Friday, November 29, 2002

Tomorrow will be the first time we gonna let the shrimpette to her frawnch grand-mother...
....For a few hours only! phewwww...(s)

It's kewl for Martin and I to have the opportunity to enjoy a lil time just together (dancing around!!!), though I *nooooooooooe* we'll spend our time asking ourselves if all is ok with Lola... It's stooopid but there's a first time to anything, hey?!! ;-)

Stressing for one's baby.... the kind of feeling you can't rilly control...
I wonder though if there's a time when you can get rid of such a stress.... if so, when?!

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I had not realized Oz was suffering from such a big dryness at the moment, I just read it in the newz!
There is nebber any balance... we've the rain Oz absobloodilutely *need* down there, and Oz has the sun we're desperatly looking for since months...

(memo to self: gotta ask Penny how's the situation!)
I don't know how it happens in UK or Oz about strikes.
Well, I kinda remember UK enjoyed huge ones, huh....

I'm not against the right to go on strike.... but it's all different to me when it comes to civil servants!
I really think that all of dem who stop working that way should be ermmmmm....fired! (hehe, I'd be a fine boss, huh ;-)

In Germany, the civil servants are not allowed to go on strike. Which sounds normal!
I mean.... we pay for them to work at the end, and they get lots of advantages.... the kind of jobs many would love to get!

So why are they allowed to block the country whenever they wanna, hm?!

Monday, November 25, 2002

Tomorrow the invitations on which I've been workin will be printed! Yeeeeehooooo!
It feels guuuuuud to use my lil skill in a professional way! :P

I really hope my official webpage will bring me something guuuud....if not $$$, then maybe interesting contacts...We'll see :-)

It takes so much time to create a webpage from A to Z. I take care of the content and Martin of all the programming and development for each page, each function, etc.
I think web development has turned to be Martin's passion, he codes more than he plays bagpipe at home now, can you believe it?
It sounds less romantic but, all these matrix and complicate thingies, that I see on the screen when Martin works, are really mysterious and intrigant. Just like ingredients of a magic potion, ya see ;-)
Now we've played against southern countries, I just can't wait for the next match against the English team... in less than 3 months, wooooo!!!
I already see a 27-23 for the Roastbeef...

neee, just kiddin!

Friday, November 22, 2002

From what Gwenola told me, they all get ready at the Boat Show to celebrate "Ellen" :-)))
Yup, we're all impressed by Ellen macArthur's talent at taming the seas!

The Route du Rhum race is beeing hard this year... All these skippers giving up or getting troubles with their boats.
Specialists here start to tell it's a too dangerous race, specially for the skippers of the huge trimarans. It's true that when you see the "beasts", you hardly believe one man only can drive it at all!
But they're free to face the dangers they wanna I think. What would be adventure without risks?!!

Wooohooooooo I'm so happyroony it's the weekend!
That means Martin will wake up at night to help me with Lola!!!!

(dancing around)
Ha yuss, I've discovered a mom has very simple pleasures (S)

Talking of the *shrimpette*, imagine that when she drinks now, it lasts 45 min, 1 hour!
That kills me!
And I can't do anything against it, if I stop her, she gets all red, cries like a daddy tiger, and looks at my breast as if starving!
To relax myself a bit with that, I tried to prepare bottles for a change... but it works only if Martin feeds her, if it's me, she gets very angry against the bottle and sticks herself to my chest!

I type I type.... but argggggg! Time for a new milk cession (I get the feeling I spend 90% of my time in milk cessions! i'm getting guuud at *mamarathoning*!)

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Here's a pic of our lil shrimp, enjoying a loooot her bath :-))

She's sooooo small, huh! **^^ *
(hehe, I guess there will be tons of pics posted by a very proud mom this year ;-)
Do you enjoy weird movies? hehe
Well I've just watched a very weird one!

ONe from the 70s, "La Grande Bouffe"...
4 guys eating to death... yup that's the topic!
Only an Italian (Ferreri) could make such a movie! hehe
I've always found italian cinema weird....ermmm... which is also a great quality, mind ya!! ;-)

I'm not sure I'd advice that movie -to good friends, that is :P-, but if you're really curious and cannot stand mainstream stuff, you gotta watch it!

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

With Thanxgiving and Xmas coming soon, I could not help supporting dem goils!

Wooooaaaaa Lola's weight is now 4kg!
Of course with such a guuuuuuuuuuud quality milk, she's getting the most adorable shapes!

A lil creature made of milk, what a delicious concept :-))))

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Awww I loved James Coburn!
Did you know he played in a movie named Candy and another named Martin's day, hm?! (I did not know either! hehe)
Did you know that bob dylan played with Coburn in Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (I did not remember either :P)

Actually I'm unable to remember another title of one of his movies, that's a shame. But I liked the guy, I liked the face!

Monday, November 18, 2002

32-31 for the Roastbeefs against Aussies.... To me it looks as if our lil friends from over the pond have been way too lucky (G)
Let's wait for the 6 nations cup to check how long luck can last for dem.. mwahahaha!

And 20-20 for New-Zealand against Frawnch... we have not played well enough, we should have scored when we got the 2 opportunities in the last 5 minutes... but, can we really say we've lost, hm? neeeee hehehe

Haaa Murrayfield has been shining this weekend! 21/6 against the brutes (Springboks) ! Hurray for midgesLand!

And for those who can't stand rugger, I'm not specialized enough to give results 'bout ... golf or any other "lil ball sport" :P

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Today's Penny's Birthday!

I raise my glass to my Aussie WarriorSistaTwin on the road to the sparkling city of Champsbubbles!
**~** * ** **^^* **** * ***
******~** * ** **^^* **** **^^* **** ** **^^* **** **^^*

(on such a day -Oz plays Haggisland today I think-, Scottish should let you win at rugger! RoaaaaaaRRRRrrRRR)

OH! erratum maximum
Oz was playing Roastbeefs! Arggggg, I don't wanna think of the result!
You know wat's RILLY *multitaskin*?
Chatting in the blooooe zone (chat zone), while writing this bloggie (with one hand! The male-ish part in me, ya see ;-), while feeding greedy Lola!
Not easy, but with some guuuud training .....and no other alternative (s), it's very possible!


....I wonder why I had taken rendez-vous at 9.00 am at the gyno today! That means I was forced to wake up at 6.30. On a Saturday. Where's my reward now!
Actually, my bits are in great shape now. No more threads, no more pain, etc.
That means I'm going to stop just "talking" flowers and bees, ya see. (raising eyebrow) ....ya seeeeeeeee? hehe

I feel like Sista theresa back in the jungle!

Thursday, November 14, 2002

You know what I call a *MortalCaca*?
That's a weapon used by Lola from time to time, specially in the middle of the night.
And last night she used it riiiiiiilly well. I was the target, the door behind me also...oh, and the parquet too!
It was hmm about 2.30, and I was in the process of changing her and she looked pretty happy with her nekkid bum and legs! Suddenly she looked at the ceiling, frowning a bit, as if concentrating hard.

A loud and loaded fart later (you would not believe what such a tiny creature can do!), I was partly covered by some smelly green/yellow (sowwy for the details :P) material. Lola had brilliantly reached my arms and belly and feet. Plus the door, parquet and own pyjamas of course.

Good way to be all awake in less than a min. Thank ya my *choupi* ;-)
Okies, to make everyone around RILLY jealous, I gotta tell we've just offered ourselves the expensive and long version (30 minutes more)of The Lord of the Rings!
4 CDs of goooodies, that will be purrrfect to keep us awake during night's milk cessions!


PS: so, you're jealous now, right?!!!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

I've just had news from my ex-colleagues :-))
Nobody has found a job since Elite Marine's chaos! Nobody except the boss !!!!!
How unfair!

Most of them are about 50, 60 years-old, which is young yup, but apparently much too old for active companies!
Gawd, I hope the situation for them gonna change soon.

And if I win lottery (25 000 000 euros next week!!! wooohooooooo!), I create my own company and give a job to all of dem!
When Lola will do her first *Paris-New york* (when she'll sleep about 6, 7 hours non stop), I swear I'll offer champ' to Martin and twice more milk to the buDerfly!

Monday, November 11, 2002

Sometimes I get emails from people visiting my Elfwood gallerie, and yesterday I got one from a student (in Art) in Russia..
He's working on a quite intesresting topic this year, Fantasy and Cubism. He thought that was exactly what I do in my paintings (probably because of my backgrounds looking like painted glass) and kindly asked me to explain him the relation between these 2 themes in my paintings.

Well, I explained him as much as I could (though I did not really feel concerned by this association)... Of course I did not mention that to me cubism means nothing more than a clever word to talk of cubes :P

Saturday, November 09, 2002

Wooooo... time's running!
A month ago at this very hour (18.24), I was surrounded by weird creatures dressed in green.
Yup, Lola is 1 month old!
I'm not yet a *relaxed* mom and feel Lola gonna teach me a loooooooooot. The Mamarathon goes on ! :P

Friday, November 08, 2002

Have I ever mentioned that *Gwen la zen* (as my sister calls herself online) is working for an association that organizes boat races?
They will participate to the next Paris boat show (first time in 12 years -yup I started at 16- I won't work there! I'll only visit people I know there and have probably a cocktail or 2 :P.... what a relief!!!)... and during the show, this association organizes a "nautical night" for boat racers. I'm working right now on a painting that might be used to make the invitations for this event.
The kind of biz that suits me, hey :-)

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Waaaa... I'm completly broken, but Lola is doing well :-)))
I'm just back from hospital where Lola had o be sent for an urgent check-up. We spent 3 hours in the emergency service, I stressing as you would nebber imagine when doctors started to tell me about a small operation, and Lola crying all the tears she had.
Lola having some digestion problems, we had to check very quickly that it was not serious. And it was not finally, thank Gawd.
Okies, I can barely open the eyes and Lola gotta be fed in 3 hours so that will be all with Gully for today.

Hurrrray for tomorrow as a much calmer and lazier day ;-)

Monday, November 04, 2002

Do you remember Gandalf from LOTR ?

I've discovered the website of Ian McKellen who played Gandalf :-)
His website is brilliant, with a journal of his own when he was working in LOTR. It's really fun to have his views about the movie, it's way beder than any critic!

Here are some examples of what he wrote:

Hobbiton looks itself, settled-in and cosy...The village has weathered nicely since it was built a year back.
When I, as Gandalf, meet Bilbo or Frodo at home, I bump my head on the rafters. (Tolkien didn't think to mention it!)
Members of the Fellowship et al were supported by a stunt team of horsemen and opposed by the masked forces of the Kiwi military, earning an extra bit of cash as a horrible-looking army. It must have made a welcome change from testing bombs!
I sat behind Peter Jackson huddled over a monitor showing the footage of Sam and Frodo in their rowboat. As the majestic Fellowship theme soared over the pictures and a plaintive flute and drums enchanted the ear, I heard and saw the first moment of completed film. Trust me: it is magnificent!
Whilst Saruman and I were facing off once more, I asked Dan Hennah (art director) if I could one day take home a couple of the fake-metal lizards which served as door handles in Orthanc. He smiled quizzically as he often does and as I left for Wellington Airport last week, Peter and Fran presented me with a hefty wooden box containing the lizards, which are now settled in at their new home in London
I also have a sizeable collection of prototypes for merchandising curiosities, which have been sent on approval. My favourite, although I don't eat meat, is Burger King's goblet with a convincing likeness of Gandalf in cameo relief on its bowl. Perhaps this should only be available for consumers of veggieburgers!
We met up first at the downtown cinema where we were to be shown, ahead of the distributors and selected media, the first completed footage from the trilogy.
I sat near the back, next to Saruman and Mrs Lee, with Frodo in front of me.
With relief and some excitement I can report that Peter Jackson's images not only look convincing they look stunning -- like an Alan Lee picture book come to life. That goes for all the actors' performances and the non-actors too, now I've seen the cave troll and Balrog deep in the Moria mines. The Moria extract ended with Gandalf's "You shall not pass!" followed by some tempting bits from the second and third films. We shamelessly applauded ourselves. The Hobbit actors whooped. And Elijah asked to see it all over again.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

Have you heard about Dead Can Dance ?
I've realized we had 2 CDs from them and I've just really discovered them!

It's hard to convince people to try to listen at a band ... I'm personnally nebbbber convinced enough by some hysterical "waaa, this band is fantastic, you gotta, you MUST listen at dem!!!!"

But then, if you have the opportunity to listen at these 2 albums (Martin tells me there are many others even beder!), The Serpent's egg and Spleen and Ideal, oh do it, yup :-)))

I don't know how to describe them really. Originally they were into Gothic, but their music is much more diversified. I've heard critics telling their music was "spiritual", in the very basic way (not in the posh way, that is).
I dunno. It's very unique, the kind of music you enjoy listening when having candles around and when the air smells like spices. that's all I can say :P

**¨¨~~^^** * * *