Theater of Tragedy, soundtracks (LOTR, Dune, etc)

Soon Winter will catch us and we'll make of the cold a good buddy to enjoy cosy atmosphere and smells of honey and cinnamon.
Radio Candy will then look for what's hiding under the ice...Björk, Portishead, Enigma, Melissa auf der Maur, Metallica, Danzig, soundtracks again (The Crow, A nightmare before Xmas, etc)

Et voilà, still suffering from winter bites, we won't really notice Spring's arrival. Spring usually takes its time. (Spring can't definatly be a man :P).
My radio will need popping stuff, motivating enough to get rid of the heavy coat and warm stockings.
Let's see... The Presidents of the united states of america, System of a down, Beck, Jamiroquoï, Depeche Mode, Madonna and a lil bit of Beatles when in extremly good mood :P

And then, summer time. Heat. Feeling like the world is yours when the warm wind comes to caress your face.
Radio Candy will be crazy about Air, Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beck's Sea Change, supa 1980's hits (blondie, kim wilde, etc etc). lol

And such a radio is very practical. When you're tired of a season, just change the music! It makes wonders wiff me :)

Contemplating one's navel

"navel", an English word I did not know. Came through it yesterday though on a piercings' page.
Navel. I don't like much the sound of this word, and same unsatisfied feeling with the French "nombril".
Such a cute bit deserves a more lovely name, don't you think?!

Anyway... I'm suprised about all the blogs that keep talking about "blogging". Why where how when who. The "blogging"
phylosophy seems to inspire many people. Which is fine, but "blogging about blogging" is a bit tiring at the end.
Imagine songs with lyrics about singers and singing only.... huuuu... not very exciting!

What have I just done!
--->I've just blogged about blogging!

No, no, wait! It's a blog about navels!


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Lola's 2 candles

While Martin was fighting against headaches and belly-aches, Lola really enjoyed her lil birthday.
We were surrounded with relatives, only adult ones. And I'm really happy that they took the time and pleasure to celebrate the birthday of such a lil shrimpette.
That was really great, Lola hasn't stopped smiling on Saturday. She just *knew* it was her *day* **~~*^* *^^*~~*^* *

The big conspiracy

I've just noticed that Paris' pavement started again to be full of dawgs' shit!
I've noticed (from my first observation) that dogs in Paris are apparently much bigger than a few years ago.
And (finally) I've noticed taxes have suddenly increased a loooooooot!!! (taxe d'habitation -inhabited house duty-...brrrrr!)

Do you see now why I want to leave Paris?

"You must judge a man by the work of his hands" ...

That's what the African proverb says...


I don't know why people get afraid when they visit our hobbits' house... and leave telling the now usual "personally I would have never started with such a house, but you're young and courageous, good luck!"

(if you ever visit us there, day, that's where you will sleep btw)

Unfortunately when we woke up on Saturday, Martin felt really RILLY sick! So we had to forget a bit about our plan to work hard in the house.
Yet, we did what we could with the help of relatives. We cut huge old beams (like 300 years-old, as hard as stones!) where we plan to make a new floor and I finished getting rid of the horrible chimney (see below) that will be replaced by... hmm... we don't know yet!

Just look at this with visionary eyes...then you'll see the BeauDy of it! :)

Anyway, I can see very well how cosy and beauDiful our hobbits' house will be one day. But it requires time and availability.. and money.

(whishing meself good luck now!)

A (((warm))) thought for...

the ((((((((((((bracketers)))))))))))))....hehehe!

You know? (Penny, Jack, YOU know!).... I remember our time in chat on compuserve... there was this room "funny farm" where people kept hugging each other (well, I do not criticize, I do it too!)... and they all used brackets to show the huggs. We (in "catch 22" then "whispers") hated that! LOL

(((((((I've missed you))))))
(((((((((oh, you're here! hugggggggs)))))))))))

They were called the "bracketers"!
(amused sigh)
(I'm trying to remember some of the bracketers...: "Skyla"..."Paddington"...nice ones, sure!)

Friday, October 08, 2004

Mead and birthday cake

We're leaving tonight for a short short weekend in Bretagne!
It gonna be cold, which is purrfect for warm times around the fireplace.

On Saturday, we plan to celebrate Lola's birthday.
Lola will be 2 years-old tomorrow. Time flies and I can hardly remember our life without our lil treasure (sleeping in the morning? no idea about how it feels ;-)

As it gonna be Lola's birthday, I plan to make a purrfect Lola's day (while Martin and other relatives will be sweating (I hope! :P), working in the hobbits' house :P).

I'm all excited with this birthday! Just as if it was mine, no, much more excited! It's just that... Lola is now more like a lil goil than a baby (though I keep repeating to Martin that Lola is still "very small", very "my little baby"! hehe)... So it will be her very first birthday as a real goilette. She'll be aware of it, dat's new :)))

We did not want to spoil her, rather keep money for a new bed for her... but I just could not resist! It will be her first big birthday party there... so, it will be special and that's what matters at the end**~~*^* *^^* *

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Men in (Black) ... skirt!

What do you think about it (men+skirt)?
Yesterday, I saw 2 men wearing skirts, one was with his kids in the parc, the other was shopping.
Maybe it starts to be the fashion now? (you never see men in skirt around here!)

I found it really kewl. The 2 guys wore their (long) skirt with panache. It suited them!
I think Martin has a long one somewhere that he wore sometimes when he was in Germany. He wishes he could wear some more often, specially in summer time. And I can understand that!

I don't think I'd like any type of skirt on a man (weird images coming to my mind! hehe), but the long, large ones (samouraï type) or the kilt type are definatly great on men!
Very male-ish!
And after all... old cilizations used to enjoy skirts and dresses for men and women. It's very traditionnal :P

A caterpillar for Joe

Lola came back from the creche this morning, with one of her first artistic creation: a caterpillar with feathers all over taped on it :-)
What an imagination already (proud mama here, of course!)**~~*^* *

The first thing she did when coming back home was showing her *snail* (that's how she calls it) to her buddy Joe! That was cute. She definatly loves him (and vice versa... he looked concentrated on the caterpillar!) **~~*^* *

Wednesday, October 06, 2004




These words keep coming haunting me, reminding me of a friend who's far from us. At least not close enough so that we can be physically there when necessary.

I think Alex has started more than a year ago now feeling hmm less and less ok. And it's still getting worse. Fook. There's a point where it can't get worse, no? I wonder.
Alex has come to a point where he can't see any future. He feels stuck, overwhelmed with problems, including debts, etc. No partner, no friends around, no "other half" to help. No job, nothing. Surviving probably.

We're definatly aware of all that and we simply have to do something. We're friends, and that means a lot.
But what can we do? Maybe "talking" and "listening" more regularly , not just every 2, 3 months. Things have to come out, we are going to help.

by Thatcher Hillegas

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A wink from Prague

We've just received a postcard from apparently one of the most beauDiful european cities!

The French Post worked fookin well, it should have never arrived here in Paris! hehe
It was trooly a great surprise which made me laff :)
Thank you, you traveller ;-)

Feeling like a guinea pig

Yup I know the feeling NOW! Yesterday I was speaking to myself (no comment), loudly, telling I needed to have my hair cut a bit when...
...when I heard Martin answering: "No problem, I can do it with the help of my talented assistant (pointing towards the shrimpette)!!!"

Well why not, I thought. I've long hair, if they make some lil mistakes, it would not be a tragedy.

15 minutes later I was cutting my hair meself! lol
(Ok ok, despite the final part, they made the biggest part of the job, true true (s)..)

Monday, October 04, 2004

"Do seasons have sex?" ...

That was the question a Spanglish (English+Spanish) friend asked me the other day.

After one second imagining seasons on heat, I got it (Gawd, I'm being so slow).. he was wondering about the seasons' gender!

Do you associate some seasons to female, others to male?

When he asked me that, it was obvious for me that all seasons were associated to females.
Dunno, it sounds the way it is. Each season brings new stuff, even winter. New weather, new atmospheres, zillions of new thingies that look like births to me.
So yup, to me seasons are female!

The funny thing is that in French, the four seasons get the male gender!!! I was really surprised when I realized that.
Time to change some linguistics rules here ;-)

In Spanish, apparently only winter gets the male gender. In Deutsch, all get the male gender.

My Spanglish friend -a man- thought I was being typically sexist and feminist with my answers! hehe..

"L'Amour dans les Quatre Saisons" de René Saint-Léonard

Lovers' talk

CF: "Yummm, I luuuve this golden leaf on top of the cake"

M: "But it has no taste you know"

CF, smiling: "Maybe, but then, I feel richer inside"

M, laughing: "come near, gimme one and let's be zillionaires... inside"

Runaway Summer

I've just finished a new painting, Runaway Summer, which is about Summer having a world tour, while Autumn is having a break around here. That's about it:)

Runaway Summer

Saturday, October 02, 2004

bedtime story

I feel like already sleeping since 3, 4 hours... Almost feeling like floating around!
Dat's kinda kewl.

Lola's just started her night, which I hope will be without any interuption.
Now I just want to enjoy a cosy, relaxed and zen evening (no need to force myself for all that ;-).

I think I haven't slept much last night (4, 5 hours?), but I still wanna enjoy time for my other half and meself *~~*^* *
Even if most of my bits are being slow, I feel in great mood. Too bad we can't replace batteries!