Thursday, September 23, 2010

Girlie weekend

Last weekend, Martin had the time of his life in Bretonie, alone with... Loup! No girls around to stress them, it seems they will do it again ( I can't believe they find it so cool without us! :P )

On our side, oh gawd, it was so cool, quiet! (really the devils needed a break from each other, they fight a lot at the moment, and I realize I ask many efforts from Lola all the time. She deserved such a weekend!)

We were out all the time, crossing Paris, eating out, enjoying the sun, visiting girlfriends.... and shopping like girls can only do it!

For the first time in my life, I had to stop shopping because... I couldn't carry anymore the dozens of bags I had! I just could not believe it!

If * that * is not perfect decadence.... :)

Paris was so beautiful in the sun. My shrimpette in the Parisian sun was so adorable.

We had a good time. And some cool goodies in the bags :P

Perfection does not exist ?

Last week I crossed Paris from Montparnasse, to Bastille to Opera ... took me 2 days to find the new perfect beauties!

(I lie!!! perfect shoes do not exist, or they do for 2 hours only, then you realise your quest is not over, you've not reach the grail... sigh, a never ending quest!)

But these are close to perfection, 6 months I had them in mind (without knowing they existed, how's that?! hehe, yeah I know..) & I found them!

the colour is perfect (they're darker than on the pic), the shape, splendid on the leg, the folds of the leather... incredible! ... makes real happy feet!

The heel though... high! almost 10cm!

So far I haven't taken these babes out, I'm training at walking with them at home. And when the three of us are ready...

... we'll make a big tour, with a stop in some boulangerie to celebrate.

Oh by the way, I'm not obsessed with boots, I'm just hmm, ermm, I get some kind of detached interest in them

More abandon

This time, abandon to.. dreams and rêveries, warmth, tenderness, affection.
It's more sensuous than I had intended to, but I think really that's part of my painting style, deep in me. And the more I see it, the more I discover many of my favourite themes behind.

Summer's gone?

... But can I keep the bikini close?

26°C and a supa sunny Paris, it could be worse! I've almost fell asleep on the grass yesterday! (happy sigh)
The only 2 details that reminded me it was Autumn were the lower position of the sun & the delicious grapes we've been eating all day...

Don't you love my lil Valkyrie, holding her knife?!
Both are training hard to save the World, one day. Soon! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Autumn shivers

Don't you feel it in the air? So many reasons to shiver with pleasure:

-Summer's still here :P

-mushrooms are back & they take me really high (no not this kind of mushrooms!)

-reading a book that is a challenge feels incredible (pushing limits!)

-seeing Martin determined to practice as many martial arts as he can! lol That's cool! I wait for him to break bricks now!

-receiving a totally unexpected feedback from 2 customers. A wonderful feedback full of emotion (fuck, I can create that! waw!)

-enjoying 2 devils that are so happy to be back @school!

-feeling physically back on top with exercise, and that brings loooots of shivers! :)

Total abandon

I'm working since a few days on a series about abandon, the desire to let yourself follow your own inspiration, desires, sensations.

I'm working on the third one of the series, another one will follow, that's sure. I want to explore abandon every way I can feel it. And I've got so positive feedback about it that of course it's motivating. Yet, the higher motivation, it's the pleasure taken, the feeling I gotta expressthis abandon . The harmony between my hands, heart & mind. Yo do not reach that point everyday, well, I don't .... so, yeah, it feels pretty good :)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Split personnalité ?

I have my own very French way of using the English language (forgive me for that, I've always kinda felt bad for the reader), a language full of lil mistakes.. but the English language has become so much part of me that when I think about something, it naturally comes in English first, most of the time! In my mind, I talk to myself in... English! lol
(whaaaat? you never talk to yourself? a pity! one of the best company you can find! Very supportive :P)

I used to find that very disturbing! English is not my mother tongue, I don't tame it perfectly at all, I don't live in an English-speaking country (far from that really! lol)... so I can't explain why it happens, but I now live with it in a most natural way.

I've noticed that French language comes more easily when it comes to food, to deeper thoughts, like when talking politics or literature for instance, English comes naturally for sex, slang, fast reactions, anger, desires, feelings (probably why I keep blogging in English now. I'm not a deep thought kind of person :P)

Well, when I gotta explain something, defend a point of view, French comes first. When I describe my paintings, much easier in English to me.
And by the way, I have my third (not so) hidden language: my hands making doodles! yeahhh! so cool!

I truly think you don't say exactly the same when using one language or the other. My own sensitivity adapts to what fits me. That's really practical.

I wish I knew 5 other languages, including music, and would switch according to what's the most appropriate!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Charlotte à la fraise (tagada)

I like this most charming Frenchie, her soft voice (just like a whisper, really!) taking me where I want when I need softer sounds. Like right now, as working on some let's say sensuous painting, it fits. I need much concentration, metal is less appropriate :P

Charlotte or Air have the same effect on me. Do you have also your soft musical oasis?

A Tuesday on the grill, à la française.

While the government spend like 7 of our millions just for poor communication, to convince 67 years-old is a right age for retirement, civil servants are back in the streets to express their disagreement.

What will come out of all that? nothing.
Retirement? Come on, right now there is so much important than that..
And I'm sorry but again common sense (like a surgeon can't work properly for 50 years!) should prevail and we should stop making one law for all. We should adapt to professions

" One for all and all for one! " really .. that only works for the three musketeers ;-)

The education system is deteriorating year after year, right. But what can I expect from the government? That it defends my own interests? those of our kids? Nope.

I don't ask my mom, who knows me very well, to decide for me... I can't ask a bunch of guys will all the powers to decide what the best for me! Nonsense.
Give me my money back... the government, whatever the political preference, from right wing, left wing will not use the money we give it with common sense (offering the best conditions to kids and teachers to share knowledge) for the sake of our kids.

The strike? ........ What's the point? Block those who have the power, who make the decisions you refuse, not us. That simply sucks.

We throw young teachers in the system like sheep in the Lion's arena. We ask teachers to make the job of the parents. And finally of course the kids and Knowledge suffer from all what the government creates.

What sucks even more is that I can't think of any way to improve the system. Education should be given more money, more means, more autonomy, much more flexibility ?