Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Final countdown

Sun expected over Paris tomorrow.
Will be there beginning of afternoon (might catch a suntan hey!)

I wait for them since years!!!!

(dancing around)
(counting the minutes)


Loup has got such a bad week (since last Friday actually).
Painful otitis.

I'm really thankful again for the paediatricians (a couple working together) to be available on Saturday mornings.

Well, Loup got antibiotics. As soon as he got them, he got worse, much worse, probably developed some kind of allergy: high fever, red large spots everywhere, and stomach troubles (vomiting etc).

I could reach again the doctors the whole weekend, Sunday included ("old school doctors", no? so available!). Went back to see them yesterday morning.
We change the treatment, got a stronger one (sigh), so Loup is not well yet. Had another bad night, bad day.

Great martin's parents are here to help!

On top of that, Loup decided to open a can of mushrooms all alone and naturally had a very painful cut!

(here's a drawing for his mistress, he spotted all the pains on his face and body)

my poor lil devil!!!

The Collector

I've never been really into "collections" ... accumulating stuff just for the pleasure to "have them all"... (shrugging), no... but then... It was before I received my 3 first issues of Métal Hurlant !
They're so good that I can't wait to find more of them. So many ideas, visuals, such a motivation from the artists, it's already a big big source of inspiration for me.
And when inspiration is involved, then I can understand the desire to "collect"!

My priority

is, just right now, updating my blog!
I'm running after time, crazy!
The days are short, the nights ... shorter and I don't find a minute for meself!

My beloved in laws are here since a couple of days... they read my blog and then brought me back lots of Mango body butter! How lucky am I hm?! :)

Oh then they also brought me back a lil thong I had forgotten during our Xmas holidays! lol
ermm.... I usally only forget a pair of sox!


So, mango body butter, thong, oh and I forgoet a lil something... thinking...



They brought us our new car! Yeah yeah! They sell us their car (toyota yaris, same as the one we had, just in dark green colour) at a very interesting price! So cool!

Perfect in-laws! :)
(and I don't say that because they read my blog! hehe nope! I truly love them!)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Butterflies and paparazzi !

What a great weekend (we finally won a match at rugger! -Jack, no comments, thank you again :P-)

On Saturday we had rendez-vous with miss Lune, at the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Paris was very sunny, it was just wonderful to spend this time with Lune & her lil family! (the mini one is so so cute, always smiling!!)

I also brought Lune, the painting she bought!

I was very proud to deliver this painting, I like it a lot!


Oh, and guess what (I should REALLY work for people magazines!), as soon as we arrived, I saw Manu Katché! yeah yeah!

So Ok, he was not so friendly so I took a trick pic (sorry for my lil family! lol)

and then I could make a close-up

hehe... hey don't tell me you don't know him! :P

Totally body buttered

Voilà, I've already made a post about Mango body butter (I know I always focus on what really matters!)... but...

I've now discovered the papaya body butter!

And it's almost as good as the mango body butter!
(I'm not sure you realize how important that is!)

When I see how happy my skin is with dem, I'm sure I'll never buy the expensive stinky lotions. Used these body butters during my pregnancies and they've made miracles!

(happy sigh)

(memo to self: next week, gotta talk about Sauna again!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heu, trop stylé !

One of the terminators (at my fitness club) is crazy for this song, we get it all the time while under torture... so yeah, that's the one which has been stuck in my head since yesterday!


But when I saw the video of it (for the first time actually)... I felt blessed, such a terrific video! lol

You get all in one there:
-fashion (ha les lunettes de Pia! Les épaulettes de Germain et le torchon style sphinx des motard)
-rain (ben c'est dans le titre quand même)
-kung fu
-no happy ending
-des regards qui tuent aussi!!!

Enjoy :P



thank gawd my grand mama watches the worst news on tv... hehe... I was in them! My glory lasts 3 seconds.. you can switch to 24min41sec other wise you'll enjoy the full news (yawn)

click here

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The weekly post?

Once a week seems to be my new blogging rythm.. which is not fixed of course but naturally appear to be this way. Very kewl to me! No time anyway to do otherwise ;-)

I had a fine week, even if instead of spending money for boots I spent it at the dentist...(sigh)

But the kids have not been sick, and it has finally stopped raining :-)
I haven't sold any painting, but could work pretty much
I haven't done as much sport as I wanted but could go with Lola's class to the swimmingpool.
I haven't slept enough but do not feel tired.
I haven't won lottery but got real good laughs with buddies!

Life's been beautiful this week :)

Rugger.... bummer!

29-0 in the first half (please Jack don't comment this post! thank you :P)... The French have been so bad, the English so good! (and I'm being so objective I surprise meself!)

Really that was THE match we had to win. Pffffff...

At least, after the first try (in the very 1st minute), I decided to multitask which was the very best idea I've had! grmpphhh

James is coming to town sooooon (lalalaaa)

2 weeks and 3 days before ... we get them

Wooaaaa! I'm counting the days, the minutes!

And yesterday, we joined miss Alix and her most adorable lil one for a great afternoon...

... the plan was to spend good time togeher naturally, but also to deliver Alix her Metallica's ticket (which was done very religiously of course!)

The kids had great fun, and Alix and I could ermm share our plans about James H. when he comes to Paris :D hehe
Crazy girlie fans mode on, really. REALLY!

Easy peasy

Oh Michelle, thank you for that brilliant idea!

The kids love cooking, don't they?
Mines do. If they could cook all day they would!
And I can feel soon they'll make, with much happiness, my meals on weekends! hehe yeehaaaa

Now I don't like to cook.
Cleaning after cooking is the worst. Cleaning after the kids cook is the "worst" worst ;-)

The other day it was cold and rainy and Michelle (my American friend here, and cousin actually) told me she bought *industrial* short pastry (pate brisée déjà faite quoi) so the kids could have fun making biscuits.

I thought hey why not, my biscuits recipes are always crap sooo it wouldn't be much worse.

It was brilliant, no mess and happy kids. And not thhhhhhhhhat bad.

Of course I managed to spoil some of them...

... but the rest was rescued :D


I only heard Bashung's suffered from cancer a few days ago and bang, he's dead.

Life's so short.
Just gotta enjoy every bit of it, hey!


Voilà, another week *just* to finish the final sketch for the painting!

The wings have been really hard to "organise", the tail too... and you, well *I* can't do it quickly, I work, then gotta stop, then come back later with a most critical eye, then modified the wrong movements, shapes etc.
So different than when I just grab water and colours and wooosh just let myself "go" on the paper.

But a very different pleasure.

I've finally started with the watercolours today!
Phewww :)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

A week in 10 words

been such a good week!

... till I broke a tooth, a couple of hours ago!
THAT really sucks!

So ok, I know the whoooooooole World just burn to know about my week ;-)

-Mahie got her driving license and woaaaa, I was stressing so much about it! like a lil mama, trying to keep her mouff shut to not spoil everything!
I just knew she'd get it, she's been working so hard on it, and with so much tenacity!

-I've bought sport shoes, the first ones I buy since I've started training a lot. I feel Like Dorothy & the wizard of Oz, but with sport shoes.

-I've had lunch with my tattooist, then helped him renovating a bit his shop. Had fun! We're getting friends :)

-I've been offered a rose by one of my Terminators (trainer at my sport club), in the name of "womens's day" today (after so many tortures, that was the minimum he could do. Loved it)

-I've been to restaurant, alone for the very first time... no, wait, not alone! With a book of Juan Gimenez. Had such a good time with my beer & my book!

-I've watched the last 2 parts of the Zeitgeist documentary. I've tried to take distance with it, but I think they're not far at all from the truth and that's pretty scary. We gotta fight back! :)

-I've started watching the last season of The Office (US one) ... and it's so GOOD! ((thank you Michelle!)

-I've never had such a high bill for gas and electricity! (boooo!)

-I've bought lingerie and good wine. I just know how to prioritize ;-)

and I wish ya all a brilliant coming week!

Taming the dragon

Been a week now I'm on it. This dragon and its rider.
Creating take so much time (for me), then you gotta sale your work. The most boring part, yet the most important one.

Anyway, the "research" part is so so interesting. I want to paint a dragon and its rider. The painting is in my mind from the very beginning. Movements, colours, attitudes. In my mind the painting is done. Perfect.
My fingers are less cooperative than I want.
My talent less active than I wish.

So I have to work to *create*. A dragon, a rider... many details people wouldn't notice...
... how a dragon turn his head
... what's a dragon's saddle
... which kind of wings?
... scales, hairs, skin... what is my dragon made of?
... is my dragon a pet or a wild nightmare?
... if my rider can tame a dragon, does she need any other weapon?
... etc.

Anyway, that takes time, energy. But I'm so fookin lucky I can "simply" work on *a dragon*... :)

click here

now that's what I call a good piece of news !

Yesterday my mom offered me ..

...new boots ?
...a creamy cake?
...a bottle of champ'?
...a shopping session?

nenene !

... MUCH better :P

Mom will take the kids in Bretonie during the second week of Spring holidays!
I was supposed to go back to Paris with them... but I'll come back alone! haha!
s'pèce de mère indigne!

They will have the time of their life and so will we :D

If anyone is around between the 19 and the 24th of April, huhu, I'll have time! wooohooooo!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Spoiled lil devils

Holidays are almost over (yeeepeee!), next ones start in a month or so (faint!)

Lola & Loup have spent a fantastic week in Paris, and I must say I did too.
We went out a lot, spent too much money of course, ate too many candies, but it was damn good.

We spent half the time in the metro, which was, by itself, very entertaining for the kids! :P

The week was full and I don't even mention the evening, the rugger times, etc!

click here

Volt (Bolt in English) ... The kids loved it
The agriculture trade show of Paris. Way too many people for me!
The kids bought with their pocket money ugly hairy lil things. Loved the chicken and the cows.
The Tale of Desperaux.. I did not expect it was so good. But very good! Will get the DVD for the kids and meself!
Theatre, "La forêt des choquottes"... very funny! Loup was just a bit too young (but he loved) and Lola and I really had the laughs of our life!
I needed a break. Did not get one really since we decided to cook! We made Michelle's cookies. We missed something, we completely failed! (still spent 3 hours near the oven, hoping a miracle would happen!)
Back to theatre to see "Once upon a time", crazy, funny one!
Finally I could rest with a book...
....naaa, that's a joke, I can't rest on weekends! :P

(I'm really happy the kids go back to school... I really have to work and that was just impossible!)


The other day I bought a huge pistache macaron to Loup.

He left a tiny bit on the table, and I couldn't resist it, and finished it. Or wanted to.
Had a fist bite.

DELICIOUS, fantastic, close to heaven.

Had a second bite.

TERRIBLE, hideous, nightmare-ish!

There was a big long thick blondish hair in the macaron.
A situation that keeps happening to me more often than the mind could stand, remember?! lol

I'll keep stuck to my salads and its lil insects, at least I know what they are!