Sunday, January 31, 2010

we're talking about sex!

(dunno, thought the title would keep your attention :P)

With friends we've been discussing *art* (no, don't leave! lol)

Started to talk about porn and eroticism.
Well, I always jump on my chair when I hear "porn" because it's a word often used to express intolerance.

What's the difference to you?

(hey this is a real *spot the differences* game! :P ... the snail was clearly a porn element though... or maybe not?? damn, you tell me! ;-)

I read porn is just "ugly", "eroticism" more visually satisfying.
In a porn movie you see "everything", in an "erotic" movie, everything is a bit more suggesting.

I don't know, suggesting in some ways can be really ugly and heavy, whereas plain and direct sex can be beautiful too.

My problem with the "porn" word is the judgement people put in it. As if it was something negative, too basic.

Can both of them be forms of art?

To me the difference is the way *sex* is presented (thinking about photography for instance). When it's direct, main topic is what you see... what you *get* is what you *see*, then I'd use the word porn (that I never use anyway lol).

When sex is presented in a context, with other parameters, the colours around, the objects, different possibilities then are given to the imagination, and then I would qualify it erotic.

Maybe we're individually the most qualified to define what we find erotic and *porn* (yuuuck that word!)

I think people when they like it will say it's erotic, when they do not enjoy it or feel uncomfortable, they'll say it's porn.

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