Saturday, August 06, 2011

Chocolate, Mojitos, Sex (just like everybody,huh) and ... Sport!

Holidays or not, my addiction for exercise does not fade away. Talk about addiction huh.
I might get a super short night, 5 hours, I might feel exhausted, crawling to reach my breakfast.. I'll still get my fix.

As usual thought, i gotta find time for it. Always complicate.Can't sacrifice my work and gotta be available for the devils.

In Paris, I do exercise really late in the day. Here in Bretonie, I do it super early. Sometimes at 8.00am I'm already running along the river.

One day I'll be running, the other day I'll do musculation. On the third day, I have a break though. That's about my rhythm. I really need it, that time for myself. Physical.

Pleasure is reached when pain is overcome. So good.


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