Saturday, August 06, 2011

Breathing a bit !!! (I hope patience will pay)

Because it's been 6 months I've been waiting to meet someone who could really help me with Lola and her symptoms of  "night's epilepsy".
Lola's started to get these crises back in December with no possible reason. We thought of sleep troubles, intense nightmares... it happened more regularly then. And it was more and more shocking, like epilepsy can be. She's got tests, she saw doctors, neurologists, with no real diagnostics.

As a mom, that is so frustrating to be unable to help your kid. Lola asked why nobody helped her. She was mad and sad. And so was I.
Broken heart.

Then finally two days ago I got that call from the French Children's hospital, Necker hospital. 
15 minutes from where I live in Paris : )))
Lola and I have an appointment there in 10 days! Oh god, I am so so happy!!!
Yes, I am so happy yes, you can't imagine, Lola will meet one of the best French neurologist specialised in kids.
It's a first relief. Really.


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