Sunday, March 30, 2003

Haaaaaa, watta day!
Just as I said, we've been pubbing from beginning of afternoon till the evening with a movie between 2 cessions!
We went to see "25th Hour" by Spike Lee... and we enjoyed a loooooooot!

It's about the last day of a drug dealer, a NewYorker, who's about to be sent in jail for the 7 next years. I'm not such a fan of Spike Lee usually but this movie was excellent. I try to find *why* it is so good and I can't tell, weird huh! The actors, the script, I dunno... the result is amazing.
Edward Norton is as usual absobloodilutely astonishing. I had first seen him in American History X (another fookin guuuud movie) and since then, I'm a fan!
How frustrating! I've just made 2 new paintings, a naughty dragon having a cup of tea with a knight in armour getting drunk and forgetting he was there to get rid of that dragon... and well, the scan does not work at all for them.. the reds are spoiling everything on the screen and we can't do anything to improve them. Photoshop gets its limits!

Booo ooooooooo!
Without expecting it really, we found ourselves yesterday *caught* in the weekly Peace demonstration here... It was interesting, quite many Americans were there, applauded by the mob. French applauding Americans, who would believe it :-)

There were also many Greenpeace groups, extreme left ones (funny communists, you forget they exist here until you see their red flags in any kind of demonstration), Palestinian ones, Kurdes ones, etc.

As they were walking in the direction of our last pub, we joined the student groups who were shouting some WAR! huuuuuu! What is it good for? Absolutly nothing! (ya remember Franky goes to Hollywood? hehe)... the slogans from the trade-unions were less groooovy ;-)... "Bush, Saddam, assassins!", "oil everywhere, freedom nowhere", etc etc.

Someone ask me what these demonstration can change now? They won't bring peace in Irak, but I guess they're necessary to express in a stronger way public opinion.. and I also think (don't laff!)these demonstrations can be compared to some kind of prayers...yup, yup... And I *believe*, soooo :-)))
Haaaaa, aren't we lucky! Martin's parents are here for 3 days, taking care of Lola while we're inviding pubs around!
And the weather is so guuuuuud, blooooe sky and warmth, that I think I'll use some sun lotion today just to feel a summer perfume! heh

Anyway, we only have to plan what we wanna do today.. something starting with a pub and finishing with a pub... maybe we'll put a movie between, I don't know!

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Isn't it disgusting and way beyond the limits to see some american companies already signing contracts with Bush' government to reconstruct parts of cities they have not even invided yet!
(gimme the bucket!)
I would have had reinstalled this guud ol' ICQ but it's not safe enough.... vade retro satanas!!!
So I've reinstalled the other guud ol' yahoo instant messenger... well, I don't use messengers often, I prefer to turn dem off most of the time (just like my mobile! //oO\\).. and I prefer much more chat in the usual chat zones I visit.. but it can be practical sometimes I reckon!
oh shiteroo! I had not imagined that organizing holidays when you have a shrimpette + a cat would turn that complicate!!!!
Simply jumping in a plane is not possible anymore.. well "simply" is not a word I can use anymore!

We've planed to go to Hamburg in May for a week... we thought going there by car (renting one), but 10 hours driving is looooong!
After an evening trying to find the best company to rent a car, etc... we realized renting a car was fookin expensive!
As we're not yet billionaires, we forget this idea and prefer to show Lola how planes are funny (G)... which means I gotta find now someone to take care of Joe! ... and that we've to rent a car once we arrive in Hamburg!!!

Isn't life a bit too complicate sometimes?

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Martin has just offered me a lovely watercolour print! It's the Ivy Nymph by Katharina Woodworth:-)))
And of course it's also very interesting to see how others work! :P

Monday, March 24, 2003

I've heard today a woman from India (I think) who said something pretty clever.
She said it was a real pity that Russia and France had said early they would put their veto to a second resolution at the UN. If they had not announced it, Bush's Americana would have confidently ask for this second resolution.. and surprise surprise, by the veto thingie war in Irak would have been simply a Fantasy for Bush. The US could have done nothing against it.

What do you think of that?
She's quite right though I think it was impossible for countries'leaders to keep their decision secret, and hm I think vv(ampire).Bush would have been there anyway.
Yeeepeeee!!! One guy had to win something at the Oscars and he did!
Michael Moore could openly tell what he thought of w.Bush and the war, the kind of opposition which is nebber shown since months!
Hurrrrray for this Zorro! :-))))

Friday, March 21, 2003

Can any one tell me why OH why is it that whenever you have an interesting chat online with a guy, talking politics in that case, it finishes with "do you mind if I ask how you look like?" !!!
I think I nebber showed the BLOND-ish one who inspired my Candy Froggie's handle!
On my long research for Spring symbols, I found this one :P
Candy Candy was one of my first favorite *soapoperamanga* (g) ... Whenever Martin asks me to explain what was kewl in it, I have to answer it's a goils' thingie, that he can't understand! hehehe

Yeah, pulease no comments, it's almost scary I noooooooooe!!!
I find these demonstrations for Peace all over the world just Fantabizoooooby... but, I really can't stand when trade-unions or political parties take the opportunity to SHOW they are there!!!!

Ok, that was my early morning touch :P

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Sometimes, a bit too often since 2 weeks, I feel more like a full time mama than anything else.
Which is a bit frustrating... I luuuve being a mama, that's sure, but I can hardly find a minute for my work which is not that kewl.
You know at the end of the day I like thinking that I've done everything for my shrimpette... I've played and played and played again, run thousands times after Joe with her (she loves him!), going out for walks, spent relaxing time to feed her, etc.... I like "knowing" I do the best for my lil treasure, of course **~~*^* *
But... I'm not one to be only a mama!!!!
I wanna be a mama who's enough organized (eeeeck, dat fookin word!) to be a fantastic mamArtist who makes huge biz, ya see?

I'll get organized soon, I have to! RoaaaaaRRrrrrrRRRRRrRRR

Pssst, Jack, Penny... how do you ever find the time to read books with your angels around? That's THE one thing I just can't do anymore (which I miss a looooooot).... Gimme your little secrets, common!!! hehehe

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

All this stuff about Irak would almost make us forget that Spring arrives in 2 days!!!!
(dancing around Penny's daisies!!! **~~*^* * * *hehehe)
Spring here and... (1 minute of silence required).... Autumn down there (pointing towards overthere in Aussies lands!) !!!
Yeah yeah Autumn's a nice season....(cough cough)... but Spring!!! Woooohooooooo (on my way to search for the "non-preggie" spring-ish clothes...been 2 years I've worn dem!!)
No kiddin, I find it rilly absurd to keep on blaming FrawgLand for the U.N. crisis! Not that I wanna defend our point, but we've nothing to do with the crisis!
W.Bush has built the crisis, neeee?!
As w.Bush's team considered that the U.N. weren't anymore of any use for them, they simply did without it! That's the probbie!
And it's incredible that this is happening!

(back to my aperitif....wooooooooosh! ;-)

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

As war against Irak has probably been decided months ago by w.Bush, we should not be surprised.
Yet, I wonder how such a democracy has managed to get rid so easily of the U.N. ! Bush repeated opponants (Germany, Russia, France, etc) made the U.N. weaker, whereas he is beeing the one who spit at the face of this democratic institution. We should not be surprised, troooe.

Bush government has mixed everything to legitimate their agression... the WTC, the WW2, the possession of massive attack weapons (well, I don't find it specially more reassuring that Americana gets the most dangerous weapons!), the threat of terrorism, etc, religions, guud and evil. What a cocktail! heh

Which is the next country on the list to attack? oooops, to liberate I mean!!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2003

So much sun on a Sunday, almost unbelievable!
We spent the whole weekend outside, following our quest of spring-ish air, spring-ish view, spring-ish *spirit*.... and we found some of it..pheww :)
Despite this noble occupation, I managed to finish a lil painting, The Dormitory about how I think faeries usually sleep, yup a very important topic :) **~~^* * *

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Question.. why are the "frites" called "French" fries in English by the way?
We know for the French kiss that it's just because we're rilly specialists (G), but "fries" (as we simply call dem) come from Belgium, don't they?
Huuuuuuuuuu, I'm glad Lola's fever is almost over!!!
Last time she had not had any reaction with the vaccins... but this time!!!!! Gawd, she spent her day crying, with fever, sweating a lot.. I neber cuddled her as much as yesterday -I think- :)

Except these nasty lil vaccins, Lola's visit at the doc went well! She is now 63cm for 6.6kg. The doc was happily surprised I accepted to nurse Lola for another month (it's so practical and pleasant!); I also start giving her vegetables (carrots) mixed with the milk in a bottle, Lola loves it!
And then, she also starts with apples and pears.. so far, she wonders what's this big thing (spoon) I put in her mouff and the taste of apples makes her almost "paint the walls" around... maybe a bit too acid, I dunno....But it's very funny to observe these new discoveries!

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

As soon as Lola wakes up, I *plug* her (nursing stuff) and woooooooooosh off to the doc!
Last time with her 2 vaccins, she really burst into tears and cries... same vaccins again today, one in the leg, one in the back. Arggg, I hate it!
Today I'll get the first prints of my paintings! They're expensive because I've ordered a very limited quantity of them, let's say a minimum. It may happen that I don't sell anything, it may happen that I gotta wait for months before I sell anything anyway.
So, we'll see:)
Now I still have to find the best way to send the prints (they're quite large!), I have to calculate the shipping price (not that easy!), then only I'll be able to fix a price for the prints.
With our probbies with Gulli, I think the shop will be online in about a month. Maybe less, but time's running!
While having my first freedom cawfee with this yummy freedom bred, I'm having a lil thought for this guy about to be executed in Texas... what can happen in his mind 3 hours before his death. Is he scared? Does he feel relieved? Has he spent nights and nights making nightmare about it? probably, yes.

And why do I always focus on American death penalty and neber on Chinese one, for instance. I dunno, I guess I -still- see the American nation as a nation of justice and democracy, and I can't understand why in the name of these values some still defend death penalty.

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Arrrrgggggggg! Gully's sick!
We've tried to re-install windows yesterday for a few different reasons... but our windows CD seems to be damaged (an important file is missing... boooooooooooo!!!)
So Gully's at rest right now and I'm doing my biz with LiliputBoy (laptop)... We hope to find a solution for Gulli in the week.. huuuu
Ok, I guess Gods are against the boys...!!!
We've lost again at rugger... which is not that baaaaaaaaaad (rilly! hehe) 'cause I did not want either that the Oirish lose yesterday... that gives dem a chance against the roastbeefs ! Mwaaaahahaha
Lola's five HUGE months-old today!!!
That deserves a pics'gallery, at least that's what a very proud mama thinks :P

What has changed in a month?
She rilly "speaks" her own language now, it is the most adorable thing to hear! I'll try to record a lil film when she does it and put it online..
She starts to enjoy sitting but can't yet do it by herself, she needs cushions around ;-)
She does not wear pyjamas on daytime now! Hehe, that's a big change, rilly!
Hmmm, I'm also curious about her size, weight, etc... I will know on Tuesday (2 big vaccins to come!!! argggggg)

Friday, March 07, 2003

How frustrating it is that I don't even read German!
We've just received a letter from the German ambassy about Lola's nationality (lol yeah I understood that)... but I've no idea what they're telling... I think they say she does get the German nationality...damn!
I will know for sure very soon though (s)

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

While working to add my site on search engines... I found a funny webpage about Fantasy names...

Here are the results...(G)

Lola's names:
elven name: Vehlokëiel
hobbit name: Daisy Goldworthy from Frogmorton (daisy!! arggggg!)
orkish name: Sharbad the Sleazy (lol!!)

Martin's names:
elven name: Errûthion
hobbit name: Ferumbras Millbanks from Whitfurrows
orkish name: Wazwakh the Crazy (lol, dat's him!!!)

and mines:
elven name: Ascahelediel
hobbit name: Aldarida Bolger from Waymeet
orkish name: Ishkû the Devastator (hehehe)

If you wanna find out for yourself... go to barrowdowns
Bravo Gweno!!!
Gweno has just announced her boss she was quitting her job! They really used her, making her work late in the evenings, sometimes on weekends...
Gwenola has thought of changing job since months, but with her daughter to take care of, it's not so easy to just stop...
Anyway, yesterday she told them she was leaving next month, they asked why, she answered the opposite of what she had prepared. She thought she'd tell them it was too far from her home, etc. But neeee, at the last minute she told them she was 27 years-old, that she had plans to improve her life and feeling stuck in this job would not help.
**~~*^* * * *

(+ she has a rendez-vous today for a part-time job! yooohoooo!)

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

I see why I hate driving... I've just heard 10% of the French drivers do not have a driving licence!!!!!
I think our driving habits is the Frawnch thingie that really shocks Martin. And I agree, authorities should be much more severe about it. drivers talk as if they knowwwww how to control their car at a high speed... as if only others can provoke accidents.
A terrible French habit.
It's bizarre, since a couple of days I'm kinda convinced the attack of Irak won't happen... but soldiers are getting ready it seems. Why do they wanna the war again?
(forgetting everything that way, one day I'll forget my head somewhere! :P)

Monday, March 03, 2003

I'm registered now as Illustrator in Fantasy and Science-fiction art!
I noooooooe it's only words on a paper, but I luuuuve dem!
Now, ermmm ...I gotta start something with science-fi to deserve my new title :P

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Okies, I've taken the decision to go to the jobs agency this week to tell them I'm not looking for a job in import/export field but as an illustrator. It's a job I can do from home and that allows me to take care of Lola and my painting biz, exactly what I want!
Well I'm sure they won't have anything for me, but that's a beginning... I know now what I want!! (happy sigh)
After hours of work, I can see more and more links on webpages to my website! I'm very happy, and I will go on with it, I start to believe that's the best way to get known on the web:)
And there's another good point to that, when contacting people for a banner exchange, sometimes we start to exchange emails and get on pretty well! That way I'm now in contact with a french professional illustrator and I'm sure I'll learn a lot from her!
Oh on another site I've been chosen (with others!!) as the site of the month! hehe, sounds kewl hey! :-))))