Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My metal Halloween with a pink tail

(sorry FB guys I kind repeat myself here, but you get an extra drawing at least :P)

Let me see. Back on Sunday evening.
A sore ankle and a * I want to hibernate now and for the next 6 months * kind of mood. I'm in the metro. Crossing Paris. Late for my "rendez-vous" with the cellos' guys.

I wasn't wearing anything special, just dressed in black with loooovely black boots and my favorite black necklace. But once in the Parisian metro, I was suddenly special, plainly dressed among the funniest creatures that were going to their bloody parties.
I had no idea the French were so much into Halloween!
I've had real good laughs on my way to Apolcalyptica's concert!

Well, the concert was good, but... I have actually left before the end of the show.

There's some big part of Apocalyptica that I love (my opinion is that what they do the best is covering metal or classic songs)

I reached some kind of 7th Heaven when I heard them playing for real Metallica's stuff (later they did Sepultura too, so good!)
Want a taste of it? Mmmm

if I didn't stay till the end... it's because... well, they have a singer and OMG... they shouldn't. Want a taste of it too ? (I don't force ya huh ;-). Here's one of their new sung song ;-)
Eeeeeck. nononono, the singer's style does not fit, the cellos neither. Nothing! (personal view huh ;-)

Anyway, once I left, outside to breathe fresh air, alone in the dark..... a HUGE kind of rat faced me. eeeeeck! That was my Halloween treat I guess. The rat did not move. Just faced me, while eating something. Watching me. Can't I even scare a rat??!!! Oh shit, gotta do something about that!


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