Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The ultimate plan for tomorrow

is .... not trying to explain war to Lola. She kept crying the whole evening thinking about her grand grand-father who died there, the other one who was prisoner, etc.
That happened after we saw a WW1 commemoration in front of the city hall. Just explained her it was to remember about those who died at war.

That was enough to break her lil heart! :(
She said she would pray for the Dead (that was my other shock of the day)... how come she gets such a strange idea! lol
But of course I let her do so.

Anyway.. the ultimate plan for tomorrow is:

je fais ma belle au bois dormant si je veux d'abord! :P

I'm raide dead today.
Well I know, I somehow work too much (lol, but I never sell enough of course!), I work too late, and, right ... I just make too much sport.

Tomorrow, no sport, I'm being reasonable, see:)

As for work, I've just finished two paintings on Sunday. I'm being offered a place to make an exhibition in the 9th district, whenever I want. So cool! But I gotta find the time to think about it.

My big big weakness: I keep creating, can't stop. The "white page" syndrome that the writers can get... I don't have it. AT ALL! lol... Lots of paintings, collages are already made in my mind. Just have to find the time to make them on the canvas!

I like Life this way anyway. I need to run, to feel days are too short and same with nights.


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