Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Candy Poppins in Bretonie

holidays are simply not for me!
When I get time to be lazy, I get bored. So I don't get lazy really and never get bored. But it requires a lot of energy! lol I really *need* to be active. Getting lazy on the beach? Except if it was for some purpose, no, that's not for me.
(well ok, we're talking of Brittany, lazy+sun+beach never really happens here!)

I have forgotten in Paris my equipment for work, looked for some stuff I needed here, did not find. Damn!

I've been in Bretonie, 4 days ago only. For once, I don't work on the hobbit house, roof insulation is not for me (yawn). So I'm here in the family house, taking care of my sister's babes and mines.
They're all super cute and all real.... lil energy suckers :)

That plus the fact Brittany in February is slightly less exciting than in July ;-).. Let me think... A thousands kilometers away, in some sunny part of the planet, where I would live with love and freshwater only for a week... Then yeah I think I could find some interest in being just a lil bit lazy! ;-)

But I complain while you're all working, not really fair, huh!
I know! :P

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