Sunday, October 31, 2010

Paris, a wild wolf & a running mama

After 10 days of Heaven in Miami... had to get back to a cold and grey Paris. Stop, I don't complain! I love Paris, but really in November, it sucks. I thought I would not get used to the brutal change. Thank god, Loup was very helpful, keeping me VERY busy ;-)

Lola's spending her first vacations in Hamburg, all by herself (without her mama d'amour!) at her grand parents' :)))

So Loup had a full week to torture his mama, to teach her how to become a proper knight, to explain her why telling cul all the time is so funny, why chocolate can't hurt the stomach, why I should pay him whenever we play @ playmobils (//oO\\), why it's so good for his health to eat in front of tv, why having 23 swords already (I've counted them!) is not enough when you plan to be a real knight.

God, boys are fascinating, and I truly mean it! :)))

... but they can't fool us, nenene.
Hm, well, there might be some exception :D

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Treats or Trick?

Trick! of course!

I bought another sword to Loup the other day. Can someone teach me how to resist the lil devil?
I was so busy buying something else that I did not notice details about the sword.

Till we got out... suddenly I saw like blood moving on the sword. And an horrible skull laughing at me! Trick Trick, got my trick!

Well, when Loup saw my bloodless/surprised/shocked face... he begged that I don't give back his new rockin' sword. It's a bit yuckky but still rockin' :P. Sure he'll keep it * shrugging * :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pirate pirated! grmpphh

somehow my account has been hacked and invisible hands are taking care of that right now.

It does not affect too much my blog, but my gallery is gone since 2 days now (sigh)

I can't tell if it's only my account or more on the web hosting side (shrugging)

Ok, let's see wait & see... I'll only have a rum when I get everything back!

edit: It's back! Yeahhh! and it came from the shopping site I use, there was a crack(?) ... Martin will have homework tonight to help me check about security stuff ;-) 

* opening the bottle *

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Miami treats

There's so much I could tell about everyone single photos. But anyway, no blabla today. Hope you enjoy :)

Miami bitch

well as you see, life was not too hard in South Beach (I swear I did not spend my whole time on the beach! :P)

I used to run every other day along the beach in the very early morning. Such pleasure.
The brown shorts, you can't wear much more than that overthere (I still wear my boots huh!). Simply too hot, and people don't care, nothing's formal, so cool!
Oh, and my trip to the Everglades! memorable :))

Miami contrasts

 South Beach, its terrific hotels (click on the pics for larger view)

vs Little Haïti... bars on the windows everywhere. God everywhere. Deep poverty


Miami Vice

the real one tastes oh so good!

I've just put 60 pics on FB and just can't do it as well on here (I don't use Picasa or Flickr, life's too short! :P)

I will add a few other pics though, hoping it will give you a taste of Miami.
People looked at me kinda strangely when I said I'd spend a week over there. They would have chosen anything but Miami. Some had been there and were disappointed.

So I wasn't sure anymore if I'd like it there.
Oh but...
What a wonderful surprise!!! It was much beyond my expectations. Of course I was privileged, I was in South Beach, and there you get clubs, art, restaurants, tattoos studios, the sand and the beach. Palm trees, huge, everywhere.

As soon as I arrived at the airport, (once I passed all the security stuff! too much, too long!),I knew I'd love it.
The heat, beyond 30°C, almost night and day, I got used to it pretty quickly. Sometimes stopped the AC in my room, opened windows, just to feel that heat.

Give me a art studio well located and a good school for the devils, I pack the luggage again :P

The sea, so blue, so warm, is so much part of the city. It makes of Miami quite an exceptional city! Tropical, inviting.
I could see myself running along the golden beach every morning before going to work. So much energy boiling there.

I spent half the day exploring other part of the city (some being SO SO poor), discovering art, talking art, etc. .. and the rest of the day, well, on the beach. Loading batteries before getting back to the cold and strikes :)

The only more negative point is that it's really expensive overthere. You would just die from shock in front of the prices for alcohols!
But I was really in one of the posh parts of the city, I expected it.

There I've almost heard more people talking Spanish than English, that was also quite amazing. Loved that diversity of culture.

I've caressed alligators, tasted them too, enjoyed the best happy hours, got often lost, swam among dozens of fishes, purred in the sun, and explored a lot. What I wanted.

People were so nice. Americans being open and very helpful, I had no doubt about that, just a confirmation :))

And about travelling alone? Hard to leave everybody but so positive to be with oneself, to load the batteries. I really recommend it! Martin gotta do once, being an explorer with the bag on the back like in old times (when we were ermm younger! lol) feels great. Looking at new part of the world with virgin eyes. The world is beautiful.

And well, South Beach's made for party Candy, for sure!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Still in orbit :)

I really, really did not expect my trip to be that good.
I loved it overthere. Fascinating in many ways. I'll tell you everything about it. But for the moment, I put the one of the songs that you simply hear everywhere there at the moment. Can't make 3 steps without hearing it. This one is pretty bad, actually I can tell it's crap, real sticky crap. lol. But with a fine margarita, or a cold mojito (actually you do need them to possibly enjoy these songs)...  in front of the beach, you might start moving your ass on the beat! :P

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

in orbit for a week

Florida, me voilà. ! ... gotta check how warm the sun can be in Miami! I'll be back with an answer :)


Friday, October 08, 2010

Missed the target!

My lil devil is actually totally devilish!
This morning, on his way to the toilets, still half asleep, Loup came to me:

" Mom, you know... Yesterday I was REALLY angry, so I did something. "
"I went to the toilet and, on purpose I missed the target, I did not pee where I should have peed"

And he left me, speechless!

Not even 5 and already planning irrational revenges!

A birthday menu

Ma shrimpette will be 8 tomorrow, and I've asked her what would be a perfect meal to her...

 That's cool (and a bit unusual for a bday meal! lol), a kind of Japanese meal! I should spend more than 15 minutes in the kitchen (phewwww!)

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mes Poppins : )

Some already know about the tragedy ;-) ... I'm selling the wonderful brown boots I had found a few weeks ago...

I just can't walk with them. Not that they're too high but they're not made for me. I couldn't guess when I bought them, I found them so beautiful that, walking 15 seconds with them felt like flying! :P

But anyway, the perfect boots do not exist, and that's somehow a relief for the hunter that I am :)

I think I've never introduced you those. High, reaching the skies, but supa comfortable (been tested and approved!). They were (not that) cheap. But they look divine with the right clothes. A mixture between Blondie, Mary Poppins and Indiana Jones!