Wednesday, July 15, 2009

About lil wolf

He's doing well, I mean he does not suffer anymore at all, I think.
He's very patient, reasonable, that's crazy... he's so active and pushing the limits usually!

I spend most of my nights and days not far from him, he's very demanding of course... I wanna make his life as easy as possible, naturally.

This morning though... we went for new x-rays... and well, they did not show any improvement :(
The bones of the tibia are even a bit more separated. The doc here just asked if we were to see a surgeon just after the rendez-vous. I shrugged, said no, next appointment is back to Paris end of August.
He said it was still ok, the bones are still aligned and that's the most important. We'll make other x-rays with him in 2 weeks.

He repeated that Loup must not move at all his leg. Gawd I don't know what to do, I'm very careful about that and so is Loup. We can't do more.

I worry. I don't want to hear people telling "and what if you saw other doctors?", "why won't you ask for a new cast?", "have they made the right diagnostic?", "wouldn't an operation be more appropriate?"
No, that does not help me, just the opposite.

So far I've been in 2 places, with different doctors, telling me the bones of kids heal very well and that any operation is avoided as much as possible.

But what can I tell, what do I know really?

I worry, wondering how bad it's gonna be after 7 weeks of cast, patience, pain and stress.

Anyway, can't do much more right now. What a bloody bad kind of stress, there are no ways I can make it positive or forget it. booo

But :) ... Loup's cast is getting nice colours ... been signed by many people now, including a good friend of us, English rugby player (the real enemy yeah ;-) who has broken his foot a few weeks ago... and felt very concerned :)

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