Tuesday, August 18, 2009

¤%&%#@#$$¤¤ !!!

I was with the kids in the street.
There was this guy there, looking lost. Asked him if I could help.

Tells me he's homeless, nobody helps him, makes a few racist remarks to explain his unfair situation (=black people get more help than he does), and that he's lost in Paris and tries to find some addresses he has on a paper.

Ok, let's see, I check, explains him.
Then he asks me how he can do to go to La Bastille. I explain and tell him I can give him a metro ticket.

He said he has one already.
So I tell him I can't do more then. He begs me to help him to get some lunch. And I, bonne poire faut croire, start to check if I have some coin in the pocket. 2 euros only. Damn (that's much for me, isn't it for you?)
I give him.

Know what he answered??

Is it what you call generosity?

then went on

... 10 euros sounds more like the minimum for generosity!

Oh God, generosity, my ass!

Answered him I couldn't believe it, that I had just lost precious time with him and that if 2 euros was not "generous" enough, I wanted them back now!

The guy left! he just left. Just like that.

Honestly, that kills me! Yeah I know he's in the street, life's bad for him, etc.
Some believe when people have enough money to live then they have to share it. That people with "money" are lucky, in the way, luck brings that money.

Hey, I am not mother Theresa, I am not born generous, I help if I want and I work for what I have. So please, all who beg for my coins, as much the government as this homeless one, respect that.


PS: wait the government doesn't beg for my coins, the government doesn't ask. It takes!

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