Saturday, January 15, 2011

Yummy guilty pleasures ...

 Well, let me blush from deep shame for 3 seconds:

voilà! Done! Now let's enjoy yummy crap with deep pleasure! : )))

First one. Oh! I quite enjoy David Guetta's works, yes! (though I hate most of his vids, dunno why, they're just tasteless, too much Ibiza-style... well ok, they fit the music huh :P)
I wanna dance.....!

Second one, the last From pretty Yelle, the French queenette of dance and electro!
No video for this one yet! (Yelle, contact me girl! I have a hundred ideas for a hot video in a Safari Disco Club!). You listen to it twice, and you're caught by it!

Haaa this one, I'm quite crazy for this live version (only) ... the saturated voice etc. Full of energy, simple lyrics (lol) that tell enough.

What about you? Any new guilty pleasures on your side ? Tell me, I won't repeat it :P


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