Friday, March 11, 2011

Hello... kitties!

Attention please!
Probably the most important post of the year. I knew 2011 would be a perfect year.

There we go, talking NAIL POLISH today.
Do you wear any make-up? I wear hardly any, just on the eyes and the lips. And the nails, yes my nails are always done. I don't mind when the polish starts to get off, I find that even kinda cute when I wear "fading away" red. lol. I am not a maniac of the perfect nail! :P

See how I am serious about the topic. I can talk about it for hours minutes and minutes! And for nail polish, I have found the prefect brand to me : Hello kitty. Perfect quality for 7.50€ (still way too expensive!).
I'm starting a collection ;)
I'll avoid some colours though... green, orange, yellow, violet, blue ... I'm classic: into reds mainly, from dark reds to flashy reds... or very pale pink. Those are the best to me.

The first one I tried, white, I gave it to Lola. Too white. Eeeeck!
Then found my colours, and they were perfect:

the perfect light one

or very red (super kawaï!) really must fit to my mood. And at the moment, I wear a LOT of red! huhu :P

Meowwwwww !


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