Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mr Crumb, you get a new fan!

Fritz' papa is actually Robert Crumb (I really had to mention him!). I feel like so stupid and kinda uneducated for not really be familiar with Robert Crumb, that fantastic artist! It was about time!  I've started reading, discovering more about him, searching infos. Fascinating artist! A clever and most talented provoker (agitator?) ...

He hated the animated feature (that I really like lol) made of Fritz the Cat and then "Crumb ended the strip in 1972 due to disagreements with the filmmakers. He published a story in which Fritz was murdered by an ex-girlfriend"

The American artist lives in France since a few years. And I plan to discover much more about this man who finds Mick Jagger highly irritating! (I really LOVE his tone and attitude in the lil vid, must be quite revealing about the guy!)


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