Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pour cent balles t'as plus rien ?

aka... "what do you get for a fistfull of dollars?"

I wonder how life is expensive, or not, where you are.
When I make the weekly BORING shopping (food, etc)... I usually pay like 130 to 180 euros (including wine and beer :P) in a Parisian supermarket.. and I'm really careful! Almost no meat, no extra, etc.
Oh that this is for 4 people.

I find it very difficult to pay less than that!

How is it for you?

My Terminators

At the beginning I thought my real Terminators were these machines below ...

(these are let's say 1/3 of the machines on which I work, and I'm quite proud -not to use them- but to know how to use them ! lol
They are very good, makes work the parts of the body you want)

Yet... my real Terminators are human. I should have guessed! Same old story!
Body-building on the machines is one thing... fitness courses are something else! The trainers push your limits to the point where you really wonder what you're doing there, suffering! lol

But the group courses are very funny! People from every age every condition!

I've met already goils my age (or are they really younger? lol) and get on well with the grannies.

Specially one who always take her shower with me! lol ... the other day, we were all naked, putting lotion, etc.. and she started to tell me about her husband who died a few month ago ... ... and how sport helped her to *survive* :-) ... that was a strange situation, but very nice :)

I dunno really what sports brings me right now... but it feels very good!

"God's wrath" should be a quality label!

Quoting Wikipedia... :
For the sins of their inhabitants Sodom, Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboim were destroyed by "brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven" (Genesis 19:24-25).
In Christianity and Islam, their names have become synonymous with impenitent sin, and their fall with a proverbial manifestation of God's wrath.

"God's wrath"... yup, that's already a good reason to wonder what can provoke so much hatred! Certainly something interesting!

And from insteresting I jump to inspiring, that's what I feel when I hear this song by Therion. I did not know what Therion made, I'm not fond of everything, but this one is bloody good!

Pssshhit: ....what a lovely talented singer!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Major Tom and I, busy week!

It's been a busy week indeed, and I'm working on a "Major Tom" project.

A painting, yes... in which I plan to save Major Tom. David Bowie's Space Oddity is one of these songs that makes me reach some kind of Nirvana.
And if I could have done it, I would have saved Major Tom from his tragic destiny.
I'm doing it with a painting. I realize only now I can do this kind of magic, and this is very exciting!

But I haven't got the time to work much on it. Been so busy!
Loup had his first full day at school (and it went very ok), he's also still recovering from his otitis.. I hate winter for that!
Wait, it's not winter yet!
Oh and yesterday, there was a big strike (education field), so the kids were at home. Makes everything busier, huh ;-)

At the moment I'm really struggling with time. Again. I run all the time, and it makes everything complicate (specially with work... Working at home is some kind of adventure!)

But somehow I will manage!
I count on the weekend for more time and on these long "free" Tuesdays I will get.

Jumping to another topic, I worry a bit for Lola. She's very tired. Her mistress noticed it too, she is very good at school but lately, she just doesn't manage to finish work... to follow ... etc. Same at home, she does not listen really, she looks exhausted and gets on nerves easily.
I think she needs to sleep much more...

She's gonna be my weekend's priority!

Major Tom can wait a few hours more.. :)

pshhhhit: tomorrow we play Oz!!! Rugger rules, don't miss it :P

Monday, November 17, 2008

Blessed Tuesday?

My problem at the moment is finding time to work. And not just 30 minutes here and there, I need more time to create and sell my stuff.

So I thought something could help me here... like Loup spending 1 day at school (he only goes there usually from 8.30 to 11.30 am)
Tomorrow for the very first time, he will eat there, and spend a few more hours there.

That breaks my heart to do it though (Etolane si tu m'entends ;-)... but at the same time, it will be an incredibly precious day.

Oh and besides working, I will plan meetings on lunchtime, just like tomorrow, I'll join Martin... which happened maybe once in 6 years! (falling from chair)


Well, I'm writing the end of this post and Loup has just joined our bed, feeling obviously sick :-(, my poor baby, just another painful otitis!

Not sure this "first" Tuesday's gonna be really a blessed one!

Getting Ivy ?

Nim', I swear I did not want to steal your idea, and I think you want something different anyway! (you're looking for some ivy tattoo, right?)

...but there I go, I want something close to plants or flowers to link my 3 first tattoos... I tried many different things. And hope to get some inspired help from the tattoo guys.

But that's about what I'd want.

It's just a concept. I'm waiting to know more about prices, I haven't won the lottery yet and I have many other priorities!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Metal boy

Or *poubelle one*, as you want! ;-)

Loup came back this way earlier.

And when I think we've spent days thinking hard about Halloween... whereas Loup had the very best idea!
(shaking head)

Words, don't come easy, to me

well actually they do, but it could always be better when it comes to English :P

I dream, really dream of a new dictionary. Mine (Harrap's Shorter, 1991.......!) is literally into pieces, got few surgeries, but coming to some inevitable death. Been using it for 17 years!!! lol I can hardly believe it.

Since 17 years (waving @ the internet) there have been LOTS of changes, new words, expressions, etc. I want a new one, plans to simply get this one... I need a simple one, complete enough.

Which one do you use? any recommandation from the Anglo-Frawnch *professionnals* (or not)

The *heart beating fast* songs, part #1

I think we all have in mind a few songs that touch the inner *self* more than other songs.

Actually I can think of hundreds songs at this very minute, but if I had to chose one by Lennon, it would be this one. When I hear it, the world around then stops. Feels nice.

Any song by him or the Beatles that really *touches* you?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

some kind of fest!

I don't know how I managed (still on Sunday) to attend the Heidenfest without collapsing. My legs were taking a revange on me (early training fault). But it went well!
I collapsed once back home after what 5 hours of concert.

One of the great part was also joing Manu & Nim' to share some beers before. That was really nice.
Then Nim' saw friends in the queue and that was our lucky day, we could simply join them to wait, gently smiling at the rest of the queue :P

I loved the festival. Loved the atmosphere of it and the bands. Well, except 2 bands (Catamenia and Primordial which were a real pain in the bum, ermm, more in the ears, for me).

Now it was a pleasure to get female musicians here and there too.
Wonderful surprise to discover 2 bands (Manegarm & Equilibrium) and a huge pleasure to enjoy Eluveitie and even more Finntroll in live for the very first time!)

click here

Well, I highly recommand a concert to anyone from time to time... it just feels so very good!

Just because they are less famous, a song from Equilibrium... wait, don't click if you're not in the mood, the voice is very shhhpeshhhul
Oh and I don't ask you to like it, huh, that was just to share the Heidenfest mood :)

just gotta keep the rythm

I've got some kind of wunnerful weekend.

Martin's parents arrived a few days ago, and they brought their good mood and kindness, so life @chez Candles is pretty easy right now.

On Sunday morning, I changed of fitness club, chose a closer one, and a fookin professionnal one.
I've already followed intensive "group" courses, and also started with an individual program on "machines" (real Terminators!) with a simple purpose, just to keep fit, just sweating to feel good.
The machines are pretty complicate to use, and I managed to mix an electronic program which kept me working not the soft way. Never felt so broken for a couple of hours. And that was on my very first day. lol

All is perfect except that we've to share showers with other women, I was not used to it. But, shrugging, one group shower and it already does not matter anymore. lol me prude one!

So, I found what I really wanted as sport, and that is kewl.
Martin will go there too (it was his idea at the beginning), on lunch time.
Too bad we can't do it at the same time, at the same place!
I go there 3, 4 times a week, just after taking the kids to school, on early morning, before starting working.

I've started fitness 2 months ago, and I can feel the difference ... I get much more energy for about everything. I don't think it has changed anything regarding the shape, but it simply feels very good.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

blogging hard

(for how long i dunno)

Really I did not know where to start with my posts today. So much stuff I wanna share!

I actually wanted to tell you ..

... about how broken my heart was because of this painting I sold (I felt like a mama for the creature on it)

... about how surprise I was when my new butcher called me by my first name... (huh?! have we shared something in a previous life, or?)

... how much my boobs are on vacation, which is not fun at all!

... about how happy I am to welcome Martin's parents in a couple of days

... about how unreasonnable I've been with this most beauDiful leather jacket I've just bought


But instead, I'm going to talk *pets* (Esox, I hear you! tssss!)

So there we go...

Bâbord & Tribord

(aka "portside & starboard")

It's been so rainy in Bretonie that of course there were snails, lots of them!
but only 2 very unsual ones :)

they're cute, aren't they!


Cesar is turning into a beautiful lil male! It was hard to find good pics of him, but his horns are getting huge and they "turn" in such a beautiful shape!
He's a nice one, not agressive at all as it's often said with the (sheep) males :P

Cesar, when he was 1 :

and a few days ago :

... well it's great to have nice horns, but I hope Cesar gonna start being interested in his girlfriends, I wanna see babies next year! (ermm no pressure of course :P)

Parigo, tête de veau

If anyone feels like translating this... !

literally it's an insult against parisians (parisians = calf's head), just the rhyme matters, of course :P

Soo, for the very first time in me life, I tried (to eat) calf's head.

To tell you the truth, I was not very inspired , because when they talk of head it's the real head.

Well, it was special. The tongue no, I couldn't stand. The rest was kinda ok, but not the kind of meat I like really!

But it was a success, everybody LOVED it (but me).

Sure thing is that I prefer them this way than the one above....... !

ever tried it?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Let's not forget

the one who actually really helped!

Because I guess without George W.Bush's help during these past few years, we wouldn't welcome such a great piece of news today!

(Taking a Monroe-ish voice now): "Thanx, Mr about-to-be-ex President, for leading your, erm, *fellow worker*, Mr Obama, to the victory!"

I just did not want him to be forgotten on such a glorious day!
Tomorrow, he'll be history.

Now if we could have someone around here to offer such hopes for the next French election, that would be something.

Otherwise, a Zorro or a Spiderman could make it. Ooooooh (slapping own face), James -Craig- Bond, could try too!
James, I'd blindly (not really though) vote for you if you promise to rule without any shirt on! Oh Yeahhhhh!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

And there I'm back!

Bretonie at its best: wet, COLD, & beauDiful
We had really a yuccky weather...which could have been depressing if the family house was not that welcoming with its fireplaces, beverage and comfortable sofas under the roofs.

I must confess I've led a cat life for 10 days. Fantastic!
We worked a bit in the hobbit house (Martin is an electrician at the moment, very hard job when you don't know it!), but mostly spent a lot of time cuddling each other, cooking, & drinking! hehe... hope you're jealous enough, huh ;-)

click here

I have other pics to add, will do it... just later!