Friday, February 28, 2003

I was thinking this morning about my years at school... and I found something quite funny.
As I've told it already, for years I was the worst in English, forced to take extra lessons after school 3 times a week, etc. And finally I found myself studying at university American and English stuff... Then, I remembered that I was not good at all in drawing classes at school. Well I found that I was good (laughing) but the teachers.. not at all!!!
And now I'm doing all what I can to start doing something of my passion for drawing and painting.
Isn't it weird that I put all my efforts into what shouldn't have been "made for me" ?
hehe //oO\\

Huuuu, could have been worse... I could be an Einstein now! (maths and physics were a nightmare to me!)

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Phantie (goil friend) and I have sent our manuscript to about 20 publishing houses! There are so many of them that we really had to select the "best" ones (according to our weird criteria ;-)

Now Martin and I have almost finish a new lil story for children (ya know... our "Loo's white board" has been a success! Now we're playing "tic-tac-toe" on it... heh... But t'is practical, I insist!)
Anyway, now I have many lil illustrations to do for this lil story (about dragons)... then woooooooosh I send it to publishing houses again!
I won't give up easily, sure thing! :-) **~~*^* **^* * * *^^* *
In a min or two, the "zoom" option will be online on my website. I will sleep beDer I tell ya!

(dinner time here... anyone for "Freedom fries"? laffin)
The guys arrived at 7.30 (gawd, dat's early!!!) to change the boiler!!!
The flat's owner finally accepted to change it, which was necessary rilly!
Now, well, I can't wait that it's cold again to check how wonderfully the heaters work now :P
Bloody comment thingie! (why is there always a lil techie probbie that bother me?! )
I had not time to change of provider as I'm spending my time preparing a new feature for the website. It's very frustrating for me (and I think for all painters) to see the painting on the screen. You will laugh but it's almost painful! hehe... For instance I can hardly watch more than 5 seconds my last painting online. It's just that it's not the same... the change of colours, the lack of details, etc. It rilly hurts me!
Sooo, I've been working on it, and before the end of the week I hope to add a button for each painting to focus on an enlarged detail :-)

Monday, February 24, 2003

Haaaaa, there's at least one American who does not look at France with expressed disgust (laffin).
Actually he has good reasons to get on well with us since he has just received the cesar (equivalent of the oscar) for best foreign movie with his Bowling for Columbine (s)
I imagined he is viewed as a kind of extremist overthere for he does not hesitate taking position against intolerance, the weapon trade, etc.
My type of Zorro, you see ;-)
Anyway, Michael Moore said something simple and very true..."what you can expect from a real friend is that he tells you when he does not share the same opinion"
hehe, I find it well said after all :P
My gum (gum? really it's the word?) has been opened and sewed today. Bloody story, believe me!
After all these months when I was preggie and got teef probbies which could not be solved at the time, I'm taking care of them right now. Which costs me really too much by the way!
Anyway, I hesitated btw taking drugs or a glass of wine tonight. Yup, you already nooooe it, I voted for the wine!
T'is ok, actually I don't feel anything yet, but...(me weak thingie)... each time I feel the threads in my mouff, I'm about to faint! hehe rilly!

Gwenola, having the talent of her sister (S), has just created a website with a couple of friends!
It's in Frawnch but talking a universal language, the language of women :P
This new website, Regard de Femme, deserves a lil visit I tell you!
(no more compliments before 2004, Gweno, I'm getting baaad habits! hehehe)

Saturday, February 22, 2003

Talking of Saturday night fever (g), we've just had a lil earthquake!!!!!!
Waww that feels very weird!!!
I was nursing Lola when it happened. I was on the bed and it started moving... but as I was drinking champagne (a bottle we had for Martin's bday) at the same time, I thought it was just me :P hic! (laffin)
Then my dad (who lives in the 16th arrondissement) called to ask if we had felft anything strange.... his bed had just moved too!!! //OO\\

Friday, February 21, 2003

Isn't francophobia an ugly word?
hehe, not that nice, huh!

First time I've heard it today. It's getting ridiculous now, boycotts are organized against Frawnch biz...! They'd beder start Irak's colonization now and forget about us! (no, I'm kiddin, I still prefer that we're treated like drunk stinky pigs :P heh)

Getting back to new (and BeauDiful this time!) words, Penny told me about the word huggle... meaning a group of ted's! hehehe :-)))) **~~* * ^^* * I like it a lot!
(about to join my huggle now, bubye cyberplanet! ;-)

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Huuuuuuuu, they're distributing for free (lol, for fear of no customers? ;-) a special release of the Sun in Paris... Reading it, you'd believe Frawnch are nasty and stoopid lil thingies! hehe.. I believe a part of us are after all!
Without refering to the Sun but to the news in general, I wonder why Frawgland is being so much a target at the moment.. I mean, we're quite many countries to think war is not the key.... and suddenly that lil country is shown as a betrayor (of whatever) with ugly manners! hehe
Dat's weird!

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Each day I (we) work on a lil thingie concerning the gallery... and today I've registered to PayPal, you know?... a program that allows online payments.. just in case one day a rich Japanese guy wanna buy something to me :P hehehe
As it takes time before they validate me as a new member, we've enough time before adding the "shop" part to the gallery.

But really... what matters at the moment for me is finding time to paint... and my adorable shrimpette thinks differently it seems! She has decided she did not need to sleep on daytime...... which makes my days OVERbusy. I'm running after any precious minute!

(running to prepare dinner now...huuuuuu!)
just before forgetting to mention it, the comment thingie isn't working because the provider' server is being replaced right now. Dat's it :-)))
They ask us to be... patient...(shakin head! ;-)

Sunday, February 16, 2003

I gotta say a special bravo to the Finnish who went to demonstrate yesterday in Helsinki.... with a temperature outside of -15°C (5° F)!!!
Argggg! I think I wouldn't have done it.. BRRrrrrrrrrrrr!
ich bin queen of surprises!!!
Ja Ja!!

Tomorrow's Martin's birthday and I've planned a little party out for lunch today. Of course Martin does not know anything about it. But mainly family will gather for him to celebrate it! Oh, and for the occasion, Lola will be wearing her first pair of jeans with an adorable pink and brown pull-over in wool with the marking on it: Lola la Poule! hehehe

Okies, I hope he won't have time to see this bloggie! :P

Saturday, February 15, 2003

Roastbeefs / Frawnch at rugger this afternoon!!!
Wooooooooo, t'is very exciting.... I have to think twice before making bets about it! (= how many tries for the Frawnch, huh :P Mwahahaha)

Oh, I read that for the rugger world cup, the Frawnch will start against Fidjis ... In Brisbane on the 11th Oct.!!!!!!
(dancing around for I know *some* will be supporting dem overthere! hehehe)
hahum...hehe... well... Jack, you were right! Martin meant it when he said he did not plan anything for Valentine's day!!!!
No kiddin, what has my 6th sense been doing!!! hehehe
And worse, Martin felt bad about it!
Am I a typical goil then? Always interpreting what my other half tells and make him fell baaaad when it does not happen as I expected? arrrrrggggggggggg!!!
I was not disappointed at all by anything except being so typical in my way of thinking... //oO\\ hehe

We actually and naturally laughed about it and as I had planned (thank = Gawd, goils are guuud at organizing!) champ' and yummy lil thingies for dinner and a lil gift (painting) we spent a typical valentine evening....

.... = finished drunk (see below, hic hic hic!) :P

Friday, February 14, 2003

150.000 Aussies demonstrating against the war! They noooe how to celebrate Valentine's day huh! **~~*^* * * *

Thursday, February 13, 2003

pssssst.... Martin left this morning telling "oh and about tomorrow, we don't celebrate valentine, okies?! It's just so stoopid"

You also read through the words huh! Yeahhhhhh, that means Martin has planned something, sure thing!
What he does not know (and I'll make sure he does not read this bloggie!)... is that I've planned something too!

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Question of the day (G):
What does w.Bush expect from NATO? That we all agree to support his plan? Then why does he ask if he's not ready to accept different opinions?
I wonder .... ;-)
hurrrray!!! Lola sucks her thumb!!!
It took her 3 months to find it... huuuuu....

I'm happy because nothing could calm her except sucking her whole hand (yup she could do that) and that way she had painted the walls a few times.. ;-)
(personal message:
Shrinkie, psssst, can you tell me if you got my email -I sent it yesterday-? I'm lost with the adresses :P)

Monday, February 10, 2003

Standing on the Peace's side feels guuuuud I tell ya :-)))

Question of the day...:P
Why does w.Bush say "I think it affects the alliance in a negative way when you're not able to make a statement of mutual defense" when it is actually a matter of attack and not defense at all, hm?
A new website is born! I mean, a new one that deserves special attention!

As soon as you get a minute, visit the following adress!
M'Zelle Jenny's!!!, the official webpage of the other Frawnch DHNette!

**~~*^* * * *

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Lola's 4 months-old today!!!

And look at the lil genius below (I mean, she holds her bottle all by herself.. and with style! hehehe.... ok, for 1 second but tssssss... t'is brilliant!! heh)

Tomorrow I take her to the doc for 2 vaccins... I hate that!

Saturday, February 08, 2003

They could talk about shark attacks in South Africa...hmm... Florida or anywhere.... but nenene, they always talk of it here when it happens near BRISSIE!!!!

And this time in a lake!!!! Why not in your bath tube! hehe

The worst thingie that can bite ya here must be a big.... trout..!
.. talk about dangerous life, huh :P

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Haaaaaaa, I knewwwwwwwwww, just knew how to make of our lil cosy home a communication HQ!!!
Noooo, not because we've puters, mobiles, ADSL access, phones, etc.... nenene! hehe

Because...I've had the brilliantissima idea to put a white board in the loo, just facing where you sit ya see.
(I'm being soooooooooo creative, huh ;-) hehehe)

I thought it was the best place to let messages cause there you can't escape them (mwahahaha!!!) and you've sometimes enough time to answer :P

Actually the idea was to put a theme (for a child book) on it and we would put ideas below. It works!!! hehehe
Well, the original idea though is often forgotten.... and instead we let any kind of message which leads to wild giggles each time one of us -or friends- go to the loo.

I did not know there could be a spicy dimension in going to the toilets! But I confirm!!!

Sunday, February 02, 2003

New painting online, and tada...I like it!
There is it...The Mechanical Rider
I spent my weekend putting my website URL everywhere online (on specialized sites... like Fantasy Art ones, etc)... We've created a links page for links exchanges. You're often allowed to add your URL somewhere if you accept to put theirs on your site.
Oh, Martin created a beauDiful banner for this links exchange!

If I had time (and money), I would start playing online at the role playing games EverQuest or (and!!!) the Dark age of Camelot... Arnaud (French friend I met on compuserve years ago) and his goilfriend Pauline visited us today and we talked about that. They play a looooooooooooot to the Dark Age and seem to have lots of fun with it!
And the other day I saw that the character you chose (It would be a warrior with magic powers for me.. hehe... yeah I nooooe.... that sounds weird for non-gamers :P ) can gain so many qualities (strength, powers, etc) after a few years that it takes a real value and you can sell it for some good money!

Yeah, with time, watta biz plan!
....and watta fun!!!!
Martin has just told me Christa and Achim (his parents) have decided to learn French! No kiddin!
Wawwww, I find that fantastic, Lola has the most wonderful oma und opa (hehe, yuss, I'm fluent :P )

Now I always feel baaaaad for not knowing more than 3 words in German. No, I don't feel bad actually, but it really bothers me to be unable to tame that wild language!
I think I'll learn "Lola's German" ... simple one :P

Talking of that, The German Ambassy has now all the papers to give Lola her German nationality. Soon she'll officially be Frawnch and German! The question of nationality is basically not that important for us... but we enjoy a lot the symbolic meaning of it, the mixture of the 2 cultures :))) **~~* *^^* * * *