Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mes petits plaisirs -super- honteux

... ok, this will be between you and I! Don't repeat it to anyone around!

Swear and spit!


When the moon is full, some devilish creature takes control over my body and makes me enjoy...


and that:

ok, now I feel like having confessed my sins to the priest! I'm forgiven, I can have some more!

PS: you will find THE video of the year in the comments... huhu... (Nim' is always well inspired :P)

When days are too short

(which is always the case), it is simply hard to sit down to update my bloggie.

Last week has been very full...

Martin has been sick; after 10 days he decided to go to the doc and antibiotics made him feel better almost instantly.

The devils and I got some jab at the doctor, for free... yeah I could get suspicious about that if I did not know him very well :P

The real bad piece of news of the week was when the car was taken off by the pound (fourrière?) and we had to pay 240 euros to get it back. Works were to be done in the street where we parked, and we did not see any sign about it. (sigh!!!)

Got more news about my next herman books to be published, finished my new collage, worked on my new online shop. I was to start with other projects (shops online, merchandising stuff), but at the moment I'm not into marketing stuff... lol

I'm the caricature of the one moved by inspiration night and day who just cannot stop working, getting piles of work done all around, not taking any time to try to sell it. Stupid? I don't know. When the inspiration just slows down, I will sell. :P

When inspiration's here, it's way too precious. You don't think twice, you just run run, never letting it go.

Talking of running, I went with my sport terminators (some of them are turning into friends now) to some kind of special training session on Sunday. I stopped after 3 intense hours, couldn't have done more, I really used all the energy I could, I think.
I would have never thought physical efforts could bring me so much.

Now well, I gotta reckon I'm a bit sick, caught the bad cold hiding in the corner. But mamas can't get sick really. no.
So I'm fine, and actually I can't wait to click on the publish button here on Blogger to go on with my new project, it's boiling in me.

I'm also preparing the birthdays of the devils. And god knows how not good I am at that. On 2 Saturdays in our miniflat, it will be supa stormy... can't wait! ;-) But the devils will LOVE it :)

Ok, the publish button is too tempting!
See ya here, there, on FB, wherever! :)

---> click!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Action Loup!!!

Loup spends way too much time on the computer, Loup swears like no one else would dare, Loup is very moody, but Loup is not a teen yet. Gotta wait 10 years before enjoying that! lol

Loup finished his week at home, with fever. Another painful otitis (yawn)
My poor babe!

Dunno if tomorrow I'll send him back to school... he insists that he is still VERY ill! lol

I took these pics earlier, he does not seem to feel so bad, does he? ;-)

Action mama ?

Well, at least I'm good at giving cuddles! :P

I've just done so much lately that I start to feel I need to sleep more than 6 hours sometimes.

I'm doing great, Life is spoiling me! I'm getting ambitious, I feel passion for life -and ice creams- burning in me, and that is so precious! I want to make a few *life dreams* come true... dunno how but I'll find a way :-)

Now, I gotta say my body cannot follow my rhythm.. lol... despite the hard training!

Gijs came for dinner yesterday! I cooked, had great talks about ermmm firearms, strikes and the beauDy of friendship... but when Loup called me for a cuddle... I fell asleep with him! lol. Woke up in the early morning to realize I had missed the end of the party! lol OMG, I felt bad!

anyway, there's no way I can stop my rhythm, but I include now a nap sometimes when I need it! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Action Lola

still 25°C and sunny over Paris!

I take the kids out as much as possible, with all the stress from the first days at school, they just *need* to relax and let it go :)

Lola's doing well, she's actually really adorable, helpful, creative & sweet. She makes me really proud!

Action Martin

Martin wanted to try some martial art... I wondered... he's 2 meter tall and I see Bruce Lee like being half of that! lol

But anyway, Martin's found something............

Krav maga!

It's said to be one of the best self-defense technic.
When I discovered his new hobby, I couldn't believe my eyes! That is VIOLENT! lol
He'll need protection about everywhere, boxing gloves, etc.
I found that funny that Martin, so peaceful, started with krav maga.

I think we all have some boiling part in us, and Martin has found a (clever) way to express it. It's *defense* only and certainly lots of fun learning it.

So yeah, why not huhu!

Martin's having much fun with it, and he even trains a bit with me, or at least show me a few things he learns ... (don't point a gun on me, I will know what to do! LOL!)

Ok, to give you an idea, here's a vid'

(I've really chosen the softest video I could find, to not scare you!)


Sport is almost my hobby #1 now.
The adrenaline, the endorphins, the pleasure to push limits, the people with who I work... fantastic.

I still work pretty much on machines, with weights etc... but the real fun parts are the training sessions with my now well-known Terminators.
The hardest one, the one who'll have no mercy and who'll still manage to make me laugh while making me suffering like hell is... a woman. Blond!
She has an energy and a physical resistance I cannot understand. But I plan to discover her lil secrets ;-)

And then there are these 2 other guys. One black one, supa nice, just asking that we keep smiling when we die working with him. And the third, Cedric, same energy and physical resistance as my Blond one.

With them I do body pump & body attack. Body attack 3 times a week. It's a LOT. lol
On Thursday evening, I went with just a few others to my Blond's course. Among the pupils, there was Cedric, who wanted to try it (the Blond is SO good at it!).
We were what, 6, 7, training, my 2 *masters* included.

That was supa good. Supa exciting, supa motivating.

Ok, you've no idea what I'm talking about (body attack -no, it's not a sect-), so I gotta add a video.

It's just advertisement, you gotta add much better music, harder movements, great atmoshpere (10 people maximum) and a lot of fun!

My fav is still the body pump courses... but it's hard to find the time for everything!

and I would luuuve to do more body combat which is so much fun!

The hardest one though, among my 3 favourite ones, is body attack. Really hard!

...yummmmmy.... :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New neighbour in the city!

well, more than a neighbour, it's a friend who's arrived a week ago to start with a Parisian life. He's just switched from Finland to Paris.
You wouldn't believe it, but he lives in such a fine district and his workplace is at 10 minutes from his home. Just THE dream for all of us :)

Gijs came earlier and confirmed how much men are good at cooking! He brought the most delicious kind of cheesecake, with yummmmy strawberries! I think I've died from pleasure for a few minutes :)

Dying sometimes does feel fantastic! :)

Every invicible warrior has a lil hidden weakness

... and the one of Loup at the moment is his *stress about school*.

I talk of stress, not sadness or fear, but real stress.
He seems to be lost in space and time.

He has started asking me about a hundred times everyday (from when he wakes up to the moment he goes to bed) if "tomorrow he will go to school".

It's crazy. He fears the nights... Just before going to bed, he asks me again "when I sleep then I go to school? then I must eat at school?", he fears the days: "mom, do I go back to school after I eat?"
He's pretty stressed: "Mom, you will tell my teacher I won't eat at school, you will tell her, yes mom?"
and 2 minutes later he aks the same questions :(

My poor babe!
But when I go to take him at school at the end of the day, he is happy, excited to tell me how it went etc.
It's just that, one hour later, his stress is back.

It will be fine at the end, but I hate, really hate that my baby gets so much stress... because at the end I cannot just make his stress disappear! He's the only one who can do it... and that's tough for a lil one...

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Fancy an apple pie?

New painting's done, another one linked to hmmmm... women, religion, god, Freedom.
I like it (lol yeah I do!)

And I start to think of such a dead angel (skull+angels wings) for a next tat'! That would mean a lot to me.. and I love the visual... (taking mental notes ;-)

click here

Next work (looking at a huge wooden board standing against the wall)... will be made of collage & painting. I have the topic in mind since weeks, I know about all what I want to put in it, just don't know how to organise everything! It's the most difficult part!

The funny thing is... I've been exploring many different fields with my work and it seems I focus more and more on topics that are the mirror of my inner self. I take less distance with my subjects. If I could paint with my own blood, that wouldn't be so different from what you get.
Very strange feeling, pleasant, painful sometimes. That's part of the game.

Now I need to sell, I always forget that detail! lol

Summer in the city

I've never had so many picnics than in the past weeks.
And today was such a gorgeous day again... if you see 4 ones like dressed for the beach every time there's sun over Paris, then, it's us!

Well, that won't last, so we really make the best of it!

It's been a good week, despite Lola's high fever on Friday night. I just thought it couldn't be possible, after 2 days at school, that was way to early to catch anything!

But the fever is gone.

And Gijs has arrived!
Our gooood friend Gijs has just left Finland to come to work in Paris! Martin & the devils went to take him at the airport earlier today. It's gonna be so kewl to have him around here (happy sigh).

I've had news from my publishing house on Friday, they will publish the 2 other books (which are done already since months) beginning of next year. That's a nice piece of news.

Even nicer, Loup can almost run now! In a weird way, right, but he can make it. It feels so good to see him improving every day!

That's all, folks :)

hope you have a good one!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

New year, pink powa, etc

New year (for parents and kids) should start with the school year. Let's forget the old dusty rotten calendar which makes depressive 1st of January the first day of the year!


Ha well

been a tough first day, for me!
I stressed for Loup, his leg, his full days at school (he's still only 3 years old after all... at school from 8.30 to 4.30 is so long!).
For Lola, it's a different stress... I always worry I do not take care enough of her, because Loup is so demanding since weeks, ermm, since ever! :P

It's been really fine for Lola! In her class, they are 24 pupils.... 17 girls and 7 boys, including her lil "amoureux"! lol
Poor boys!
She came back home with homework (on the first day, I'll never get used to that!) and lots of talks about her girlfriends and teacher, etc.

For Loup, god he broke my heart a bit. I asked him if he wanted to stay at school for lunch and he said no, not this time (I'll let him at school on lunchtime 2 days/week). When I came to take him, he had tears in the eyes, I could feel it had been such a heavy first morning. Sitting on a bench, listening to the teacher, not being allowed to play really. Not like his first year.
My poor baby.
It was very VERY hard to take him back to school after lunch...

He'll get used to it, and so will I.

I really need a few days to get used to a quiet space around me. It's strange. I'm happy, I've already worked a lot today. At the same time, I would love to make my babes' first years without this kind of stress, you know?

ha well. That's life and they will soon love it :)