Monday, June 29, 2009

The picnic ... was spent at the hospital

Loup has badly broken his leg
gets a heavy plaster (plaster?) for 6 weeks

I go back to him, will give news

When lil devils turn into clowns

All the end of the year's school parties are over!
No more cake to bake!
(dancing around, throwing petals in the name of kitchen freedom)

hehe, I'm kidding, they were really nice! And Lola's party on Friday evening was brilliant!
The theme was the "circus", and my lil clowns were so cute!

(wish I could add details but gotta run for a picnic! yeah I know summertime sucks :P hehehe)

Fée des bois

aka.. "Mara des Bois", the name of the strawberries I've got for breakfast today.

And, OMG, they were delicious!
I bought them in a supermarket at a very reasonable price, I don't know if they were "transgenic" "super-vitamined" kind of strawberries... but they were GOOD!

And this morning I felt I was sitting under a tree, with morning dew on my bare feet.
These strawberries were so tasty, juicy, reddish, tempting and satisfying!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One day

I wanna will feel the vibes of (the) New Orleans.

What vibes are you longing to feel?
What's the first dream you think about?

Could be an ice cream, could be Heaven to be real.

... Tell me:)

Emotional rescue

Yesterday... lola was playing with the lil rebel, Arthur.
After 5 minutes she came to me.

"Mom, I have to tell you something: I'm in love with Arthur. And for real!"

I raised a concerned eyebrow, smiled (inside), asked her if she was really sure...

She got a lovely smile then, and pink cheeks: "Yes mom I'm sure!"

Then she went to him, I kept reading but couldn't help hearing Lola telling "and you know Arthur, if you want I can kiss you on the mouth!"

She repeated it several times...Insisting a LOT (lol a few things will have to be taught in the next years!)

I finally turned to Arthur to tell him that girls are this way, nothing to stress about... lol... and he can just say stop it if he wants.

Anyway, 15 minutes later Lola ran to me, with wet eyes.

She said, trying to swallow her own tears "no mom I don't want to talk"
She looked at the floor, crying.

OMG !!!
I knew this look, I knew it! She'd just got her heart broken for the very first time!

Arthur joined, looked at her, asked her what happened... she fought to not cry in front of him.

I asked no question, I'm a mom, and mom are not so welcome when hearts are broken, I know! I remember!

Shit what do I do!??

I gave her some kleenex... told her she can tell me anything if she wants.

(I felt old, I felt like a mom then!)

Finally she let it go: mom I've just fallen on the floor and opened my upper lips oh mom I'm bleeding! BOOOOO


Pleasure, little treasure

What's your perfume?
Wearing any?

I enjoy perfume. When you find the *right* one, there's a kind of lil miracle that happens... the skin + the appropriate perfume, I believe, can make a very sensuous little something.

I hate heavy perfumes. Chanel or Dior stuff is like poison for my skin (but I believe they can be just perfect on someone else).

I feel superficial, right now, writing this post. I think I'm just the opposite though, and precisely.. writing this post!

I found my Graal in Kenzo's Amour.

And just heard there's a new Amour!

Tommorow I will religiously try the new Amour. I wanna so much that it smells like something I've never smelled before. A new sensation. Hope, pleasure, future.

edit: well, no hope, no pleasure, no future: the perfume stinks! lol

3615 OMG

edit: just added the pics! :P

Yesterday I cut Lola's hair! a success, so pretty!

Then Loup insisted so much, that I accepted to cut his hair... big mistake! Dunno how to use this shaver! He suddenly had some kind of army haircut, terrible!

And then today, Martin decided he had to cut his hair. What did he do? He let Loup do the job...!!! The result?...well.... let's say it's beyong *army haircut* (yeah that is possible!)

Yeah I know you all wanna pics! hmm oh I'm a bit lazy you know... but ok, for 1 pic posted I ask for a beer (fair deal! and.. the more beers I get the best quality pics I put :D)

Monday, June 22, 2009

2 months, 60 days

that's how much the French kids get for summer vacation! You think it's not enough?
That's what I thought 20 years ago :P

10 days of school from now, and then.. the devils are free!

2 months, 60 days of... happy times, games, mornings in pyjamas, late evenings, picnics, the beach, water games... sun (yeah, well I've not yet considered the fact we'll spend 3 weeks in Bretonie!)

2 months, 60 days... during which mama Candy will LOVE relaxing time with her babes! It's just that... mama Candy usually works at home on school time!

So, that means it's gonna be hard to get time for work except in the evening and night... I won't make any sport (my drug! :P) except in the evening either... and no real time for anything else really.

A big change of rhythm for me and actually a bit more complicate to organise my days.

But then it's gonna be fine and fun! I'll be just way busier than I usually am!

"summer vacation"

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I gotta tell you...

...that I'm enjoying so much the book I've started!

Can't tell you why right now. I'm page 307, still 700 other pages to go... and, on one hand, I feel like wanting to read it very quickly to discover more... On the other hand, I feel like reading it religiously, with devotion, slowly, sucking every word of it to not let it go too quickly... you know?

It feels so good. So good.


I'm working for a friend right now, who asked for a precise wedding gift. Very interesting &unusual kind of work!

Counting the days

...6 months before enjoying that:

I can't wait! It's gonna be so fun!

I forgot tell you how much this lunch with Dr Caso and the other bloggers was great!
Such a pleasure to spend this time all together again. I wish it could happen more often, really.

That makes me think... Mel' & Jenny, I might be in the mood to join you for the next Paris Carnet... what do you think, girls? :P

Ohhh and now I remember what I had forgotten really (winking @Mahie)... You know, my inner self is worse than a paparazzi: everytime I wander in Paris I meet a celebrity!

Well, then while I was on my way to join our Bloggers' restaurant... rue du Louvre... A grey porsche from les Yvelines stopped... and Eric came out of it, just passing in front of me, I could not miss him!

Don't tell me AGAIN that you don't know him!

But the real celebrities were those I was to meet at the restaurant :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I want

the beach

the sand

the twilight

the beer

the magic :)

I think I can get the beer, good beginning!

Gimme the whip ! (aka the "shameful playlist")

When I drive, I *need* some kind of specific music. But not my favorite music.
I hate driving, maybe that's why I need *this kind of music*

I have this cd, that never leaves the car.
The kids love it, which is very important (worst than anything for me are children songs in the car!)

Am I ready to share this lil secret with you?

("It's not too late Candy, you can still change your mind")

ok, but... let's make it this way: only people who admit such kind of terrible secrets, are allowed to comment ;-) hehe

Ok, here's my driving' playlist! Don't laugh, don't say a word, I know that it IS shocking!

01 - Finger Eleven's Paralyzer

02 - Katty's I Kissed a Girl
03 - Katty's Hot N Cold
04 - Basshunter's All I Ever Wanted
05 - Estelle's American Boy
06 - Rihanna's Don't Stop The Music
07 - Pink's Get the Party Started
08 - Veronicas' Hook Me Up
09 - Pussycat Dolls' I Hate This Part
10 - Britbrit's Baby One More Time
11 - Christina Aguillera's Keeps Gettin' Better
12 - Nick Skitz' Listen to Your Heart
13 - Bob Sinclar's Rock This Party
14 - Pink's So What
15 - Britbrit's Toxic
16 - Kiss' I Was Made for Lovin' You

OUCH, yeah it hurts badly when out of appropriate background : me driving!

What about you? Do you get any dirty lil secrets, musically speaking?
Come on, don't leave me alone in *C'te honte Land* !

my little precious muse

Sometimes, Lola shows signs that she'll be a typical teenager in a few years.

Life would be so annoying with a perfect lil lady at home (which was precisely the theme of the poem she told me for Mother's day! ... "I could clean my bedroom, and smile all the time, I could help whenever I'm asked to, etc etc but life would be so boring with such a perfect daughter, I love you mom" ... lol!!!)

Well, except when the shrimpette is tired and then a bit on nerves, she's such a delicious angel! Curious, wanting to learn, to understand, always easily expressing her love, etc etc.
I'm so proud. Sorry I repeat myself pretty often about Lola ;-)

On Sunday, she had to perform for the big final show (classic dancing).
It was so great, can't believe I'm the mama of such a delicate & gracious little bird :)

Well, before she started with classic dance, I suggested her to try judo, or anything she wanted really. Avoiding to stick her to stereotyped girlie occupations.
But she wanted to be a pinkish dancing butterfly! So right, if she wants it that much, let's go for it!

Next year Lola (6 year old) will follow the courses for 9-13 year old lil dancing queens. I'm proud! lol I know I know... but gotta tell and repeat and sing and shout it! :)

Supa heroes

I love super heroes... and seems to be spending some time with this one, lately ...

He's a bit too ironish to make me dream really but super heroes are fascinating. Not because of their super powers, well a bit yes, but mainly for the weaknesses they usually all get. Which makes precisely all of us superheroes.

It's just that we're usually more aware of our weaknesses than our superpowers, and I do really believe it.


Only slept 5 hours, and for once feeling on top of the world despite the short night!

Is it sunny where you are?
It is, here in Paris. Warm, blue sky, perfect.

I have a lot of stuff to post in here, but lack the time to do it, so I'm typing the kind of absolutely uninteresting bloggie. hehe

My most exciting plans for today ?
...reading my book while the kids will play footie
...working the whole afternoon
...blogging tonight
...working again

See, I don't ask too much to be a happy bee

Wishing you a fine day with exciting plans

Friday, June 12, 2009

Introducing Sue, one of my girls :)

I'm sorry for those who get the same messages on Facebook and Jango for my paintings, they're just everywhere, but gotta advertise anyway possible, huh :P

So here is (again) the last one(s).

click here

For once, small format, not too much time on it, so not such a high price... BUT... lots of pleasure doing it, and sharing personal messages through it, as usual!

My lil moment of laugh 'n glory (surtout glory!)

I don't know... It's my blog, I can talk of myself, being proud of myself, be self-centered, etc, right? hehe

Well anyway, I will write how proud I've been yesterday during my body-pump session.
Our trainer, aka one of the "terminators", is very motivated to make of us other kinds of terminators.. lol

During one specific song we work on some specific muscles... and when we were about to start the shoulders exercises (push-ups / pompes), I was called by Terminator to show the others the exercise during the whole shoulder session.

me who got the most horrible marks at sport when I was a kid!
Sorry, that is so big for me that I gotta type it!

And we have several ways (like 4 5) of making the push-ups, the easy, on the knees, to the hard one, like on the pic, but harder, with the hands on a bar with weights on the side. A bar that roll if you don't make your abs work at the same time. I use this hard way, because it's a challenge.
I'm not very good at it, but I can make it, and did it pretty well yesterday!

What a little moment of pleasure, of "I can tame my body and make it do what I want if I want it"
wunnerful feeling.

(réalisé avec un talentueux trucage)

Come on, tell me this pic of mine, above, makes ya trembling in your boots! :P

One of the most expected event of the year

...will happen tomorrow!

I don't know if it's confidential or not, so I won't give names... but tomorrow some of us around here and there will join one the blogsphere's queenettes to enjoy a fine fine lunch in our (now usual) restaurant.

It's gonna be fun! Most of us only see each other once a year for this special event and it's always been reaaaally cool. Can't wait! Will sleep enough to avoid telling my worst jokes tomorrow :)

(dancing around)


I'm usually a lil ball of energy (but that's true!)

But I woke up this morning and I knew it would be the kind of *now-you-gotta-pay-for-it day*, hehe... Maybe I did not sleep enough, 5 hours, no that's not enough for me. 6 is almost perfect for me.

Anyway, I hear right now Bjork telling me "how am I going to make it right?", lol.. good, I feel less alone, struggling today :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Diamonds can't be the girls' best friends !

...when you see plastic can be so lovely!
take all the diamonds you want, let me have my plastic :)

So, let me see: Jesus turned water into wine..

...I bought a slim

and... my sister and I have voted for the same party (which got 2 votes at least! lol) on last Sunday's elections!

I know something good would come out of it, like a lil miracle!

Gweno and I have always had very opposite opinions when it comes to Politics!

That's nice, dunno why, but that's nice :)

(just gotta add that will never happen with our mom I fear -or I hope- dunno :P lol ... love ya mom! )

Monsieur Cracra

me: "Loup, time to take your bath..."
me: "Louuuuuup, your bath is hot and ready, and you will take it NOW!"

Loup: "but mom... you don't understand!!?

me: "huh???"

Loup: "Mom! I took my bath LAST YEAR! you don't remember or what???"

Slightly frustrating

I just fucked up with my last painting ...

lol no actually it's not a problem at all, the lil ( not a big project) painting was pretty ok.
(just *ok* is never ever enough!)

But it's not the message I wanted to share in it, realized it once it was done.

Now... got the right inspiration last night!
When it works this way (=suddenly inspiration comes to you, so obvious, so natural, that it's getting over exciting!)

wanna bits of the fucked up project? hehe, ok... The project's gone 6 feet under, only the puzzle bellow remains.

Monday, June 08, 2009

A new tool

My computer guru, aka Martin, helped me to add a new tool in my gallery... a zoom which appear when you click on a painting. Now you get *details* !

I find it very kewl! (self modesty not allowed when it comes to business :P)

you can try it ---> there :P

edit: will explain it on my gallery, but you can stretch the zoom tool, just clicking and sliding on it, which is also kewl :)

Mama's day

I got my poems, my lil presents (wonderful of course!), my cuddles and huge smiles. I'm so lucky with the lil devils!

(happy sigh)

Oh and on the mamas' day... we had the huge surprise to welcome another lil one in the family!!!
Well done to mama Scarlette and papa César, they've made the most adorable lil boy (yeah it's a male!)...I can't wait to share a piece of grass with him! :)

tapping foot, getting impatient...

..before getting the tickets for Rammstein!

...3 days to go! Yeeepeeeee!!! And won't go there alone, oh nenene!

Ich spreche kein Deutsch, aber I can still pretend I can sing! :P

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Needs your lights

... who am I going to vote for tomorrow? (European elections here)

Can I ask you what you will vote (or is it too personal)? I'm so much close to not go there to vote, not because I'm not interested or lazy, but because honestly there's no one I wanna vote for.

Voting for the best of the worst ones? Does that sound like a good motivation? Maybe.
But then who's the best here?

So far I hesitate between Cannabis sans frontières, l'Union des Gens, le Parti Breton, la Terre sinon rien (aimeraient en autres remplacer le PIB par le Bohneur Intérieur Brut, huhu!) and Le Modem...

Why do I feel nothing will change even if we know we're the only ones (voters) that should have the power to make things change?

Desperate fan

ok, I have one week before getting my ticket to go to see them at the end of the year.

But I will not go to a concert just alone.. not fun!

Isn't there anyone enjoying Rammstein here? Er... (thinking)... (mind boiling)... Isn't there anyone who want to hear me screaming & singing in Deutsch? (well I suppose me singing in Deutsch might convince you to not come! lol)

hmm might go there alone
(but it's not fun!)
(I mean less :P)
(still fun because they're fun on stage!)

(I've already put all the videos on my blog, but in case that might convince any...hehe... I'll use one of my fav'!)


while you're still trying to open your eyes (well, with the exception of Jérôme who will be snoring hard) I'm going to entertain kids at Loup's school "end-of-the-year-party". I will take care of the *candies* tree... kids will come and with a blindfold on the eyes will try to cut threads to get candies :)

after that.... I'll get a new *body attack* course. A bit of Caroline Ingalls, a bit of Sarah Connor, then a bit of meself at work too... pretty good to me! :)

These boots are made for riding

Voilà, these are the boots I got for my birthday.

...I know it's nothing to you but to me it's a LOT!

Wait, these are not just boots, these are magical boots. With them on, I can kick the ass of the world. They're another key to my freedom. (if you laugh, well...I kick your ass!)

I really love them! Not more expensive than ermm expensive boots, but I will cherish them as long as possible! My little Harley Davidson (je me la pête pas, je vénère juste mes tites bottes d'amuuuur)

Alleluia !

The babes and I had a picnic earlier today.

Not far from us there were these 3 mothers, 14 kids around, theirs. From 2 years old to 6, dressed in white and blue (waving at miss Alix :P). Coming from one of the catholic schools just near.

Well, I have never seen such a bunch of lil devils, behaving really badly against each other. Mean, cruel, noisy. My devils looked like angels... saints!... in comparison!

What is Jesus doing??? And God? woohoooo, your lambs need you it seems!

Really.... and these are the people who tell us how we should behave? They gotta learn one or two things I think!

Friday, June 05, 2009

La vie en rose

What do kids, who are about 6 years old, talk about?

Spiderman? Pokemon? Oggy et les cafards? DS? Footie? Nouvelle Star? ... nenene

Here, they talk about love. LOVE!

The big *thing* at the moment is exchanging love letters. Well apparently, it's mainly the boys (who are still learning the first step to write properly) who are supposed to write letters to the girls :)

Lola proudly accepted that I share on here her first love letter... (can't translate, but trust me, it's VERY cute!)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Just forget about the French Open

At 10 minutes from a crowded, boring, full of weirdos (wearing ugly stuff with a lil crocodile on the side), Roland Garros... you can get a much better show, featuring the 2 new talents of World Tennis!

Loup playing to win here, turning to be a real little John Mcenroe most of the time!

click here

Lola, the outsider, was elegant, stylish and a very fair player! :)

and the rest of the team :

When we don't go to Bretonie...

...Bretonie comes to us! my bday expected meal today!
I don't ask much to my personnal cook: just enough muscles to bring me my treats :P
Was wonderful :)

Pleasure (and little frustration)

I've finally finished my new cyborg painting. Got many emotions while doing it, that was kinda intense.

I'm a bit frustrated though because on the screen you can't notice really any detail, you guess them but can't see them properly. In *real* size, the details are quite impressive (lol, no really! hehe)... I always get stressed when I have to scan a painting, I know the computer, how wonderful and helpful it is, will betray part of my work.

Ha well, could be worse, anyway! :)

click here