Monday, April 25, 2011

Purring kitties

News from the demons :)
Satan the brown and Conan the grey are now travellers and adventurers :) They've visited Germany and seemed they enjoyed it a lot: new leather sofa to scratch, a balcony with lots of birds around, many lil stuff on the shelves to play with : )

They're still practising to have babies, but I think (hey I HOPE!) they're not matured enough. And I stop them whenever they start again (well really it's Conan's initiative!)
But I think next month they'll both have to be operated :(

Both start to have their lil habits.. like Conan being crazy for MY breakfast! pfff.. he actually always finishes it (just what's left of milk and cereals), because I get bored of his attacks!
I'm so easy, like with Loup... if he just insists and insists for hours, at one point... I give up the fights. lol (btw: that has never worked with men! only with my devils and demons! :P)
Satan, she loves water and gets very good at spreading any full glass or open bottle. Soon one of them will voluntary take a bath, I bet ten bucks on that!

Conan is getting much bigger than his lil sister. They're so typically male and female, I really love that!
Conan is a crazy teen, just rushing in a closed door if he's playing without paying attention!
Satan is more reserved, but sharp when it comes to catch flies!

They cuddle a lot when they clean each other; Conan is being very dominating, and Satan... well Satan totally enjoys that it seems! hehe * happy sigh *

Spring and .... mr Happy

Men vs women.. there we go again ;-)

There are many reasons why I am happy to be a woman. This is one among a hundred ones.
Ok, ok... the vid is not totally hilarious .. but funny enough : )

I gotta say I have much respect for men dealing with such a discomfort! lol.. It's just so easy for us to deal with that with a bright smile and sparkling eyes! : )

Sex Advice For Teens:
How To Hide An Unwanted Erection

Fuck you kitty you're gonna spend the night...

Funny, it seems my delicate ear does not really catch the "fuck you" part in the vid... It was just taken off! (sigh)
The Presidents would have hated that at the time I am sure!
God, it's a detail that makes me mad.

Let's defend the open and loud FUCK YOUs : )
(a very serious battle!)

Saturday, April 23, 2011

P'tite pipe

Smoking a cigarette can be SO sexy ! I do remember that sensation, the smoke between the lips, the cigarette negligently held between fingers.

But with a pipe... God, you gotta be very imaginative to find it sexy ! (okok I took extremes as examples!).. :P
 I really like smoking the pipe, specially that German tobacco that gets a mirabelle taste.
Mmmm... incredible!

But then it's a selfish pleasure, I like smoking my pipe in a very quiet moment. Alone.

I prefer holding a cig than a pipe though (I should stop talking of that, my hands are trembling from excitement, or so! :P)

Smoking a cigar, as a woman, feels very sexy too. They can be so ....ermm.... big!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Cinema botox

I know, (just can't remember them right now), a few remakes that are better than the original ones... Yet I can't understand the process, specially when the movie was a success.

The best remakes are often said to be the Fly or the Thing, which are both excellent, but I have no idea what the originals are. lol

Here is a list ... where you discover many good movies are actually remakes of unknown ones!

Today I read there were TWO remakes to come for this perfect one:

They will be failures, no doubt.

How can you make better something that you don't want better?
Something you already judge perfect?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

shopping list

Heart-shaped sunglasses
Venom shorts (I know I'll be ridiculous with them! tsss... nevermind!)
Low (perfect!) black leather bikers' boots
Lemon ice cream
A ticket for far far away in the tropical sun
Flashy red lingerie
Two new tats (working hard on this one!)
Girlie songs
Ripley's tank top


I am being reasonable.

Back to the heavy, industrial and gothic roots ;-)

Oh well there's not only girlie guilty pleasures in life... There's a lot more! (putting feet on the table and getting lazy for a minute).

Your blog and yourself ... total (metal) fusion?

How much do you share about yourself on your blog?
I don't mean specifically about your personal life, but about yourself... who you are, really?

My blog is mostly dedicated to light stuff, so I share more or less 60% of who I am. Not bad!
On Facebook, I reach 80%
With Twitter, no I'm not a twitteuse, it does not count really...0,01%

Now I gotta calculate!
(grabbing my lil glass of cold white wine)

There's more or less 20% of me just not exposed! 20% happily sticking in a dark corner.
(I'm really bad @Maths !)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Gabe will save us all

An angel coming to tell a woman she'll soon be pregnant... That's enough to feed many fantasies huh!

Thank God (actually!) for providing so many lil interesting and often salacious stories!

Gabe and Mary (full painting here)... a couple we never think about. I wanted to make them human. One could imagine I just use simple provocation but that's not true. I don't care, the provocation is so easy. So, not interesting. No one, no god or ideas should reduce men to slaves or should require worship. We are them.

I refuse the holy tale by making it human. I won't believe in holy tales but...
Yes I can believe in desire and love.

We should worship a woman being pregnant from a ghost father (holy spirit?) ... isn't it scary that so many people believe it (including me for a long time) to be so real.

 Brrrrr... makes me shiver how easy we are to be convinced about whatever!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bons baisers de Hamburg **

** From Hamburg with Love!

In two days I'm back to Paris. We've come here for a week, to stick with the family because of hard times (i won't talk of that on here, my blog is focused on the light stuff)

Enjoying Hamburg without sharp temperatures and biting snow feels like paradise. Again, I'm under the charm of the city, its rocking places, its harbour, everything's perfect (but the temperatures on wintertime!). Give me a few millions and I buy a house there, I'll watch cargos passing everyday, that really takes me high! lol : ))

It actually reminds me of Miami ... LOL  the real city, so alive, and the harbour, the wilderness so close! (Well my hearts beats for tropical Miami though! the temperatures there are simply perfect! : ))

Soon, more funny photos, more news too! :P

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Petits plaisirs honteux (endless list)

Here are my last shameful lil pleasures.
To tell you the truth, I'm training hard to make a dancing show the way Paloma does, AND ... to sing like a baby doll, the way Fergie does.
The result might not be truly spectacular. Or it might!

Paloma Faith - Upside Down von RCshockwave

Black Eyed Peas - Just Cant Get Enough (Official... von ChaOko_01

Paris by day

Why do I love Paris? Just * that * is enough to sum it up. Paris by day on a sunny day is truly fantastic! Just stop and sit down on a terrasse, or walk along the Seine, just enjoy the polluted Beaudy and you can reach heaven :)
Paris by night is as much tempting, as much wonderful. More maybe. Secret corners everywhere. Totally magic.

Just before leaving for Hamburg on Sunday, I had lots of sport, enough to break me at least... but with a lunch on a sunny terrasse in between, that felt like heaven!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Faster pussycat!

if you knew how many things I gotta (want to) blog about!
My life's speed, I live with a chronometer in mind. Every minute counts. I need to walk a bit and stop running.

But anyway, I'll have a full week (next week) to blog more peacefully than usual.
In 18 minutes (lol) I gotta make a special session of body combat at my sport club, then I jump in the car for 10 hours of driving to reach Hamburg (for a week).
We'll pack the kittens too, it's gonna be fun fun fun ;-)

Really I don't know who reads my blog but be sure I have much inspiration for it, boiling mind for it. Just give me another day and I'll be back at ewws my Beaudies

(taking a minute to purr now)