Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Blonde joke?

Yesterday, we had a new *Terminator* at sports.
Somehow I found myself caught in his last course... "stretching"

The way I look at stretching:

But the way we're taught is a bit different, like ...

I've followed these courses several times... I don't like them, only love sweating, pushing limits, but not this way.
The thing is:
1) it's physically hard, really!
2) you've to concentrate so much on where to put your leg, foot, head, etc that I get easily lost.

Which happened all the time yesterday. The trainer seemed to find that very funny!

At one point he came to me, tortured me a LOT to modify my position (I was just sighing, trying to understand which leg, which arm, which direction, etc) and he literally whispered -with a BIG smile- in my ear:

"I had no idea red heads and blond heads had so much in common ... "

no kiddin'!

I ... erm ... thanked him.

(fookin stretching courses!)

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