Sunday, March 28, 2010


... again! :)
The other day I was looking @Michelangelo's Genesis work...
I recently used some of his work (for my last collage, the body of the lion is Michelangelo's Bacchus statue, and now I (re)discover Michelangelo's "Eve"!

Waww, his Eve is some kind of strong woman... I'd say she is a champion @body pump (her arms OMG! she really beats me there)& she's also a woman who enjoys partying!
It seems that the snake, who has a human appearance, is a female (the snake is exposing breast, no?)... ohhhh! Would it be a totally revolutionary first lesbian representation of the Genesis... and it belongs to the Sistine Chapel's ceiling!

That rocks!

My Eve in comparison seem really ermm, sweet. Forgive her, she's in love :) With that strong snake, that snake which surrounds her with tenderness and desire.

In your head, in your head they are fighting!

I think,I'm not sure, but I think Gontran talked about this movie somewhere...

ohhh it seems totally brilliant! tasty, classy and everything I love.

I'm in the mood to watch it! Anyone with me?

fan club #1

I got a great surprise earlier in the week!

On Facebook, I get an "unofficial fan page" LOL
no kidding!

Suddenly I found this page Candy Froggie with my paintings there. That was some kind of big surprise!

And after a mini-investigation... I discovered that it was the initiative of Gwéno, my lil sister!
I take it she's a fan of my art then :D

That was so sweet, that really touched me.
I let her total freedom to make of it whatever she wants. It will always be perfect!

**happy sigh**

fan club #2

I get another fan club, yeah yeah.
(-> les poissonniers du quartier! oh yeah!)

When I go to the sport club, there are 2 fish stores on my way. I know the guys of one store pretty well, I go there often as a customer and they always have nice words when I'm running to the gym.
I love that with small shops around here, always friendly.

Then today, there were these 2 fishmongers from the other store. I was waiting under the bloody rain to cross the street. They came to me and in a very polite way, told they had kept wondering something...which sport I do to get.... such thighs!

Well, I looked down at my thighs, wondering. One added instantly "oh but nono you misunderstand us, you have the prettiest legs! we just wonder what sport can make your thighs look so strong"

if that does not validate them as a fan club, huh ;-)

... I fear I'm turning into a lil Chuckette Norris though! lol

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Adam, Eve & funny ol' God

I was first attracted by God's voice here... made me laugh really!
And then even if the whole series is not totally hilarious, there are real funny moments made in a clever way! I like it!

I also highly recommend the beginning of "Sodom & Gomorrah"... ;-)
They're all very short films, you'll find them here

PS: Even if the vision of women in the Bible is more than irritating, I can easily consider Eve as a kind of heroine. lol. But Adam, poor Adam, he has such a negative image. I mean hey he's supposed to be like an icon, a reference, the first *man on earth*... well...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

High tech blog !

Well I gotta thank my technical staff (wavin' @Martin :P) for all the high tech modifications made on that blog... like the possibility to read the blog properly on every screen: it simply adapts itself (or at least should) to the screen.

So cool!

And Jérôme, who starts his days the best way (= reading my blog at 8.09am ! hehe) sent me a screenshot of his iPhone, it also works on it! so very cool :-))

Hey teachers... Don't leave them kids alone :)

... though I totally agree with Pink Floyd when they sing

"We dont need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
All in all it's just another brick in the wall."

I believe that of course we do need education, we need to have access to knowledge, any form of it. And to avoid a poor, controlled education, we need to support our teachers, their independence, their fights, to help them working in the best conditions so that our kids gets the best tools to build their own personalities, to become simply adults.
What will be the future of a country if Education is so underestimated by the *Power* ?

lol love it, dunno who made it though!

That's why I totally support the fight of Loup's teacher who's on strike today (I don't support the strike strategy, but I support the fight they're leading).
You can't ask one person to teach properly in overcrowded classrooms. You can't ask a teacher to make the parents' job, you can't ask the teacher to work for 3 persons.

Hey, government, use our money the way we want it to be used, you've been elected to represent us, the people.

Otherwise, well, if you keep using our money the wrong ways... I'd be forced to admit it's open robbery :)

PS: I don't say that I know more than any one how to use the taxes, I just observe it's almost never used the way we expected. Or the way we truly need it

Monday, March 22, 2010

Heavy rumour

Therion (with lots of new members) should be performing in Paris on next November!
Wanna join me there to watch the Beast (= what "Therion" means in Greek) perform?

What... you don't like?
You really have no taste :P

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Metal dating


I was just surfing on metal music stuff when I found this site...

Well, hey I don't laugh at them, that's cool, actually very cool & clever, people sharing same musical tastes should get on well!

It's just hmmm not soooo metal-ish in the attitude! lol

No vote today ... again!

(local elections in France today, second round)

Fighting for your ideals with your polling card (carte d'électeur) is a joke to me. Today, no one, no political party, no politician will defend what I believe in. I'm not going to sell my soul for any of them.

The protest vote or white vote would be taken into account (like in Sweden I think?), I am sure there would be very little abstention and a revolutionary taste in the ballot box (urnes)

Soon the power will be elected by a minority of voters (or is it already the case?). The protest ones are silenced.
Et vive la démocratie, vive la France...

Again this is a personal opinion, my freedom, and I respect anyone's choice.
If someone, an active voter, a champion of democracy, or anyone, wants to lecture me, perfect, I'll listen/read, and (more or less -lol-) happily answer :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Botox blog

I'm working on my blog, so it might look strange sometimes :)

I started it that blog 9 years ago (so long?? lol) and really wanted it to be supa personal.
Nothing 's really personal when you publish anything on the web... so I'll stop posting nude pics, I'll make it a bit different, more open, but still very personal (and I hope this sounds very subtle! lol)

Ok, the last thing I'll change, with the help of Martin (because THAT is totally beyond me) will be to adapt my blog to the different screen sizes.


edit: Ooops I did again! I've messed around my blog and all the comments have disappeared! I still have them all in mind though! pfff but that's frustrating and I apologize to all those who let words recently!

Oh and please (just like Jenny did -thank you, miss!-), tell me if anything does not work properly on your side of the... screen :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Venus in furs

... is my new work! (proud smile)

I wanted to make it since moooonths, I'm so happy it's done!

It's about the Velvet Underground's song really.. I just wanted to express what it inspired me:)

click here

(happy) thoughts

Mahie reminded me that maybe I was not sharing enough news lately. That's right! So sweet of her to miss me this way :) ... I'll give more news, I *promise* (a word I like btw!)

This week has been super busy, aka wonderful! :)

1)I remind you first, my new blog url is:
(the rss feed has been updated)

2)Oh!! On Friday i've got a call from my publishing house, the 2 next Herman books will be published before the end of the month. I did not expect that, what a great piece of news!

3)I've finished my new work, very S&M one (lol, no, not that much I swear!)... I'll make a post of it just above

4)I have not voted today and then believe I will go straight to hell, no purgatory option available anymore.

5)One of my hardest trainers, a Terminator, told me the other day that he and I had really the same thighs! I don't know if I wanted to cry or proudly make a (big) catwalk! lol

No vote today

(local elections in France today)

Will the media make their headline about people not voting again? Will they judge & lecture us again?
I wish they could all start asking themselves the right questions instead.

I stop supporting people that I don't trust at all. How could have I done it so far?
Voting for the "best of the worst ones" -if that means anything-???
Caring for my future?

I actually do care for the future of my babes, that's why I don't vote today. Sounds weird to you? **shrugging**

I understand.
My freedom :)

Rammstein - Feuer Frei!
envoyé par kamikaze59210. - Regardez plus de clips, en HD !

Friday, March 12, 2010

My blog's moving

but not far ;-)

just change the url in your bookmarks:

et voilà :)


the Happy Hour started at 4.00, I was not really thirsty, so just started with Caipirinhas. I had never tried it before I think! These lil treats are supa yummy!!! Anyway, the festival started at 5.00, finished at 11.00. I've missed the first band (because of the lil yummy treat) but the other bands were very good.

Specially Eluveitie who was simply perfect! The girls were in a great mood, laughing all the time as playing, it was just very nice to enjoy and share the band's supa good vibes.

The sound was so good for once, that I just had to record some of it.
Here's a very good Inis Mona, a song that mankes me wanna roar, dunno why. :)

Eluveitie Inis Mona Live @Paris 2010
envoyé par candyfroggie. -

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Trolls in skirt, Metal rules

Here they come! From Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Russia & Norway.
I only know pretty well Finntroll and Eluveitie but the best way to discover a band is when they play live, so I'm pretty curious about the other ones!
Will start at 5.00pm, finish at 11.00pm. Sounds perfect to me. Gonna get my metal fix :) Prost!

Friday, March 05, 2010

flowers & bees? ... bulls and balls!

It's funny to think how much time I've spent in a farm when I was a lil one, and how much a city woman I am today ;-)

My grand-parents had a big farm in Normandy. Stinky mud and rats included lol (told you I was a posh city one!)... Cows and chickens... lots of chickens!
When my sister and I spent time there, we woke up with my grand-pa & grand-ma by 5.00am and went with them to join the other workers and take care of the thousands and thousands of eggs. It was fun for us, we felt like part of the crew.

Anyway, my kids know much more of the city than the countryside but they're not looking for comfort rather for adventure. Tom Sawyer is a kind of model for them.
So when they're in the countryside, they adapt extremely well.

You gotta stop me, I feel talkative! lol

Ok, we went to the salon de l'agriculture yesterday and it was really nice for them!

All these beautiful animals, all these delicious products! Really nice.

They've learnt a few things yesterday (a mama with real knowledge is so precious!), most important one: that there's a difference between balls and tits (udders?)
Well, with humans it's easy. With animals, it's not that obvious! lol
Told them the use of the udders, and for the balls well **shrugging**, I forgot to explain

After this new discovery, Loup spent his time checking if there were balls and or tits on every animals, and Lola, well, took mostly pictures of... balls and tits! lol

Their favorite moment was the 45 minutes ( !!! ) they spent stuck to the glass in front of eggs, waiting for a first chick to get out of the egg.

Oh one of my lil discoveries there were these cornet bags with delicious saucisson ! Yeah instead of usual popcorn, you get saucisson! Yummy!!!

We had a good and fun time, the kids left the fair with their own lil flowers seeds to plant (what we did yesterday evening). Perfect :)

click here

Chains, walls & sacrifice

There is this young woman doing sport with us, body combat and body attack. She wears a scarf like this one you know? She is also heavily dressed, you can't see any skin except the hands and the face.
I find it very kewl that someone that you wouldn't imagine physically expressing herself that much does such sports!

Yet that makes me feel uncomfortable not because of the religion behind, the beliefs. It's just that workout, sports like body combat and body attack are for women (and men!) definitely a strong expression of pleasure, independence, confidence and freedom ... The contrast makes me feel uncomfortable, yes. As if the body wanted to express something the person refuses to admit. It's not my "problem" of course, but freedom is one of my personal battles, so I feel concerned.
I want Lola to be proud to be a woman, never look down, or hide or make any sacrifice in the name of a person, a god, a religion because of *what* she is: a woman.

Wearing that scarf there.. is like refusing that total freedom to women, not accepting it, putting walls.
Makes me shiver.

Of course she is free to believe what she wants, and she is probably really happy this way. Yet, when I stand near her, feeling so free, there's something really sad. Two worlds.

Fookin religionS.

Long lasting, natural treat

... irresistible meaty flavor, satisfying texture

It's not really me who tells it, it's them !

Ok, I just wanted to finish with the pig ears chapter/experience, because it was quite unique!
Soo, my step dad sliced the ears..

... then put them in the oven to roast. I've had really not much of them, I was not very tempted but wanted to try anyway.

The taste was hm, ok, like pig taste! The texture was not very pleasant, the cartilage is just everywhere, which kinda spoils everything!