Saturday, February 27, 2010

A warm addiction

But not only mine! Lola's addiction too! :)

We're getting our last *fixes of Charlie*
I'll miss the fireplace, the space, the lil sheep and ... Charlie, of course!
One day, I'll get such a big roaring cat :)

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Bretonish postcards

Ok, I've made them before getting back top paris (tomorrow), once there I won't be in the mood ;-)
My screen is small and the colours not perfect so there might be lil mistakes here and there... but the main point is sharing atmospheres! :)

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Hobbit house's corner

I've no pic of Martin, but a few from his work! :P
Really I would have hated working on the roof insulation, with the nasty glass wool and heavy materials to put over it!
Martin worked with another guy the whole week, that's cool, it's almost finished!

Next time, in Spring, my turn to work there!

Bretonie with rain

... is perfect for a "World without end"
I can finally dive into this endless book.
I almost know it's gonna be good, the first chapters are already exciting, very Ken Follett style, rich, clever and entertaining!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Candy Poppins in Bretonie

holidays are simply not for me!
When I get time to be lazy, I get bored. So I don't get lazy really and never get bored. But it requires a lot of energy! lol I really *need* to be active. Getting lazy on the beach? Except if it was for some purpose, no, that's not for me.
(well ok, we're talking of Brittany, lazy+sun+beach never really happens here!)

I have forgotten in Paris my equipment for work, looked for some stuff I needed here, did not find. Damn!

I've been in Bretonie, 4 days ago only. For once, I don't work on the hobbit house, roof insulation is not for me (yawn). So I'm here in the family house, taking care of my sister's babes and mines.
They're all super cute and all real.... lil energy suckers :)

That plus the fact Brittany in February is slightly less exciting than in July ;-).. Let me think... A thousands kilometers away, in some sunny part of the planet, where I would live with love and freshwater only for a week... Then yeah I think I could find some interest in being just a lil bit lazy! ;-)

But I complain while you're all working, not really fair, huh!
I know! :P

Bretonish bathroom

A bit too cold to enjoy endless baths, but spring's not far!

Today a new depression has started, tomorrow, lunchtime, stormy weather expected. And I feel like enjoying a sauna. lol, what a country girl I am, huh :P

Crazy Bretons

here's what I'm supposed to eat before the end of the week. Pig's ears.
Pigs are the main meat source in Brittany, no?

I can eat with much pleasure a lot of stuff (veal kidneys yesterday were just fabulous), but pig's ears...

That will be a new adventure, for sure. (imagining myself riding a fat huge hysteric pig and trying to bite his muddy ears....!)

Charlie's angels? angel Charlie !

One of my lil pleasures when I get back to Bretonie is Charlie.
I love the sheep, the horses and poneys, but Charlie is very special.

Charlie's so cute and friendly, he's such a *cat*, clever, sweet and funny, he's brought me comfort whenever I needed.

Spending time with him right now is about what I want here :)

Friday, February 19, 2010


So yeahhhh I've got my Sunny Buick's tattoos!
One on each shoulder.

Sunny was perfect! We've talked for 4 hours while she was working on me and that was really a great moment.
I just came out completely exhausted and empty. What a strange feeling.

I asked her to add her personal touch to my original design and so did she. I'm super happy with the results to tell you the truth. These tattoos, they're not decorations at all actually. They've always been there, a bit less visible.

Their symbolism? freedom & love. yeah that sounds a bit *cupcakish* but nothing else matters more than that to me.

I don't know yet what will be the next ones ;-)


I've worked on tattoo designs in the past days, with the pin-ups as the main topic... I have still stuff to do (colouring, etc) with all of them, but here are my 2 favourite ones, with a preference for the one with the fish.

I'd be a guy I'd get one of them instantly inked!

click here

(I'll show them all later, when I have time to finish them!)

Carnival's king

The Rio Carnival? the queen of it was, what, 7 years-old?


I beat them offering the Candles' carnival a 4 years-old king!
Oh yeah, I read your mind: I'm such a bad mama using my kid for fame this way :P

(Loup was cute, wearing his crown and cape at school all day... being surrounded by the most adorable princesses!)

les p'tits chefs

The favourite activity of my babes is the one their mom really hates doing: cooking!

I gotta say that at least they usually eat what they cook, which is a wonderful way to try food that would have usually made them run away (rabbit, etc)

Loup is particularly good at it. Very interested in discovering new tastes, new cooking experiment. The other day, he tried cutting an onion, found a perfect way to do it!!! (ok, he looks like a mad scientist, but who cares, it's perfect! :P)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Waiting for winter to get out of here (tapping foot)

I have this appointment with my gyno tomorrow. No big deal, lol. I know!

It happens once a year, but then you have all the tests to do, etc. When you don't go to the doc, there's no problem, but when you start visiting him/her, he/she always finds something!
... like there are purple aliens (the real ones, The Ripley's kind of Aliens!) hiding in my boobies and soon I'll develop an allergy to tequila sunrise and then my freckles will get so big that I'll be a red spot from top to toes, or my feet won't be able to walk anymore in sexy boots... or something like that.
Yeah, that's stressing! lol

But then on Wednesday, I'll get inked by Sunny Buick. Life's not bad.

Meanwhile, I have some work to do (including making tattoo designs, I've talked too much of that lately and now I have formal requests! gotta make a price on that lol)
I have to work twice more because at the end of the week, the devils are on holidays for TWO FULL WEEKS

I'll survive. No I won't, but I'll get back to life.

Then I have that lunch on Thursday with (ok I don't mention you, my dear, in case it's not official) a close friend of mine. She's in France for a few days and I never miss her when she's around!

Life's pretty good.

So a lot of roaring inspiration (don't ask me what it is) + work, sport -as much as possible-, gyno, work, devils, restaurant, work, tatts and short nights... that should be a good week. :-)

A pretext

Valentine's day will be my pretext to add that beautiful song to my blog again.

I have nothing against Valentine's day... specially when I see my babes drawing hearts, inventing poems, trying to understand what's a "boyfriend" or "girlfriend"... so funny and cute.

Loup thinks it's simply disgusting to have a girlfriend, except "Augustine" (raising an eyebrow here), and "mama" (phewwww!)
Lola believes she can send hearts to her papa, her mama and her brother, because she really *loves* them. Sending hearts to anyone else? ... that is totally inappropriate !

So far, so good, as far as I am concerned! No broken hearts or passionate ones to deal with... if my babes could think this way for the next 10 years, that would be fine. I haven't learnt at school how to deal with one's kids love stuff and I'm not super impatient to train at that!

A commercial day, a good day for biz? (hey true, not too late to buy a painting from the famous Candles :P)

We're the ones who make it stink. We spit on it, but we're sad when the other one forgets it, etc. Pfff. We're stupid creatures sometimes.

A lil thought though for the lonely ones... the ones keeping celebrating the non Valentine's day.
A thought for all the Romeos and Juliets, these lovers who can't enjoy their love the way they'd deserve.
And a supa big thought for those who haven't tasted or ever felt any form of Love.

System of a Down - LONELY DAY VIDEO CLIP
envoyé par dani_filth. -

Happy Auntie

Voilà, I've met Tom today, my step-sister's new-born one :)

(he's 2 months-old tomorrow!)

Totally adorable, with eyes following everybody everywhere! Lola was under his charm, she'll make a perfect baby-sitter, a bit later.

And Loup, who considered me as his Valentine today but who did not want anyone to know about it (lol, yeah that's not cool when your valentine is your mom, huh)... Loup just waits for Tom to get bigger to teach him how to be a real boy: with deadly weapons in the hands and a scary look on the face! lol

Monday, February 08, 2010

Like mother like daughter :P

On Saturday morning, I took Lola with me for 1 hour of body attack. The trainer's a friend and he had no problem with having my lil one with us.

Lola did very well, it was very hard to follow the rhythm. She's sweated like waww.. I've never seen my shrimpette sweating except when was sick!
By the end of the hour we started with body combat (that was the lil surprise from our trainer).. and THAT was SO funny for Lola (just like it is for us)!

She jumped and kicked and released all the energy she had in herself!
haha! I was proud!

And the trainer... who was using the usual body combat dialect: "now you push him hard in the stomach with you foot, then you kick him in the chin with your elbow" "now take his head and use your knee to attack" ... adding "see Lola, when boys bother you at school, you will know what to do"


We had real fun, and Lola just loved it. My baby loves her pony and dance courses, but she's a fighter. I should say "and" she is a fighter. No contradiction here :)

réalisé sans trucage!!! just as usual! (we're supa credible anyway :P)

Alice's cupcake

I really wanted to paint these delicious brochettes of rabbit's ears. Welcome in Alice's Wonderland à la candy. 2 small watercolour and indian ink paintings this time.

click here for full view

and here's a little jewel that I've discovered thanks to Gontran, the always very inspired Gontran!

I really LOVE it! gotta find the dvd now!!!

L' arbre à doud'

Spring's not here yet, but there are strange fruits hanging in the trees already!
Lovely, it compensates with the lack of colours on wintertime!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Oh oui it will work with Sunny!

("when?" I'm fixing a rdv right now)
edit: ok, it's fixed: in 2 weeks, on the 17th. Yeepeeee!

Sunny Buick has such a style, reflecting perfectly her name "Sunny Buick" :P
She's much experience, and gets an international reputation! (she often works abroad and is really well known in the tattoo field)

and here are examples of her tatt art. (I LOVE the ball of wool on the woman's thigh! lol)

I'm so excited! :P

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I was to forget the most important

oh... I still can't stand the guy, but I'm still crazy for his songs...

and this one... oh, so beautiful, delicate and deep in its apparent simplicity, so inspiring.

Swords and snakes

For the 2 other tatts, I've contacted someone I really want to meet. If I manage to get a rdv, I'll tell you more.

These 2 designs are so made for me. I mean they will fit perfectly on my skin.
The female skull with the swords, the pirate, will be under the swallow.

and, final word (I swear it!), for the other shoulder... I just had to get a snake too, resting on my skin.

Come on, tell me you see the difference!

... because I've felt it. the colours' needles are fine, but the needle for black thread, that's so fucking painful!

Anyway, that was the first part of my new body art chapter: renovation :P

very hard to get a good pic, but there's a big difference (thank god!), and as you can see below I'm already supa proud of it ;-)

I have a dream

actually many.

And they're in Frenglish

I now dream in Frenglish! No kiddin'!

When I'm thinking hard about something, it's not in French, it's in Frenglish.

Well, my very last dream was about boots. Universal language. Ha no, wait we say that about sex usually. Or, wait, maybe about Love (**shrugging** they've all stuff in common!) lol

These boots in my dream were in light brown, 9cm heels, 2cm of compensation. They were so real. Length, 30cm (not too high). Fringes, lots of them.
For summer, naturally.

: c'est grave docteur?

Gotta find them, somewhere, somehow.