Monday, February 08, 2010

Like mother like daughter :P

On Saturday morning, I took Lola with me for 1 hour of body attack. The trainer's a friend and he had no problem with having my lil one with us.

Lola did very well, it was very hard to follow the rhythm. She's sweated like waww.. I've never seen my shrimpette sweating except when was sick!
By the end of the hour we started with body combat (that was the lil surprise from our trainer).. and THAT was SO funny for Lola (just like it is for us)!

She jumped and kicked and released all the energy she had in herself!
haha! I was proud!

And the trainer... who was using the usual body combat dialect: "now you push him hard in the stomach with you foot, then you kick him in the chin with your elbow" "now take his head and use your knee to attack" ... adding "see Lola, when boys bother you at school, you will know what to do"


We had real fun, and Lola just loved it. My baby loves her pony and dance courses, but she's a fighter. I should say "and" she is a fighter. No contradiction here :)

réalisé sans trucage!!! just as usual! (we're supa credible anyway :P)

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