Monday, July 06, 2009

summerish candyland

At the moment, I'm 90% mama, 10% sarah connor.

I don't have time for anything, all my energy and attention are focused on who you know :)

The only thing I can still do is sport in the evening, when Martin's back from work.
That requires a lot of motivation, physical pain (yeah really), but it brings me what I need.
In some other life, I'll be professional at sports. Too bad I realise it now only, I'm just too old to start with all of it. No regrets, 20 years ago, I was the antithesis of sport! :P

Anyway, I'm a mama and I'm a sportswoman, but that's far from being enough to me.

I feel a bit like when I had just given birth to Loup. Life focused on my lil one.
Oh I do it without forcing meself at all.

but (and it's midnight, and he's crying, asking for me), I can't help counting the days till it gets better for him (so for me too ;-)

Am I selfish?
maybe, that's important to be this way too sometimes. Just to preserve oneself :)

Ok, I run to my roaring lil one!

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