Friday, April 16, 2010

Holidays definition #1

= time for work !

yeah working @home is pretty special. The flexibility is wonderful, but then sometimes @midnight you're still working.
With the devils being away for a few days, I plan to finish a water colour painting. But it's a loooong work that requires many details...

Here is 10 % of the sketch done for it, and I've not finished with this part yet. It's endless... every lil part tells a own story. Mind's boiling ! :)

At the same time, gotta work (and that is way less entertaining) on my new site.

So the devil's holidays will be working holidays for me. Honestly, I love that. Working, I mean. Because I do something I really love, of course. that makes everything much easier ;-)

Holidays... just being lazy on the beach under the sun? no way. Life's too short!
Under a full moon, now that would be different... Life's too short to not enjoy *that* ..

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