Friday, October 24, 2008

and there I'm gone

but not for long... 10 days only!
(I miss you all already though! C'est grave Docteur? :P)

I will breathe and enjoy every bits of Autumn there in Bretonie.
Will bring back pics and stories about snails, sheep and cats. Yeeeehaaaaaaaa!!!

Might update FB though, just for the pleasure of adding some unusual status (je sais, docteur, c'est grave! M'en fous!)


Love yas
and happy Halloween!

Gimme salts, I've almost died !

... This morning, I woke up, aware of the holy mission I'd have to lead.
Metallica would sell tickets for Paris at 10.00.

As I managed to be around the computer, I was asked to get 6 tickets. I quickly made it 4, couldn't buy 6 at the same time.

I was already logged on several sites .. when at 10.00, I got the Internal error message on all of them!!!
Oh noooooo

then I got this kind of scary message :

well, ok, 15 minutes later I got my tickets... :P

2 hours later, 2 groupies were talking like crazy about how Jaymmmz would be happy to see us! I won't name the other groupie, hehe, but I can tell you she's as much motivated as the other one is! RoaaaRRRRR

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My lil wolf, Loup, has celebrated his third birthday today!!!

Loup is amazing (of course he is! :P). So very active, yet so stuck to his mama, with such a bad temper, yet with such a devastating smile :)

At school, he is "motivated", he wants to "work" all the time! And when it's playground time, Loup turns into a lil wolf, trying to scare the others, making them laugh apparently :)
His mistress, I gotta say, is perfect! So maternal, so young (=motivated), so dedicated to her lil gang... I could not imagine a better first year for him!

Today, being still into the Halloween mood, we played at "trick or treats, gimme something good to eat" with the kids.
Michelle (our American friend) asked the local shops around if they wanted to participate to the "game". And they all agreed!
So we (about 15, 20 people I guess) went to the butcher, the baker, the flower shop, etc, sang our lil song, and the kids got their candies.
It was very nice, unusual.

When we visited the butcher, Loup forgot the candies and wanted a good juicy steack! LOL!
He really did!
That was cute :)

later we celebrated his birthday. When he opened the present from his opa and oma (tools), he left REALLY not caring for all the other presents! lol
Loup really really knows what he wants and what he doesn't!

Monday, October 20, 2008

As sucking life and dollars isn't that fun...

...we also decided to get some training to be a bit helpful when life's threatened.

We trained a bit with the Red Cross yesterday. Got our lil diploma ;-) It was not much, really the basics when there's an accident. When you should call the emergency, how to check if someone is still alive, how to help the injured or unconscious person, how to make a heart massage, etc.

Well that was not much, but that was very helpful to me!
I really wanted to do it since ages and now you can collapse near me... I won't just wonder what to do :P

It was Lola who asked to do it. She is so motivated by everything, curious and excited to learn something new... I love it!

click here

Wall Street lil suckers

I won't be long (it's kinda late, I'm more dead than I was yesterday, for real! -see below-)

Our Halloween party was the best one! Can you imagine a party were the kids have as much fun as the adults, and vice versa? No, that never happens, but there (Michelle & Frederic, you're the real pumpkin royal couple!), we had lots of fun again and were surrounded by really nice and scary creatures!!! The costumes were amazing!!!

Ours were pretty traditional,... the boys are devils and the girls as vampires... but we added a personal touch and we turned into the Wall Street devils and Stock market suckers! Our pockets were full of dollars, and there was blood on our hands, that was the idea :P

click here

and the lil devils were so perfect, so ermmm natural! I was very proud, and scared... ;-)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

a lil clown for a very shhpeshul week!

Oh Gawd, time's running, days are getting shorter than usual, I don't get it, I'm just late with everything!

Thought I'd never find the time to update my bloggie which is kinda unusual!

Loup was invited yesterday to a birthday. A very first time, official one. He was very proud to join the other lil clowns and had the time of his life there!

In 2 days, he will change of costume.
We open the Halloween festivities a bit earlier than the others, which is kewl, I couldn't wait any longer.
No really, I'm in the mood and I bless my American friends to bring so much positive vibes with all that. Autumn can't be gloomy with them around!

Talking of Americana, I can feel in my waters Obama won't make it and I can't believe he won't.
:( sigh
Tell me I'm wrong, please!

For our Halloween party we have found... some kind of concept. Not visually crazy but what's behind is pretty funny :P

I'll tell you much more about it later ;-)

A bunch of leaves

to celebrate this season I do love!

And soon, I'll spend a few days in Bretagne, and I get so excited by the the colours I will find there, the smells, the shhhpirit of it! (happy sigh)

I still haven't found the time to sit down, relax, and enjoy every vibe of the season but I'll do it.

Autumn is actually so warm on so many levels... Just wanna dive into it..

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Queen

I say pumpkin, but should say potimarron (again, any English translation for this one? I haven't found!)

I've spent some hours preparing a lot of them for the birthdays party. I wanted all the kids to win one... I tried to make them not too scary and that's how the kids loved them apparently!

Here are the first ones I made (made 15 of them) ...

light on

light off

and my favourite one, who seemed to laugh at all my jokes! (clever pumpkin!)

Don't be afraid of hugging your doudou

(Is there any real translation for doudou in English?
Hm, I can't believe there is not... helllp!)

Yesterday Lola was sitting on her bed, talking with one of her lil boy friend...

the lil friend: "Tell me, Lola (pointing towards the teddy bear), what is that?"

Lola (shrugging): "It's my Teddy!"

the lil friend: "you still have a teddy? you're such a baby!"

Lola: "Well, that's simple, I hug my teddy so I don't have nightmares"

the lil friend (uncomfortable): " ... I always have nightmares..."

Lola: "... Well, maybe you should hug a teddy, sometimes"

aww :)

... Lola just said everything: just be proud of who you are, what you think, and don't stick to the codes imposed by others..

(ich bin such a proud mama! :P)

Merry merry lil tsunami

the birthdays party has been a success!
I think all the kids loved it...
... Some even told me it was the best birthday party they had ever enjoyed! THAT is some kind of compliment!

click here

We hadn't enough time for all the games actually. They loved 1,2,3,4,5 pass the parcel! And in the parcel, there was a treasure chest, with real sand inside, and a little shovel to dig in. We had prepared 2 parcels like that. We should have made 15 of them! big success!

We avoided all the games with real competition that leads the boys to fight. And that was a pretty good idea I think!

We also made magic tricks, danced, won pumpkins, etc.

It just took the day to organize it and clean it, but we'd do it again any time (next year )

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Queenette day

6 years
About the time I've got to learn ... what it means to stress for a lil one, to feel like a lioness against dangers, to welcome sleepless nights when fever comes, to roar and comfort, to extend clownish talents, to never get enough of cuddles and kisses too.

Lola's 6 today and I'm the proudest, luckiest, happiest Mama!

(another tooth was taken by lil mouse yesterday night!
Just what Lola wanted to feel OLD enough! hehe)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Everyone gets his/her own tsunami

and ours is scheduled (which is kinda practical) on next Saturday.

A tiny flat (ours) + 12 wild kids to celebrate the lil devils' birthdays!
(they were both born on October)

Hmm, you see, it's the first time the lil devils will celebrate their birthday at home with friends. So it's gonna be a first time for us too!
(trembling in me boots)

The lil devils are SO happy to celebrate it this way that finally space won't be such a big problem, huh...


I need your help, I really REALLY do!
You're all very creative and that's excatly what I need... your creativity!
Any idea about funny games to entertain the lil ones (3-6 years-old) ???

Puleaaaase, puleeeeeeease!

My lil pleasure today ?

...entering the Hall of mountain king, nothing less!

just, the Apocalyptica way, which rocks.

happy happy sigh

Pssshhhit... and for the inspired girls or for the fans of Timotei shampoo, huhu, here's an extra goodie... nan paske... voilà, quoi!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

I've almost got the golden medal

...with this postcard (still into my kitsch postcards battle against Esox, chevalier sans peur et sans repproche -mais quand même-)

Don't you love it???

Look at the guy on the left, he seems so inspired...hehe...

Anyway, my adversary has found the same postcard, can you imagine!?!!!

the other one of the series, that I won't send because too stylish, yet funny, but less funny :P

But I've other bomb-ish stuff in stock ;-)

Ever heard about *Zeitgeist* ?

I had heard about that movie before... but ...
... never really thought I'd watch it. I thought it would be just more propaganda to confuse ol' Candy.

Anyway, this movie, Zeitgeist, has been recommended lately by an American friend.
Quoting Wikipedia, "Zeitgeist won the top award of Best Feature Documentary/Artivist Spirit at the 4th Annual Artivist Awards in 2007 in Hollywood", which does not mean much at the end. lol

It's a documentary film about myths, how people use myths to impose their views and power.
Many fields, religion first, are explored... and it is indeed pretty interesting!

I have only watched the first part of it so far (part 1 = "The Greatest Story Ever Told", which tries to prove the similarities between Christianity and Antic Egyptian religion)
... with much reluctance, I admit a few details are very interesting, here.

If you're in the mood to discover something that will make your mind boil, it's right here

Even though I don't know if it's just another manipulation stuff, I like the other view they offer.
No way I'll turn Catholic again I fear ;-)

Gothic lambs

As I'm supa lazy and just get nothing to do but surfing, I found this Facebook page the other day about music, metal and gothic stuff.

Loved the advertisement just next to it (for non French speaking ones: Catholic stuff)
But of course religion is linked to Gothic creatures of the dark dark night! :D

click here

Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Just because I like it a lot and also LUVE the last seconds of it ;-)

envoyé par octaviroyo

The endless week

Poor Martin, his back is blocked since last Friday!
He's got injection and heavy medicine (pain killers etc) and has been lying down for hmm 4 days.
Thank Gawd he's getting better tonight.

...Which is kewl, also because I start to be really exhausted. A friend was telling me the other day you never really realise what a man does in the house, except when he stops doing anything! (but then, our men might be exceptions, I dunno :P)

Only music is a relief at the moment, sport also in a way... preventing the machine to get too rusty and stop.

Actually I lie a bit, everything's fine, the kids are doing wunnerfully! Loup keeps calling me "ma chérie" or "ma poupée", he's training hard to be a future romeo, you see!
Lola will start "Theatre" tomorrow at school, she's very excited and so am I :) She'll follow the courses every Thursday after school. That means she'll be at school from 8.30am to 6.00pm! My poor lil buDerfly will join the exhausted gang I fear! We'll have extra naps ;-)

No, I'm doing ok, just tired :)

When the cat's away....

... the mice will play!

And this happens to be so very true:

Now how do I do to update stuff, and blog, and wordscrap', and chat, and eventually work too?!!