Sunday, December 29, 2002

I broke a toof yesterday! ...was at the *teef emergency services* this morning!
It was the same toof for which I went there last time when I was preggie... I could have waited till tomorrow but my dentist is on holidays and I could not wait a whole week actually.

I was not the only one there I tell ya.... about 20 people there visibly suffering a lot (not my case though).... wat an awful *idea* to get teef troubles between xmas and new years' eve, and worse...on a sunday morning!

I'm just back at home with a bottle of champ.... to recover ya noe... and to be sure I have rilly no more euros to spend in the next days ;-)

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Yeeepeeee, Gulli's back to life!!!
There's still a loooooooot to re-install, but at least I'm not sittin in front of a black screen anymore!
(dancing around)

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Today's a BIG day for shrimpette Lola!
First, It's Christmas, but almost more important for a goil:
She's gonna wear her first dress! (And this due to Martin, who insisted...).

I promise to bring back pictures of the Lolita :-))

(Jumping into my christmas-boots) .... WOOOOSH!

Sunday, December 22, 2002

(haaaa those reindeers are funny to ride, aren't they!)

(kissing and huggin my deaaaaar laptop now)
We're having a major probbie with Gulli and the other big machine.... a nasty virus getting rid of main programs. Damn, we're the most careful with viruses and that happens again!
It has first attacked the anti-virus system (which is updated every day!), so it could easily spread after that.
My poor Gulli!
And all the datas we had.... woooooooooosh, vanished!
Thanx Gawd, the laptop has not been connected to the others since a few days...:-)))))

And damn... I somehow *nooooooe* it's my fauIt! (sigh)
I will now only open the files .jpg or .giff, and avoid any kind of .pps, .exe, etc. and be very careful with my downloads, I tell you!

Friday, December 20, 2002

I wonder why they keep on checking military installations and weapons in Iraq... In any case it's written, george w. will attack Iraq.

When you hear the war might start on the 28th january... as if it was a rendez-vous to take....
How ugly!

I hope France will keep away from that... which I doubt... at a certain point, the economic relationships (with Americans) will be threatened and we'll follow like guud puppies.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

I've decided to look for a job (in the next months) as an illustrator!
I dunno why I did not think of it before (probably because I did not feel ready), but I guess it would be the purrrrfect job for me!
Of course, it's probably as hard to get such a job as for an actor to get a role, but I gotta do it.

So besides my *personnal* work, I'm going to start a collection of illustration of famous legends... to get some kind of references to show.
yeeepeeee!! hehe
I'll simply look for legends and tales, if they inspire me or not is not the matter... I'll have to make one illustration for each tale I find. Each being a challenge (specially for tales with animals! I don't draw animals.... I can't wait!)

(going to refill my glass...a guuuud idea to celebrate!)

Monday, December 16, 2002

Lola's weight is finally getting beder!
She eats like Gargantua since 3 days.... and those days are to me dedicated to milk cessions. I'm right now a huge bottle of milk, who sometimes takes the shape of a goil. Strange feeling that I happily accept for the Shrimpette!
(a shrimpette who's listening at heavy metal with her dad right now! She has guuud tastes, ya see!)
Yeeepeeee, I've just finished a new painting!
I started 3 weeks ago and I thought I'd nebber see the end of it (not that it's a big one, but I had other priorities ;-)

I'm a bit frustrated right now cause I can't show my new paintings, I gotta wait to finish the webpage.
I gotta hurry up, anyone to kick my bum?!!!

Thursday, December 12, 2002

I don't understand this facination, this passion people (here ;-) get for Napoleon!
The other day, a colleague of Martin told him that he spent his free time studying the war plans of Napoleon!

At least if there was something romantically heroic (hehe, yup, a goil talking huh :P) about him... some fever bits about his life...
But only conquests, wars, etc.... yuck!
I think hard and even a guy like the tyranic Robespierre seems less cold than Napoleon......
Even the architecture or the fashion of the time look pretty ugly (to me). No, I don't understand his popularity.

Take a man like Henri IV, who loved playing with his kids and who, when he left for war, never forgot to write passionate letters to his wife and mistresses! Now dat's an entertaining one, nee?!!
I already thought shopping was boring, but then doing shopping while carying la shrimpette against the belly seems now rilly tough!
Part of the mamarathon you could say, well yes, that's it, exactly!

I spent my time asking for help in the supermarket, I rilly could not reach anything otherwise! I'm already small and kinda struggle each time to reach the top, but with Lola I couldn't do anything.
An old man near me wanted to help, but he made all the chocolate boxes fallen when he tried. We needed then double help cause the old man was actually rilly old!

I'm pretty suprised at the end that people do not react to provide help to a woman with her babe or to an old person. I rilly had to ask!

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Oh that restaurant yesterday was even deDer than we imagined...
I'll try to translate what we had:

duck fois gras in a little soufflé with thin slices of soused (?) apples
raw salmon on a bed of wild herbs

(drooling already, huh? hehe)

sucking pig stuffed with black pudding
canette cooked in honey with crystallized fruits

and to finish...
hot papaya cooked with spices and basil
pear ravioli with almonds cooked in hot chocolate and fresh basil

oh and a yummmmmmy bottle of chardonnais which was at a purrfect temperature!

And if you ask what I enjoyed the most, I wouln't be able to chose.. all was excellent. And the pleasure wasn't only for the mouff and nose, for the eyes too!

They change their menu every 5 weeks, I gotta win lottery so that we make of this restaurant our canteen :P

Monday, December 09, 2002

Hmmmm, Martin and I both get a rendez-vous at our dentist-the-butcher on next Friday.... the 13th of December you see (!!!)....
......I wonder if it's the purrrrfect day for dat.....
We've been to the paris boatshow this weekend, it's at 10 min from here :-))))
It was a real pleasure to see mom and sister and a couple of ex-colleagues working there.....and being just a visitor (an amazing feeling)!!! hehe
For the first time in 12 years I have time to enjoy December! yeeepeeeee!
We ( I ) wanted to visit a few people there, to present dem Lola, but we got invited to an oysters and white bordeaux cession (s)... how could we resist?!

I've realized that I know so many people there... it felt very familiar. I was not nostalgic at all though, I guess because working at the boat show was really hard ... and somehow I still feel in the biz with a part of the family working there. I only get the advantages! hehe

Anyway, as "tourists" again, we'll finish our visit next weekend!

Lola, that mushroomic shrimpette below, is 2 months-old today! wooohooo!

What has changed in a month? Hmmmm... she smiles now!!!!
The question is...does she smile because she's happy...or because she imitates us...or just automatically...?
In any case, smiles suit her lil round face! hehe :-))) **~~** ^^** * * **

Saturday, December 07, 2002

Okies, here's the invitation on which I've been workin.
You won't see much though because the image quality is very poor (a sacrifice I had to make to be able to show it here :-)

Friday, December 06, 2002

Bubye Harry Potter....waaaaaa!.....waaaaaaa!
And no, no chance to watch it on monday after 8.30, so we won't's far too early :(((((

yes...bubye harry....snifff....snifffff....

but..... "Hello Yves Quintard" !!!
No idea about who's that Yves Quintard? Me neither actually (S)... except that it's the name of a French restaurant we wanted to try since 2 years now.
And we promised to go there once Lola would be here... An excellent reason to go to that posh restaurant, huh! :P
But posh or not, what has attracted us are the menus. You would not believe what's cooked there.
I can't remember exactly the name of the dishes, but I'll let you know so that you realize the orgasmic dimension of these menus (nossing!)

Being quite superstitious, I've waited to be sure to confirm that Lola has done her Paris-NewYork (7 hours by plane, nee?) every night since 2 weeks!
Sometimes she even dares trying a Paris-L.A. !!!

Thank you, thank you my shrimpette for *travelling* that well
:-))))) **~~* ^^* * * *

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

I've just been sent that joke (thank ya Sieur Romuald :P)
I'll try to translate it (s)

the European paradise is...
..a place where cops are English,
..cooks are French,
..mecanicians are German,
..lovers are Italian,
and where everything is organized by the Swiss

the European hell is...
..a place where cops are German,
..cooks are English,
..mecanicians are French
..lovers are Swiss
and where everything is organized by Italians!

(thinking of it, I don't agree with most of dat...except 'bout the Swiss..kiddinkiddin :P)

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

It's so kewl.
Gwenola has offered to take care of Lola on Monday evening so that we can go and watch Harry Potter!!!
Very useful to write bloggies hey (s)
(..ermm..and to get a generous sister around! lol!!)

Now I cross all my bits so that it works! **~~* *^* * *
It's been the specialists day!
I took Lola to the pedatrician and Lola took me (s) to the kinesitherapist!

Goils *neeeeeed* to take care of themselves huh ;-)

Lola is now 55 cm, all her bits are growing well, but her weight is a bit low... she is 4.2 instead of 4.8... So I've to carefully check her weight for a week, then we'll see if she needs anything complementary.
Well, feeling kinda "baaaaaad" for not having enough milk for my shrimpette, I spent the afternoon drinking water, milk, etc... now I stoopidly -and impatiently- observe my breast expecting it to take some Everest size (G)

And at the kine, I just started some reeducation for my bits. It was almost kewl :P

Sunday, December 01, 2002

Yesterday I felt old... when at about midnight, 2 parties started just above and below da flat, we felt like ham in a bad sandwich (does that mean anything, huh? hehe)
The music was rilly baaaaaaaaaaad, like French "classics" from the 1970s.... ouch!

I don't know how Lola managed to sleep... Martin was ready to shout at dem as soon as they'd wake up our angel.. hehe... worse, I almost crossed my fingers so that cops could come to tell dem below to calm down, they made such a noise. I couldn't believe my ears!
If only they had warned us before, that would have been a lil beDer.

I nebber used to feel bored by parties and noise... jeeez, it feels weird!
Next time, we organize the party! Mwaaahaha
...and till then, we'll let Lola crying like a mommy tiger as much as she wanna... at 3.00 am (s)
It is so sad what's happening to the coasts of Galicia!
I wonder how many other cases of ugly pollution Europe will need to take the hardest measures against such risks!

I've often sailed along that coast and it was rilly beauDiful, though not that popular (a bit colder than the mediteranean coast)
well... it gonna be tough for dem Spanish neighbours..
I don't think we'll have the opportunity to go and watch the new Potter and LOTR ... argggg!
Everybody's so busy in December that it seems difficult to find anyone to take care of Lola for a few hours.
Ha well, if it's not possible, then I'll do like the three lil monkeys to avoid hearing anything about the movies and I'll wait till we can watch the dvds..
... but it gonna be LONG! :P