Sunday, September 06, 2009

Fancy an apple pie?

New painting's done, another one linked to hmmmm... women, religion, god, Freedom.
I like it (lol yeah I do!)

And I start to think of such a dead angel (skull+angels wings) for a next tat'! That would mean a lot to me.. and I love the visual... (taking mental notes ;-)

click here

Next work (looking at a huge wooden board standing against the wall)... will be made of collage & painting. I have the topic in mind since weeks, I know about all what I want to put in it, just don't know how to organise everything! It's the most difficult part!

The funny thing is... I've been exploring many different fields with my work and it seems I focus more and more on topics that are the mirror of my inner self. I take less distance with my subjects. If I could paint with my own blood, that wouldn't be so different from what you get.
Very strange feeling, pleasant, painful sometimes. That's part of the game.

Now I need to sell, I always forget that detail! lol

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