Sunday, April 30, 2006

Inspired flag

and what a beauDiful one!

(photo from CNN)

Saturday, April 29, 2006

One day, the ladybug will enter my garden

... and if water and sun join together, then these will be the flowers the ladybug will discover (anticipated proud smile )

Boy-ish bits

With much care, the doc helped Loup yesterday to push backward the skin on his sensitive bit :)
Next month he'll do it again. A bit further.
Loup did not scream, cry or anything... no, the only reaciton from Loup was to pee on the doc's suit! lol

It was the 6th months' visit. Loup is now 9.5kg for 70cm
All the tests went ok, he can now start with meat and more veggies.

The only (lil) problem is that he still does not sleep well at night.
So we try something with the doc for 3 weeks then we'll see.

Oh and poor lil wolf, he has also caught an otitis.

penis stuff + otitis + injection ... that was a heavy day for my supa hero!

Loup, just after the doc's appointment
hyper traumatisé le bougre :P

Lilypie 1st Birthday Ticker

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Boys don't cry

...and girls do not gossip maybe?

I hate when I hear someone telling that to a kid!


I take Loup to the doc tomorrow morning...for an injection and (trembling in my boots) for a decalottage. I haven't found any translation in English.
It has nothing, almost nothing to do with circumcision.
Except that it's done to avoid infections

The act itself consists in helping the foreskin to go backwards. Helpful against infections, no doubt, and to avoid pain during the first intimate relationship later.

Nature can make the work itself, but the doc can help the nature that does not prove to be always very efficient in this matter.

In France, the *decalottage* is not the fashion at the moment. People scream about unecessary torture (it seems it's a bit painful for the baby), other know that infections a couple of years later can be really really more painful.

I find it really kewl that we have the courage to do it for Loup actually.

I trust my doc, and Martin and I know we want that for Loup... yet, I won't be happy happy on my way to the doc!
An hour before going there, we have a lil cream to put on the skin that will act as local anaesthesia... and it's been 2 days Martin and I try this cream on our own skin to check it works... ermm, so far no chance!

Wish me, no, wish Loup -and me- luck for tomorrow :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Server and mammoth beast

On the day I change of server, I know which text I'll use for my dearest visitors

"It's alive!
If you can read this it means you're looking at the site on our new server. And that means you're a winner. Anybody who can't see this message is a stupid butt face. And since they can't see this message, let's also add that they have a small penis. But not you. You're awesome. And your penis is a MAMMOTH BEAST.
found on the brilliant :P

Holiday postcards

I had forgotten the magic of Bretagne. I breathed it again and again, and I feel it still running in my veins !
(happy sigh)**~~*^* *

click here

click here

click here

As for the works, just for memory, there was no window in this room, it was just a room covered with ugly green plaster... The view is fantastic from here, and in front of that window there will be the guests' bedroom! ;-)
This time we've worked on the corner, stairs and walls upstairs.

Monday, April 24, 2006

What a feeling....!

Who will give the right meaning to the dream I've had during a nap yesterday?

Okies, here is how it went:
Martin put our names to follow some physical training (but fun: taekwondo mixed with aerobics, lol) in a ...police station.
On the day we come, the training has changed into a dance contest (Flashdance type, hehe), still based on taekwondo + aerobics.
I was so stressed I could have peed in my pants (thank gawd for me bed, I did not! lol).

I don't know who won, and too bad the brain cannot take digit pics, it would have been fookin fun to show you!

Candles GreenFingers

Yuss, dat's me!

We're just back, we've worked hard on the house (renovated 2 *old stones* walls, prepared another one for next time), we've worked hard in the garden (planting trees and flowers! yessssss!!!! wunnnnerful!), played with snails, ate lots of chocolate, drunk lots of very decadent *planteurs* (oh yummmmm)... and we'll be back there in 2 weeks for 3 days.

I hope my flowers are doing ok, I worry for them, will they have enough water and sun? Awwww, they're so small and fragile!

Okies, I hope you're all doing fineroo, I'll be back in a lil while with holidays' *postcards* to share with ewws


Thursday, April 13, 2006

Running with Loup on one arm

...luggage in the other!

Have fun for Easter, and pulease don't be reasonnable with chocolate... even if the price to pay for it is not fun :P

Okies, I'm on my way to go there:

(well I swear we have palm trees in Bretagne!)
(swearing again)


T, U, V, W-ords :)

Directly from Penny:

Accent: When I speak English, or tell a few German or Spanish words, why is it that people know I'm French!

Booze of Choice: champagne on top top of the list, followed by rum. Oh sometimes I do enjoy water!

Chores I Hate: ironing

Dog or Cat: purring

Essential Electronics: Gulliver

Favorite Perfume: Flower by Kenzo

Gold or Silver: silver, but gold suits me beder

Hometown: Paris

Insomnia: I could sleep all night long, but, that never happen

Jeans: flare jeans only, flowers in the hair, pink floyd in my head

Kids: raising them is the most demanding job, the most rewarding too

Losing control: thinking of lasagna :P

Most Admired Trait: I enjoy people having a good sense of humour

Overnight Hospital Stays: just when I've had my babies

Phobia(s): sharks and cars when I'm behind the wheel

Quote: Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels
(Faith Whittlesey)

Religion: without religious ones

Siblings: gweno, marie, jeremy :)

Time(s) I Wake Up: been 2 weeks I wake up at 6.00 am

Unusual Talent/Skill: I could get awards at multitaskin

Veggies I Refuse to Eat: every veggies that stink (except sprouts, yumm)

Worst Habit: enjoying Y&R but shhhh

Yummiest Food I Make: curry mussels

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Penny, I modified the L letter... I did not get it really! lol

Monday, April 10, 2006

Which chocolate...

...will you really enjoy for Easter?
I like white and pink, and I don't care if there's less cacao in these chocolates than blond roots on my head! ;-)

The week's gonna be short. On Friday we leave for a week in Bretagne. Real hard work to come in the hobbit house...(lil sigh)

But many pleasures too. There has to be some kind of balance, huh ;-)

And what are your plans for Easter?


Loup has just started a couple of days ago to eat *real* food!
And even if he still worships his milk, he loves it, of course!... More than words, images will tell you everything ;-)

And if that could help him to sleep beDer... yesterday he woke up about every hour!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I've heard some wanted more quizzes here...

And not just *girlie* quizzes, right JL?

Your Future! by sum41prin
Name or LJ username:
Location:Anchorage, Alaska
Job:salmon breeder
How much you'll make per year:$2,513
Quiz created with MemeGenshitty HTML repaired by Martin

I guess I will enjoy my future house and will have fun with my saussage car, but when it comes to my futur job... yuck!

Edit: Thank you Martin for your help with that fookin code! ermm... I have another quizz, same shitty code, to come... wanna a beer and a lil something?

A Candles' blog without a quizz

...would be like a pint full of limonade! There would be something really wrong in there :P

Okies, let's play now!

Your perfect outfit

Your perfect Outfit! by lillilac94
Fav Color?
Quiz created with MemeGen
Shitty HTML repaired by Martin ;-P why did they ask about the favourite colour, I wonder!
Put jeans instead of that bloody mini skirt (but really, it's the kind of stuff you CAN'T wear when you have lil kids!), and that's fine!
Love the t-shirt naturally :P

The specialities *circle* (part 2)

I've got my parcel! I've got my parcel! (jumping around)

(just to remind you, I took part in of one of some internet *circles*: the aim here was to send to another mama specialities from where you live)
*My* mama comes from the French Poitou region, and she sent goodies for Lola and Loup + sweet culinary specialities for us! Yummmmmm! Not good for my lil post-birth diet, but just purrfect for my delicate stomach :P !

As the photos below can show it, we enjoyed the "broyé", a huge biscuit that you must break only with the hands before sharing it (amen ;-)

As for the parcel I made for another mama, it was hard to find stuff from Paris really! And I had not much time so finally... I chose 13 sorts of honey (lil pots) and sweets from Northen Africa (very Parisian, lol)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A mood in paper and glue

Originally I made that for Romuald's Mot-Zaïc (but I'm not sure you got it, Romuald, my email kept being returned to me!)
It was fun to do, just followed what the French word *humeur* (=mood) inspired me.

And if you want to participe to Romuald's mosaique of words, you really should! ... it makes your imagination work and yeah, the idea of creating a mosaique of words is simply brilliant :)

edit: done, my *humeur* is now part of Romuald's Mot-Zaïc! (dancing around the totem!)

How long will I sleep...


4 hours? 5? 6! you're kidding!

I've reached a point in zombie-land that you can hardly imagine!
I feel so tired that I've turned a bit euphoric. Could be worse...

So I'm not far, fookin tired but absobloodilutely ok :P

Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Fool's day mood

(will you find below the one thing that is definatly not true? ... the winner will get a goodie from me :P)

On April Fool day, I feel:
because Loup has decided it's kewl to wake up at 6.00 am about everyday
because my 3 next books might not be published
because I've been asked by a painter to pose for him, thought the man was just telling anything to make contact. LOL. His paintings are shown in France, UK and Italy!
I can feel the sun behind the clouds
I've finally lost 10 kilos! Yessss!!!
I realize I don't like saxophone
I'm off to spend 2 hours surfing on your bloggies and in forums, me lazy bum

goodie from the Fake!

First dance

And here's a new (not so) small watercolour painting, I'm back into colourful backgrounds, must be the Spring-ish mood ;-)

First Dance