Monday, May 30, 2011

Vintage tats 'n girls

Aren't these photos super cute and sexy!

I really love these photos. I have books and books about tats from early last century I've been instantly fascinated by the people then getting tattooed. The contrast between the time (that I imagine kinda old, formal, dusty, in black and white really) and the wilderness of the tats!

I love the eroticism of these photos too.

Probably due to the contrast again of the time and the act of tattooing. Also because I imagine it was far less accepted for women to be tattooed and it must have been some kind of real freedom act.

Freedom's sexy! lol (et je dis n'importe quoi moi parfois! :P)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I am not Robert Mitchum

I'm not Reverend Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum), a serial killer and self-appointed preacher, getting a (not so) black and white personality...

I am not that extreme at all. I mean I am not a serial killer, lol.

Yet I have my own marks too. I had no idea where my tats would take me. What would my body tell.
It's fascinating! I'm truly following what my body asks for.

Today, one of my arms is telling about freedom, the other about love. Yeah I know that sounds very 1970s huh :)

but My love arm gets a snake, which means a lot more than just love. My freedom arm gets skulls, death is present.

See, I do not live in a world made of rainbows (though i love them!).

Sunny made them so much the way I wanted!
She added perfect details, perfect shapes. Such a talent!!! Cherry on the cake, I'm having a real good feed back about them : )

I don't think I'll stop with tattoos...
Once you kill the cow, you gotta get the burger huh

(now... don't tell me you HATE them! :P)

Kiss me again

it's so funny to get distance and hear about what seems so natural !

and finally, this one, wonderful on the paper, but in real life... huuuuuuu

Avoiding dark waters

We came back early today from Hamburg.
It was intense. I wish we were geographically closer to my beloved father in law. I miss him already.

The devils have been very helpful, bringing their innocence, their optimism. Angels, really (no no, there's nothing contradictory in what I'm saying :)
We tried to distract them sometimes. It worked, and for us too : ))
Never under estimate the power of lil ones!

And just now, I'm sitting down and relaxing, sipping the best planteur cocktail I've ever got (.. life sometimes make lil things taste so much better than usual)

I might be talkative today tonight!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Show me secret sins : )

Mmmm, that little song, its lyrics, its spirit, its lovely use of Godard's scene

a red fairy tale

Just for me : )
Once upon a time (erm, last week)  it was my birthday, but I wasn't into the mood.
I had just lost someone (my mom in law, a couple of days before) who used to make the world look so much better.

I felt like... who will make the world look better now she's gone? I was not very convinced. Down, really.

But then, a friend of mine, an adorable lil woman with freckles and sparkling eyes, knocked at the door. I opened, surprised.

She was standing there, grinning, with 4 kilos of strawberries.

4 kilos!

"happy birthday!"
she said

Suddenly he world looked really pretty.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bitch vs Bad boy

So we women would be more attracted by bad boys, it's well known.
In magazines they even say a man not smiling at all would be more attractive to women.

Shit. I suspect these articles are written by men.

Of course the bad boy has some sex-appeal. On the screen, in books. In real life, bad boys are just nothing to me. Or just like candies. Just have one from time to time, enjoy what you can get from them... but don't get too much of them.

No no, a man, clever and sensitive, has much more sex appeal to me than a stupid bad boy.

What do men enjoy? I wonder. We are supposed to prefer bad boys... Do men prefer bitches?
I would bet that men love their women clever and sensitive most of the day, but real good bitches in bed. hehe... dunno, I only repeat what I've heard!

I think real bitches are pains. Perfect on the screen, but not in real life. Just like bad boys.

PS: oh and psssshhhit... a rel bad boy has no chance in front of a real bitch. Yeah yeah!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cat and Wolf (kitty and muscles!)

Newly inked

Sunny has made wonderful job on my arms today.
I got the new tattoos I really wanted and even better than I thought. Such an artist !

Sunny worked as fast as she could, for hours. I was totally amazed. You feel the physical energy tattooing requires. It's crazy, physically very intense... And behind you have the concentration and the artistic work.

I got tattoos on both arms. Gotta decorate them more. I'll tell you more about the tats when they are visible. Right now they're healing.
The first arm was fine... but the second... (I'm such a chochotte!)... I felt every needle in the skin. I felt as if my skin had decided to resist, to fight back. Suddenly my skin felt so thick. A thick wall fighting against the needles. And that was painful. Not what Sunny did, but the way my skin was tensed, like under pressure, resisting.

Tonight I'm exhausted, no more physical energy. I wonder if Sunny feels the opposite, as if there had been some kind of energy transfer or something like that. But she worked so hard, I'm sure she must have felt tired from it.

A wonderful experience. With such an artist!

(I'll have more!)

And now... back to healing : )

Friday, May 20, 2011

I want to examine every inch of your frame

There she is again. Petite addiction.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

We are what we think, right?

That's a bit scary because what happens when I do really think about just nothing, or... stupid things, or hot sex etc.
Does that make me like nothing? or stupid? or obsessed?
Maybe : )
That's not so important.
Just thoughts.

Today I am broken because I have lost someone SO dear to my heart. Life is unfair and cruel.

Today I am kinda relieved, because I start to understand (and get answers about) what Lola gets. A form of epilepsy that happens at night only. More tests at the Necker hospital to come. Her crisis should disappear when she's a teenager. That's still very painful for the mom that I am.

Today I wonder how people can expect politicians to be "moral examples" ? They're politicians!!

Today... actually the other day (lol) I wondered why it was so chocking that Bin Laden smoked pot and watched porns? Are the media trying to make him popular or something? ;)

Today I wonder (not) if it's appropriate to make jokes about Hitler, or DSK and the Sofitel's woman. What are your limits with jokes? I think personally, it's the talent of the one making jokes that makes anything possible. Talent and sensitivity.

Today I wonder a lot. And that feels good.

Cannes, back to 1990

Do you remember the time when Nic Cage was not totally ridiculous on the screen?
I was a total fan.
Do you remember this one? Wild at heart?
This was so passionate. Just how Life should be!

Wild At Heart (1990) par bmoviebabe

" How can I get out of this sentence? "

Hmm.. lemme think...

Too late, Lars!

To me it sounded as a joke. You can really feel the cold humour behind his words. The artist' provocation.
The guy is punished for talking freely. But as he will mention... he felt like talking to a bunch of friend who would have understood, not to the whole planet. He should have been careful. Should remember we're in a society that judges according to extreme moral codes.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The eye of the tiger

(and the tiger himself :P)

Monday, May 16, 2011

"A man who does not think for himself does not think at all"

 Oh yeah, Oscar Wilde was really right.
I have no idea if the quote is appropriate here. You tell me ;)

That music, which was used for the Matrix, is so good.

The video... I don't know yet what to say about it. I know I like it though.
A man going in the opposite direction of the crowd. Struggling, escaping, like breaking chains.
Makes my mind boil.

Are you a happy chaos ?

I guess these 2 new lil treasures below, that I have bought a few days ago, are quite revealing (yeah I know, I take any opportunity to show my legs, huh! hehe true, true).
We are all made of specific tastes, desires. Sometimes there's a beautiful unity in what we are. Sometimes happy chaos.
What are you made of ??

I think I'm between unity and chaos. Lots of duality in me, like... yeah I bought these lovely sandals (desperate for not finding summer boots) and these free fighter shorts. Men's shorts in the smallest size possible. lol.

They're perfect for the kind of sports I do, jumping a lot, kicking ghost baddies, etc. And they simply rock (no? tss you've no taste :P)

I think part of that duality is simply the expression of the female and male sides in me. I chose these shoes and shorts as almost a caricature of that feature. Might be a caricature, a bit extreme, but so true.

In some other life I dream of being a talented tattooist  and an expert at some martial art. lol. Yeah that would fit.
It's a bit too late for all that (I knowwww some will say the contrary), and that sucks.

Yet...  that's a pretty good dream, one that always brings a smile.

So, are you a happy chaos? Or more coherent with a harmonious personality, hm?

Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Tell me no truth ... if it is bad"

Clever, wise! :)

... the song is quite sad (it's not reflecting my mood  :-), but I enjoy it.
The lullaby that will take me to dreams tonight. Happy ones :)

Me Candy, you Jane

Isn't it a super feminine name?!

Which Jane come to your mind? Tarzan's? Eyre? Fonda (haaa pretty Barbarella!) ?

Jane Campion was so far the only woman winning the top prize at Cannes Festival a few years ago with the Piano. I found that quite surprising. Not chocking, just surprising.

When I think of that (powerful) movie... I believe it had to be made by a woman. There was a particular approach. Feminine I think.

I love her sensitivity.

And I like when she talks of the "romantic impulse", that I would translate as "passion"..

"I think that the romantic impulse is in all of us and that sometimes we live it for a short time, but it's not part of a sensible way of living. It's a heroic path and it generally ends dangerously. I treasure it in the sense that I believe it's a path of great courage. "

Amen :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I’m a high school lover, and you’re my favorite flavor

that fits the mood, Spring, warmth

Monday, May 09, 2011

Spring in the flesh

I was born in May and May has never felt so sweet, so exquisite.
Every little pleasure gets intense. A fruit, a cuddle, a lil nap, a dream, a sip of white wine.


I need to pack luggage and woosh away for another planet.
Human beings are a terrible species.
I feel ashamed and terrified of what we're capable of, how sick we are.

Lara Logan Breaks Her Silence On "60 Minutes" par marina2984

I listen to Lara Logan, and I think every man of this crowd deserves the same treatment as she got.

It seems they don't know really what it is about. They should learn, and they'll survive.
Oh yeah, the big boys will.
Lara did.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Body talks

I talk making lots of gestures...
I easily make faces, I sigh, I (discretely) yawn, I jump from happiness, I kick ghosts from anger.
My body talks a lot!

Then, my red hair, my boots, the muscles I try to get, probably the way I walk. Fast and determined. Yeah of course my body talks a looooot.

And now I understand there are kind of subtitles on my body... my tattoos!

If it was aesthetically ok... 50% of my body would be covered with snakes. yeah I know... scary! Good I am very coquette. lol
Snakes are clever, they represent knowledge, freedom, selfishness, it's very masculine, complementary to the woman, to me.

ha well, that would be too many snakes and that would scare (not!) the devils.

Anyway, I have discovered that I had an arm made for love and one for freedom! Yeah that rocks! And well, that sounds a bit 1970-ish but I'm proud I naturally get both concepts in the flesh. I did not wanted these lovely concepts particularly, it's my body that revealed them.

On my "love" arm, I want to get an anchor, meaning how much love matters to me, no matter the storms, the deadly waves, Love is here (chabadabada).
Then roses around because it's cute it could symbolize different forms of love. Love flourishing in different ways. Like one rose for Lola, one rose for Loup, I don't know. But love grows, love expanded. That's the idea maybe. Love is not static.

Anyway, that will be one of the ideas for my next tats. Sunny will soon come back to me with her talent (I want her own style for them).

PS: check the gallery, there's Martin's pirate tat' on it :P

Hairy tale

Once upon a time ...

Conan and Satan (love etc)

.. and they lived happily ever after.

Friday, May 06, 2011

Suicidal tendency

"I've been thinking too small. I realize that now."

huho! I can hardly believe this is happening..

From a super hero, one of the most boring one, this one is turning into some super-super hero, and (but that is not guaranteed yet) he's turning into an interesting one!

.. Not because he renounces his U.S. citizenship (but I suspect this is a trick, belated April's fools day), but because for a very first time he's talking so freely, getting rid of his chains.

That's so cool!

Well, at the same time, he's so much an American symbol... not sure he'll survive this choice! I'm ready to save him anyway. A mojito, some grass and long political talks (sex? noooo! he has never been my type.... at alllll ! ;-).

Little shameful pleasure

I know, it's made for teens, okay....

But it's one really good songs from my body combat courses. Good because I really move my body on it!
Just killing song for combat!
Then I like the lyrics (lol), just plain bloody fight. The video being about a water fight between kids.. it just fits, so perfect :P

Here's the soap, wash my brain

What I wonder ... does not concern the stupid facts. Bin Laden dead...? where how when (10 years ago, yesterday, not yet?)
... no really I don't care. Anything of that would be true, we would have gotten clear facts. Less show and effects. No fake photos, etc.
And then, if it's true, really, that does not change much to the situation.

Well I care a lil bit though about the "how he's been killed" part, you know. That matters to me.

Anyway, I wonder about the impact of the piece of news. Will it work, really? Will it bring a fresh wave of popularity, patriotism, etc... to Eastern powers?

Are people so naive? (no! we are not!)

Do politicians sleep well at night?

Am I really considering the situation the wrong way?

Monday, May 02, 2011

Envie de Charlotte


Sunday, May 01, 2011

Spring with whipped cream (sighing with pleasure)

Why do you think I train soooo much, hm?
I just love life (and pushing, and sweating), easy! : ))

Sport... musculation, cardio stuff... yeah, that's hard, demanding (addictive, funny, liberating, delightful)

... but then I get such rewards from it and really do not experience any kind of guilt on lazy Sundays! ;-)


I have a dream ...

... that one day this nation will rise up, that one day soon i'll get new tats! :P
My arms need more ornaments. "Once you ill a cow, you gotta make a burger!" (lol ok, sorry.. nonsense but... just needed to quote Gaga somewhere)
When you start with tattoos,, there's no way to stop really.

And a couple of days ago, I dreamt of a tat', a butterfly with skulls in the wings. Oh I was talking happily with Sunny my tattooist in that dream. I hardly felt the needles, just the excitement of these new marks printed on my skin.

So I take it as an excuse a sign from the gods. :P

Gotta have new ones! And I know which ones. This butterfly will be part of them!