Monday, February 06, 2012

RIP Candy Froggie

No I'm not dead : )
but this blog is.

Let's celebrate my 3002nd post, 'cause yeah, I'm always looking for an excuse to raise my glass! : )
Cheers, big ears!
(it all started with you Anne! **~~* ^* *:))

It was about time to kill that blog. Thank you all for your friendship and love, I mean it.

New life, new everything.

If you want to keep in touch with the Pirate's bones,
hey you can still contact me: candy @ candyfroggie dot com

Monday, January 23, 2012

Bum Butterfly

I have sold not long ago a Fullmoon Butterfly painting, and I truly missed her.

I had to take her back home somehow (what a protective mama I am! lol) so I painted her, another kind of "her",

and she now stands peacefully on her branch, just next to me.


(Don't) remind me

I'm breaking a glass every other day, or a plate, whatever. Just like my kitties! lol
It's ok, just annoying.
Just doing something, anticipating about the next one, trying to not forget anything. I keep writting down lists on lil papers here and there... but then I can't remember when I put them... lol //oO\\
I want the luxury of thinking about nothing, or one thing only : )

Royksopp - Remind Me par Pard


Lola and Loup have developped a lot their sense of friendship lately.

They confide and tell everything, just everything to their verybestfriendforever.
Their lil friends are very concerned, supportive.
That is so good.
There's a lot they don't tell me that they share with their friends, already.
It's a good moment in their life to start building their own world. They need it.
Specially at the moment when they can't or don't want to share all their fears and questions and anger sometimes with me, or their dad.

They do need it and as often as I can, I invite their friends at home, even for bloody homework ; )

Winter kitties

When my babes are away, I am so grateful to get feline love and cuddles!
They're lazy, they keep acting like teenagers (making stupid things all along the day, trying, testing, breaking), but they're really part of the lil gang we're forming now : )

Indy Candy Jones and the Last crusade

Mahie, you asked me what kind of unusual job offer I found... here's one that was hidden among dozens of very boring ones. I was almost to answer it, but I don't think I'd enjoy being tickled very much by a stranger ;-)

(sorry it's in French, but to apply to that job offer, one quality is required: to be ticklish)

"vous serez rémunéré à l'issu de la séance de chatouilles
Vous aurez bien évidemment la possibilité d'être accompagnée.

Mission proposée:
Si vous avez plus de 18 ans, que vous êtes chatouilleuse et que tout le monde en profite sauf vous, vous pouvez forcément être intéressée par cette annonce.
En effet, pourquoi ne pas être payée pour "subir" ces chatouilles

Si vous êtes intéressée n'hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus d'informations

Conditions: lieu, salaire, horaires...:
La séance dure une heure au minimum et est rémunérée 100€/h.
Le lieu de travail sera à définir suite à nos entretiens par mail

Profil du candidat recherché par le recruteur:
Je ne recherche que des personnes majeures et des modèles féminins uniquement.. Aucune connotation sexuelle ni aucune nudité ne seront présente lors de cette séance

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More sugar for the soul

Been a supa tough day, been eating avocado etc, you see. You don't? nevermind. It got better, later :)

What do I need just now? Sugar and a long night of good sleep.

Yet it is not as bad as it sounds (or as it looks on the pic); I've started looking for unusual jobs, I feel rage to succeed.

Hungry Candles : )

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gay Paris

I have a dream, that one day on the red grey hills of Paris I'll be showing you what you've never seen ;-)

I've dreamt I was getting a most exciting job (lol and I mean it): showing Paris to innocent eyes... Being a tour guide! haha!

I wanna do that, really really. I love so much my city and enjoy so much the company of * visitors * that I think I am made for this job (and a few hundred other ones actually). I'll be talking all the time, showing off my knowledge, making bad jokes, teasing the curiosity of people around. Yes that fits!

and here's my master, master!

Fast train

If I felt like a master @mutltitasking before... then I knew nothing about it.

Life has turned to be weird, crazy. What should I focus on at this very minute? My blog? another job hunt? my bed?

I feel energy back to get over the three past months. Sometimes though I crash down, pretty badly. Feeling lost, alone, wanting to protect my babes more than anything. Sometimes wanting someone to take care of me too... yeah that sucks, I don't want to *need* anyone.

Well tonight, I'll focus on my blog, some things never change and I don't want that writing habit to change. At all : )

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Candle spell scene

Nik Walkingbear, the man with the wild name, shared this vid the other day. I did not know it, such a good one.
Men and mice have really no chance (to escape!)

In the end, the end of the tunnel

The mailbox

For years I had a nightmare... creatures, half men half bird, came to me to empty my body from my blood. I've been really scared by that image since years.
I hate birds :)

But today, it's my mail box I fear. Every morning I go downstairs, I get cramps in the stomach.
Which bad news?
Which word from the lawyer?

I only breathe when the afternoon comes. Unfortunately, emails are delivered night and day (sigh)

Monday, January 02, 2012

Surrounded with love

I spent a wonderful Christmas in Bretonie.
My babes and parents around,
A blessed moment.

With boots on : )