Sunday, January 24, 2010

old bones

I could have avoided sport during the weekend, but no, it's a drug to me so I don't decide really, had to do it.

But I gotta say I've not been the supa-active-self I use to be in the past 2 days.
Am I getting OLD? lol
Been out, late, on Friday and it seems I still pay the price for it.
Ok, maybe the excessive sport did not help either.

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In the next days (weeks), it will be Martin's turn, he'll get concerts (that I don't want to attend) and krav-maga heavy training for a belt exam in February.
All that will bring me a lot of extra points for free evenings! lol

I wonder how it looks from outside, our lil game of taking turns to go out to party! :P
We go out pretty much, together and also separately when one of us is not that motivated. That works so well!

Besides we have perfect baby-sitter, she's adorable, lives in the same building and gets on very well with the devils.

That means... I gotta train harder these old bones of mine :P

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