Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bits of Hamburg

We had short Christmas holidays. Like everyone travelling through Europe last week, we had some troubles. Our plane was cancelled, left two days later.

So we had almost no time to enjoy Hamburg as we use to. But it was short and intense, spent a wonderful time with the family : )

About the snow, and the sharp cold, it's pretty hard when you're not used to it, just walking outside is something! But then, when there's some sunshine and gluhwein, everything's close to perfection : )))

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Christmas with moustaches

We're just back from Hamburg... to welcome Satan and Conan! The devils did not expect anything, you can imagine their happy shock a couple of hours ago.

Conan is the adventurer! haha his name suits him perfectly!
Satan is super shy. I did not imagine "Satan" any other way ;-) ... but he already shows signs of a very clever lil feline mind! :)))

Ok, I'm super busy with a hundred things (unpacking luggage etc)... but I had to introduce you the new relatives! They're so small! aww : ))
Ok, I warn you, there will be of course zillions of pics in the coming days :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Second round

Am I posting something 10 minutes before leaving for the airport (again?) !! //Oo\\

2 days ago our flight for Hamburg was cancelled, we've another one tonight.

But we've got some precious help, the other day already and today's again. I really have the best escort I can dream about! I can't see how we can miss our flight with the Dark Force on our side!!!

We'll have a super short trip (4 days), but short usually means intense no? nooo?
(I gotta think about this one)

Ok, I run, there's a little man with a fly face threatening me behind. He breathes in a strange way, he tells me it's because he has a cold. Of course! That explains everything!

Tchüss und Auf Wiedersehen !

Monday, December 20, 2010

Striking back!

It's cold, it's gonna be a lot colder when I get to Hamburg in a few hours.
I don't have super warm clothes for winter... what's the point anyway? We're expecting global warming, and (phewwww!)  I'm ready for that! bikinis, sun lotion, summer giggles, etc.. in stock.

Of course I could surf on the Christmas wave and get into the magic of it... getting warm and comfortable! But... come on...  just see below where it could lead me!

Nonono, I could not paint anything if I wore a blanket with sleeves (look @the pic, they look like a sect!) or supa ugly boots! It's way too extreme! My mind would be disturbed, I'd get supa kitsch! (which wouldn't be that bad, I reckon! lol)

I've no real winter boots so far. It's ok, I can stand cold feet in pretty boots! ... with the only purpose to get a productive mind you see! :P

Oh and I've just received those lovely arm warmers (oh no way, don't tell me you find them ugly!). Ok, they get lots of holes in them... That's not the point! Everything's in the mind, if you decide it's warm enough, then it is , right?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Yayyy!!! I'm going to be a mom again!

The other day my gyno told me I was in perfect conditions to have a third baby...
A third baby??? haha!!!

Yet, I thought about it. Gave it some serious consideration.
Finally, I took some decision........ and * things * happened!

... but I just don't know who the father is!
* shrugging *
I'm a modern woman anyway! :P

And, well, it's a boy! He already gets my eyes with such a clever sparkle in them!!!

Check by yourself:

I expect him for next month!

Such a lil tiger, said to be already very adventurous (2,5 weeks old only!)

And then... big boy has a lil sister... I wanted a girl since Joe's death. And they're always stuck together. My flat's tiny but they'd be happy together no? Is it too much work, too many HAIRS?

Dunno. I must take a decision before Monday... I really do need your advice...
She's so cute, and shy and I want to  protect this lil creature (who seems to have the sensitivity of her mama - ME - !)


From Soul to Thong

I'd sell my soul for another key lime Pie, for a bottle of champ' or rocking boots... So I can easily sell a thong with one of my designs on it... and be supa proud of it!

I've opened this shop in Cafe Press some years ago, without finding the time to finish it. Well it's not finished but at least there's more than one mug to sell :P
Quite complementary to my gallery.

So if you fancy a shirt for your dog or a thong for your girl... just get the very best one, huh

Friday, December 10, 2010

Proud mama

Today, a lil boy fought in front of me for my Lola.
The boy was asked if he was in love with anyone, and he said yes, with Lola. The other boy laughed, but then... was on the floor in less than 10 seconds. :P

Inside, I enjoyed that mini-knight defending his affection for my lil beauty. Of course I asked the boys to stop, but I found it funny enough.

10 points in favour of that mini-knight, who's really a cute and a calm one usually. But hey action's necessary sometimes!

I wasn't to talk about that, lol, my plan was to mention that Loup got his first grade at Judo on last Sunday!
I really thought he wouldn't make it... too young, small, lacking concentration, etc. But he made it. His teacher told me he did not make any favour, Loup had been really good. hehe.. That was enough to make of me the most proud mama on Earth!

A girl making boys' hearts melt and a boy learning to be a knight... yeah I know, supa cliché (I plan at some point to reverse the situations ;-)... but I really love it! :D