Friday, June 25, 2010

Bonheur absolu

A moment of total happiness (bonheur absolu) ... when I steal 15 minutes in a super busy day to enjoy the sun, a coffee, and a wonderful book.

Of course such moments never last. The books are never long enough, the sun hides often and I'm running out already.

But I will feel the benefit of these 15 minutes for the rest of my stressing day... Cheers! :)

Wedding dress :P

Well, let me correct that: this is the dress I'll wear tomorrow for my half-sister's wedding! :D
She marries tomorrow under the sunshine (yeah yeah!) of Bretonie. Will make a quickie there.

Been 6 month I have this lil dress... and you know, on the label it's written I can't wash it, except with my own inexperienced hands.

(hey it's the 21st century, ya guys! washing with my own hands?? wtf! ;-)

So I haven't dared wearing it (& having a sudden extreme desire for
strawberry ice cream for instance).

I never wear white, might feel pure and innocent with that. And much more than I don't even know. lol. I'll tell you.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Never without my notebook(s)

Do you have a good memory? I don't... But I use about 4 different notebooks and that helps! ...(some made more for sketches, some for texts), they only have to be small enough so that I can carry them with me everywhere! I need paper & pen for that. A keyboard to take notes? no way.

(do you realise I show you part of myself here? It's very intimate, almost pornographic! :P)

PS: I only realise now I almost never take notes in French! How weird is that!?!

Petit teasing

Next work will be made of watercolours and Indian ink, it should simply be about summer's twilight. There will be different characters, with 2 central ones.

I really want to use again the Predator creature as a first visual basis for the woman, because visually (but not only) it rocks to me :)

Friday, June 18, 2010


wild, strong, tragic, erotic, vibrant, seductive and playful... everything but classic**

** in a conventional and dusty way ;-)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Brutal Polluters

I'm not very much a *green* one. I mean I'll rather wear a "Kill 'em all" tshirt than a "save the planet" one. Yeah that sucks somehow, but that's how it is. I'm not a green Pasionaria (pasionaria = a woman who actively defend a cause), some do it so much better than I do.

I'm pretty much human, with life priorities (yeah... *that* does not sound very human ;-). Respecting what surrounds me. Trees or human beings, whatever.

What can I tell about BP.

I want to visit Louisiana and Florida. I will.
I just hope people there will be careful enough with what is coming from the see. Gotta protect themselves.

If I ever had the opportunity I would get a plane ticket to... help cleaning the beaches there. Not for *green* purpose, just because I am selfish. I want *my* lil planet to stay clean and welcoming. I want to run into the waters of Florida (you sharks would better stay away from my fat lil bum!), I want to dance on the sands of Louisiana.

I want.

.. told you, I'm not a planet saviour, I'm just a woman caring for her own happiness. How bad does that sound??

Ken Follett

I was pretty sceptical when I read the first part of his last book. I have not finished it yet.
And I don't want.

Ken is a genius.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Look into my eyes

...and tell me, you do have a toothache!

You don't, are you sure?

Well, yesterday I had some deep pain, with headache, pain in the ear and throat. I'm already visiting my dentist for another tooth problem, then this new one appeared. Fuck.

Tell me, you do feel pain somewhere in the mouth!

I can't believe my parents made me with such bad teeth (yeah that sounds SO sexy! hehe)... Or is it God punishing me? It must be.
Oh but wait, my lil teeth are very cute and pretty, it's just that some of them have no resistance to sugar. Just the way I am... with sugar too! lol

My new pain was not fake. My dentist wondered how I could even sleep with that pain.
Sigh. I don't know either!

(come on, there's a lil tooth that bothers you right now I'm sure!)

What hurts me the most... the biggest injury I mean, here, is money. I know people do know complain about that openly, but fuck, I do if I want :P
Spending money for that when I'd need to spoil my babes, a new computer, eventually paying gaz and electricity. Yeah, that sucks.


Gotta add that usually I don't mind painkillers shots, but yesterday it was SO painful. Merde! Really felt tears coming. I hate that.

The amazing thing is that after sharing my pain with my sister, she started feeling real toothache! (and still does)

In the next hour my niece broke a teeth :(

Well, if God was not a perv, if he did not have a twisted mind when he created us, he would have done something for the teeth!

-> Achoo!)

PS: the English fairy tooth is our french lil mouse who comes to take the fallen teeth put under the cushions :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

talking to the Chocoholics, here...

Come on, there must be at least ONE chocoholic around here! I won't ask you to quit, keep getting your chocolate fixes -I do exactly the same - :P

I've wanted to try something unique since the other day.
And the chocoholic in you is going to be jealous, I warn you :)

I saw this guy on tv, Patrick Roger... a chocolate magician. I have no word to express how much his chocolates are a temptation. Because I could follow the process of creation, the passion involved, the talent put in every of them!
Nothing industrial, based on the very best products. This guy creates magic chocolates. You'll bite them, suck them and then you'll *know* Heaven will be close.

I've experienced that today.
I had to.
I was a bit nervous, would I be disappointed?

Some are looking for crazy experiences, I look for my own ones.

Earlier today I've bitten some chocolate from there, made of basil and lemon.

I was to die from pleasure.

I highly recommend you to never resist this kind of temptation... I could feel the difference (on so many levels) between a chocolate and his chocolate.

Sense(s) & sentisitivity

Lola and I understand each other of course.

Lola: "Mom, what do you think of Aslen?
Me (not knowing really who's the lil boy): "Oh! hm.. he's pretty kewl, I think! ... why do you ask?"

Lola: "Well, it's just that I don't know if I'll marry him or not.

But you see, mom... he was sweating earlier, and he put his hand in his hair and after.... he looked SO cool!

Besides, he is totally in love with me!!!

haha... sweaty guys have something huh!
Can't believe my lil girl already noticed that! :P

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lulu on a toast sauce Moukmouk

Last week, I really had a fine time with a few ol' bloggers friends! (waving @Dr Caso, Moukmouk, Mel', and Lune)
I've met some I had never met before, but the meeting confirmed what I knew from them since years! :)

We've been to our *cantine* which was really perfect... So good! And always so friendly there :)

I've had there the foie gras of my life!
So so perfect!

If one of you (whistling) ever plans to come to Paris.... I take you there, you'll reach some part of Heaven, trust ol' Candy! :)

A perfect moment that make you repeat again and again that the internet is so much "real life" ! or maybe a bit better -who knows- !

ya can't fool a mom!

Well actually you can.
How many lies did I tell to my mom when I was a kid (and ok, I still lie to her sometimes! Sounds like normal! Hey, she's my mom, not my BFF!)

I think she did not notice all these lil lies I used to say to have the time of my life on weekends... and I hope I won't noticed my devils' lil lies, otherwise.... I'll reach a super high level of stress!
I know what teenager are made of, I've been one of them!

Anyway my devils are still babes, but they can't fool me yet! Mwahaha !

Tonight I was to read them a lil bedtime story.
Loup said he was too tired for that (I instantly got suspicious)
Then I saw Lola hiding a big book under their blanket (they sleep together at the moment).
I had heard them whispering 5 minutes earlier (they're never really discreet!).. Loup had asked Lola to read this book once I'd be gone.

So, well, I started reading their bedtime story for 2 minutes.
Loup was strangely smiling all the time at me (I was laughing inside!)
Then they kicked me out of the bedroom. I knew they had a plan, I knew they had a lil torch lamp under their cushion.

I loved it :)))

Monday, June 07, 2010

R.I.P : my artblog is dead.

Long live my art site !

Do you use in English "Le roi est mort. Vive le roi!" ? Ok not on a daily basis, lol, not many kings anymore around, huh.. but do you ever use that expression?

It's been, omg I don't even dare mentioning how long it took me... It's been like 7 months I've started working on my new website. Took me that long.

And really I've put it online but it's not even finished yet. Still many texts to write, features to add, etc. But I had to make it alive. I really had to.

I made it as simple as possible (which usually makes everything more complicate in back office ;-) -thank you Martin for all the help when I was like stuck in a thick technical fog!-
I made the site looking like me, quite passionate. Ok, it's a more sensuous approach too... Sex sells, ok, and sex is not that bad at the end :)

lol, oh well, I don't need to justify my new sexy paintings anyway!

I really hope you like it. I think it's easy to check all the paintings. Easy to buy. Easy to enjoy the gallery.
And there will be many more features to come (if you have any suggestion by the way... you're most welcome!)

(pssst do you think it's a good excuse to have champagne? Oh I wish!)