Saturday, March 20, 2010

Botox blog

I'm working on my blog, so it might look strange sometimes :)

I started it that blog 9 years ago (so long?? lol) and really wanted it to be supa personal.
Nothing 's really personal when you publish anything on the web... so I'll stop posting nude pics, I'll make it a bit different, more open, but still very personal (and I hope this sounds very subtle! lol)

Ok, the last thing I'll change, with the help of Martin (because THAT is totally beyond me) will be to adapt my blog to the different screen sizes.


edit: Ooops I did again! I've messed around my blog and all the comments have disappeared! I still have them all in mind though! pfff but that's frustrating and I apologize to all those who let words recently!

Oh and please (just like Jenny did -thank you, miss!-), tell me if anything does not work properly on your side of the... screen :)


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