Wednesday, July 01, 2009

News from my little battlefield

lol I do NOT exaggerate!

only 2 days since Loup got his cast and ... none of us are used to it.
We're stuck in the flat so far, cooked like lil piggies on fire, but it's ok, could be worse!

How did all that happen? Loup was running on the playground at school, another one ran in the other way and put one of his legs in front of Loup who fell and that's it.

The school called me like 5 minutes before the end of morning school time on Monday. Which is weird, I was to be there anyway 5 minutes later: I knew instantly something bad happened.
Arrived there with super upset school staff surrounding Loup.
Loup was lying down, no expression in the eyes, white and cold as a zombie.
The firemen arrived 10 minutes later and we left for the hospital were we spent almost the rest of the day.

See the scans? What a clear cut! ... must be so painful! (just looking at the pics makes me feel almost sick, a mama feeling I guess!)

We went back with an ambulance, I was not able to carry my lil one! (and so scared to hurt him)

The most difficult is feeling Loup's pain, his screams, I had never heard them before from him. Screams of sharp sudden pain, and that happens a lot in the night.
I wish I could take all his pain away, you know ...

I hardly sleep since Sunday, I just can't stand knowing my lil babe feels this way..

But then in a few days it should get better.
When the pain is too deep, I give him codeine and that works pretty well. I haven't given him any today, is it a good sign? :)

So Loup keeps his plaster/cast at least till mid august, we must go back to hospital for control scans several times.
His foot must not touch the ground, not be in contact with water either. No bath for 6 weeks...woo..
We expect a wheelchair before the end of the week otherwise I really can't take him anywhere

And then everyday life is slightly more complicated: he can't move at all so needs me all the time of course.
Going to the toilets is incredibly complicated (so far)
Changing his clothes
Trying to wash him

I have no idea how I'll do to close my flat door and open it with Loup in the arms (body on one, fragile leg on the other), etc... I know I'll adjust and get used, but... (sigh)

Once his cast is taken off, there will be no re-education of the leg (they don't do it for kids they said at the hospital) and Loup should limp (boiter) for about 3 months.

VoilĂ !
I'm down when it's the middle of the night and Loup is suffering otherwise I'm doing ok. Tonight I go for a beer with other blogwriters, that will be a fine tiny break :)

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