Saturday, November 14, 2009

Les Halles on high heels etc.

Today was Lola and I's day.

After sport, I took Lola to les Halles.. where we had a really *girls they just wanna have fun* time.

That was perfect. During the whole week I did not feel so good, physically speaking. Really "weak", yeah that's the word. Very bad nights, belly aches, headaches, etc. Well, except during the training sessions where I found some hidden energy.

But today, I've started to feel better. I was surprised:)
(conclusion... shopping & health are obviously linked :P)

My shopping quest? ... I was looking for a leather jacket, a black one. Found it. And a pullover, so warm and comfortable :)

But the best part was Lola and I being very girlie! trying shoes, clothes, make up, icecreams, strawberries and mascarpone, etc.

click here

hehe yeah that was fookin good. A precious moment with my lovely shrimpette (who has just caught the *shoes virus*, all my fault!)

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