Wednesday, April 30, 2003

I've dreamt of madonna last night (laffing, I can't control my dreams!!!), we were in a castle with lots of friends, having french paté with some baguette and red wine, and we spent our time talking about our respective daughters! hehe
And this morning I received her CD (which I expected a week ago!)
interesting bloggie, hey?

The first rendez-vous with the banks were not so SO bad actually... but as we're renting a flat, they are forced to take that into account and naturally we can't borrow as much as we expected.
But at least we know which houses we can forget already :P
Next step is checking the banks in Hamburg, though we doubt you can borrow money when you don't work in the country. We'll see :)
If you get the right media player, maybe you can have a look at that that next blockbuster starring a rather happy heroine (s)

click here to view Ze movie (3 mb)

PS: be patient, it's heaaavy. With ADSL connection, it takes about 30 seconds, but with a modem, I wonder!

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

fooooookerinoooooo! I was (again, yeah!!!) yacking about Iraq (about the last American's performance against the pro-saddam demonstration), and my blog has disappeared!
That's a sign!
I face my destiny at that very moment: do I take it as a sign to stop with all that, or do I have to go on further with my battle against violence!

...OR...or... do I have to be more careful when I click everywhere on the blog's screen!

Nursing is really RILLY more practical with baby!
See my lil popeyette struggling with spinach!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2003

I often visit blogs and find in most of them a good opposition to governments and anything politically correct.
But sometimes... I find *jewls* of stoopidity, and that concerns the "Midwest Conservative Journal" (yeah I know, very promising :P).
Here is how they start their last article:

LES GRENOUILLES DELOYALES - Making up with France may now be decades away, if it ever comes. The French were not American allies who just happened to be opposed on principle to the recent war; they seem to have been enthusiastic Iraq partisans at least since 9/11. So enthusiastic that they kept Baghdad regularly informed about their meetings with US government officials:

France gave Saddam Hussein's regime regular reports on its dealings with US officials, The Sunday Times reported, quoting files it had found in the wreckage of the Iraqi foreign ministry.

Some of the information passed to Baghdad may have been of a sensitive nature:

The conservative British weekly said the information kept Saddam abreast of every development in US planning and may have helped him to prepare for war.

For all practical purposes, French diplomatic officials were spying for Iraq
etc etc

Tssss... they forget adding that Bin Laden is the hidden son of el 'Chi (Chirac) and that Hitler was the secret lover of DeGaulle.

Well, I know this is far from representing anything serious, but I find it more than worrying now that such things can be said. It would be just a few weirdos telling all that, I would laugh.
Well I still laugh (phewww! hehe), but when I hear such words here and there, on "official" tv channels, in national newspapers... I feel like a lil and lovely snowflakes (yuss yuss) is seen as a deadly avalanche (love my comparisons?hehe).
I find it worrying and very boring, yup.
And I rilly wonder why they spend so much time getting angry against Frawnch.
We're breaking records... not really actually. It's just half past midnight and we haven't had any diner yet, but it's just about to be ready.
I woke up 2 hours before my lazy otters (I luuuuv otters!!!) to paint, then started my *mamaday*, till 10.00 pm when Martin brought Lola to bed. Then I could paint again, till now.
I'm a bit tired but it's not too bad.

Shietroo! I hear some shrimpette!!



Lola has just woken up, with big tears and screams. She never does that during the night, maybe the teef are coming.
We've changed her, given her a bottle of water with some honey and other relaxing plants. She's sleeping again .
I think i'm dead now!

Funny how days can look so short and long at the same time :P

Night night crazy World, sweet dreams to your passengers **~~*^* * *

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Wooohooo, I've just been offered (ok, by my mom) to work on a project to create the next poster for the 2004 nautical sports' celebration. I get a month to send my proposals, then they will be compared to the ones from communication companies!
And pssssssst.... in case it works, I've heard there's some lil money to make! (dancing around!!!) (sowwwy but $$$$$ are exciting!!)
I wonder... Do you often say "hello" to people in the street when you walk around?
No? Me neither. But since a few days when I go out, it happens that each time 3, 4 different people tell me hello. //oO\\
People that i've never seen before (!!), and always different ones. Wether I'm on Elzeimer, or there's something I rilly don't get!
If beeing preggie would work like a virus, I would say Paris is rilly infected! (s)
Maybe it's Spring, maybe it's trendy, maybe we're all on a mama mode at the moment, but preggie goils are popping out from everywhere here! Our arrondissement (the 15th) is said to be the one with most children in Paris.. I find it possible, at least very realistic when you see a pregnant woman at every corner of the street! **~~*^* *^^* *^^~* * *

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

And now Bush's government publically says they're trying to find how they can punish France now after its behaviour in the last months.
And no we're not talking of a gang of 10 years-old boys playing... nenene, the guys who're threatening with their lil revenge are those who get most power over there. Huuuuuuuu, glad we're not governed by a gang of immature weirdos here!

I'm happier than ever that we've stood against the American position to defend what we consider as a *right cause*. And I hope (but with doubts) we won't play the dawggies asking for contracts regarding the reconstruction of Irak. If Americans wanna make their biz there, I hope we'll stay away from dem.

Monday, April 21, 2003

Watta busy weekend!
I've almost finished writing all the "informations" section for my website (info about the paintings, prints, how to purchase, warranty stuff, packing, shipping, etc.). It takes a loooot of time to chose the details about how you want your biz working. And as much time to write it down! (sore fingers here!)
I'll have to re-read and complete the french and english version, then we'll translate all that in German. It's long!
I've also finished correcting my story for children. I'll start the drawings soon I hope.
Where's time hidding?

We've also built some *action plan* for the house in Bretagne. "how do we start", "when", "where", etc etc.
We're going to start taking rendez-vous with banks this week. Then knowing how much we can borrow, we'll know what price we can accept for the house.
It's the first step of that long journey in the kingdom of *adventurousbutfuckingkewllifeland* :)

It may happen that we can't borrow enough at all because I don't work at the moment.
We'll see and we'll do what's necessary then.

Friday, April 18, 2003

I've just read the new project of Michael Moore was a documentary about the relationship between Jawji-senior-Bush and the family of Bin Laden in the 1990s. Maybe we'll get other proofs of how the world can be ugly then.
Thank you, Zorro of the new millenium, to insist with your fair quests. It feels guuuud. We all should be Zorros.
I reassure you I'm not a crazy *fan* at all anymore. But you never let down someone who's been with you for so long (g), so I always check what she does when she's around.
And I luuuve this *American Dream* song, but I find it's really too bad she's decided to cut the video so that it's less provocative (what I've seen was not shocking at all... sigh).

I hope I can find the original version of it on the web (s)
Neeee, i'm not a fan anymore! hehe

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Ok the weather is weird. We had 0°C a couple of days ago and 27°C this afternoon.
But I'm not here to talk of the sun, rather about its effects actually. Why is it that we, goils of taste, have to stand men taking there cloths off as soon as it's summer around!
Really, I was walking with Lola, smelling the perfume of honey coming from the trees, happy.
And I have this vision of most pale-ish guys in white socks and white pants (sigh) enjoying a sunbath on the grass.
Pulease guys, make something about...
... these white sox!!!
Allo Docteur, j'ai un problème
I fear there's a jawji.w.Bush in me!!! Yup, I've been listening all day at the *Imperial March* (g)... yup, yup...
Star Wars' one! And I have many different versions of it (nossing).. I recommend the version from Metallica and No Doubt... Real guuuudies!

dada da
da dada

Monday, April 14, 2003

Lola's first ID card... and it's to be used till 2013 (shakin head)
Don't you think she has the purrrrfect face of someone who has had a baaaaaaad baaaaaaaaad day! Or maybe someone forced to make ID pictures ;-)


Throwing away the first offer we've found.
It was actually a house built in the 1950s (not at all what we're looking for), with 2 bedrooms. 80m2. Too modern and too small (how we gonna do with our dozen of children?!) :P

Sunday, April 13, 2003

I've often talk of my inspiration for country life and desire to live in a castle (s)

I'm very stressed (in some kind of positive way though), because we've taken the decision. THE decision, yeah.
There's a time when you have choices to make. Ours is : do we want a life here in Paris, renting a tiny expensive flat, running everywhere all the time, enjoying car's gas, etc. Or, do we want a plain life out there, in the deep country side, far from my cherished civilization (hehe, rilly!), far from the easy life where you open your door and you find yourself at the restaurant, at a concert, at the cinema, etc.

We're facing that dilemma: city life / country life.
What would you chose?

I'm scared of leaving Paris, all my friends here, all the souvenirs I get everywhere. Paris is my home, I know it by heart... Once you leave it, I think you don't come back.
Leaving my good ol' habits. My beloved routine. Yes dat's hard!!!!
And these bridges, these roofs, these airports and train station that take you all around the world. Bubye all that.
Shit, that sounds stoopid but it's not easy.

And chosing country life means we've to buy a house, borrow money, buy a car, borrow money.
Buy a car, right, that means I'll have to fight against my second phobia (the first being my fear of birds) which is driving. I feel like stoned each time I'm behind the wheel (=never). I hate cars, I lose all my senses for space and I get sea-sick when I'm in a car. You did not know, hey?! hehe... Well, that's it. And I will have to deal with that in the country side.
Shit, it's hard already!

And *country life* means, for Martin, finding another job! That means I have to find new doctors for Lola, new gyno for myself etc. School for the shrimpette (whereas there's already 3 schools in the street here!) New Butcher-Dentist too!!!! Oh meGawd, a country dentist! Will I survive it??? (laughing)

Will I survive being forced to buy clothes in country stores? (laughing)

Will I die my hair in hugly blooooe as soon as I'm 60, and spend my saturday morning at the market sharing the last gossips with other women?

Will I take an ugly accent which will give me 10 years more than my age!

Yeah I know I'm a fookin city goil!

But then.. life's short. What do I want for my family? Time for each other. Simple pleasures (different from going to the movies or to restaurant). Space (so important to be able to *breathe*). Getting closer to the nature. Offering Lola a different universe. Hard to find harmony and peace in this crazy world.
That's why we'll try it, launching ourselves in this plan. Leaving Paris to find our lil paradise!

I think this challenge will force me to face many lil (and big) weaknesses. I'm scared, but Martin's here. We gonna make it. **~~*^* * * *^^*

So we're decided. This week we gonna ask the banks how much they can help (probably the hardest part, they have somehow our dream in the hands!!!), then we start the *hunt*. We have already found an offer for an old house near Dinan in Bretagne. Not too expensive in comparison with others (about 92 000 Euros). But we don't know much about it and maybe the offer is not valid anymore.
Anyway, what matters is that we start with it.

(trembling in my boots)
**~*^^* * *
I dunno how we did it, but we managed to re-organize Lola's nest in one day only!
We wanted to get rid of that blue color on the wall of her bedroom and to change the whole organization (yup, second time I use that word today!) of it.
Now Lola's bedroom is as white as snow, which is a change for us (we're much into "violent" colours for our walls!), and it looks bigger and cleaner! Dat's what i wanted. Now I can finally put my paintings everywhere around her bed (they'll keep an eye on her :-) **~~^* * *^^* *)!
Huuuuu... seems to be the dark ages for Peace defensors! Now some people start treating us like supporter of Sadman!!!!
To me being a kind of peace defensor means defending *Life* before anything else.
Which means we are absobloodilutely against anything Sadman has done. That even hurts me to feel forced to type that :(

(running to grab a glass of guuuuud ol' white milk, I will make a toast to myself today! hehehe)

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Following Penny's blog topic (what thinking about war now the Iraqi are liberated!)
... it's been disturbing for a few days to think about the positive side of the war. Obviously the positive thingie is that Sadman has disappeared and Iraqi can start enjoying freedom.
A freedom which won't be easy to live with the chaos there at the moment.

As an Iraqi one said, we must not forget that "our" embargo provoked the death of 500 000 children there. Maybe before letting Bush chosing war, the UNO could have thought about this ermm "point" and done much more to help these people during 12 years.
It's been ages we should have helped the Iraqi, we've done the contrary.

So yes it is wonderful to see the people in the streets showing their happiness. Though you never know... Besides the end of their dictator, they might also be happy because the bombing is stopping...

So was that war good at the end?
I hear on tv Iraqi worshiping Bush'government as much as others being almost as worried as "before", for they feel they're far from enjoying Freedom. Those ask desperatly for the help of UNO, but UNO has lost power and credibility. UNO will be only good now to give the "coalition" $$$ to rebuild the country.

Personnally, I'm naturally relieved for the end of the dictatorship. But I'm still completly against the way it has happened.
Well, it's like you can do justice by yourself or follow the law. This time, some people have decided they could take their gun and get rid of the baddie. They've considered they were beyong the law and that justice was to be done by themselves.

It is also on a World point of view, that this war is very worrying. The USA threatens the countries there, and these countries will not respond to any international institution (as UNO) anymore since they've just seen the USA did not care about what UNO recommended. Whatever they do, the USA-UK might attack anyway.

And this war might mean countries can now decide which country should be liberated from their leader. What will happen if some consider Bush has somehow stolen the President's seat and that the country should be liberated from him! LOL. No, that's scary. War as a way to bring peace is absurd.

So the World balance is now highly fragilized.

About Iraqi, I hope they'll be given their freedom and democracy and not imposed (as it seems to be the case with the "American" new government there).
We're back to the brutal time of indians and cowboys. The law of the strongest.


Friday, April 11, 2003

Martin and I have just been talking about the "internet" ideal, and he told me he had read somewhere that those who started the internet had an ideal of freedom of speech and communication.
The first developers really wanted to create a space, an oasis for people. A tool that everybody would use as they want.

And one of these guys was telling that freedom on the internet had almost disappeared because everything can be controlled except... bloggies!Bloggies are like the last web-oasis of freedom! Bloggies would be controlled if there were not so many of them. It's so huge that so far nothing can be done to censure/control it.


And now a HUGE hugggggle to Miss Penny who took us to this oasis! hehe **~~*^* *^* ** * *
Been ages I've not threatened the world with my "oh they're so CUUUUTE" cat pictures... and for once, the mouse does not look too too bad :)

Thursday, April 10, 2003

When CNN (I noooooooe what we all think about CNN, I noooe) has asked with its quick-vote thingie:

"Who should have the lead role in running a post-war Iraq?
U.S.-led coalition ?
U.N. ? "

(and the votes are of course in majority for the US and their friends)

... don't you see something rilly missing in that vote? hmmm, I was stoopidely thinking that Iraqi could have been added in the list of possible Iraq's leadership...

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Who will be surprised by the victory of the Anglo-American troops against Saddam's troops? Nobody.
And of course It is a good thing for Iraqi to be freed of their dictator!

But that won't mean one second (to me) that this attack, this war is legitimate. Anglo-Americans troops are occupying a country like any colonialist would do. And colonialists are never right. Napoleonian Frawnch know well about it ;-)...The future is worrying.

And when I hear people telling from their comfortable sofa that it's great that finally there are not too many dead overthere... I find that really ugly. A kewl thing to say from their sofa.
And when I hear people telling if journalists are killed, well, nobody should complain, they knew it was war. That really makes me mad!

Now instead of starting parading in front of cameras, the troops should really escort the humanitarian trucks who are bloked at the frontiers!!!!
Lola's 6 months-old today!!! Weeeeeeeehooooooooo!! :))))))
She is now 66cm and she's 7,4kg... she's taken almost 1 kg in a month! The Doc said she was doing really well (which I knew! :P hehe). I asked him about her food, should I go on nursing her or not. I told him I did not mind stopping or not, what matters is what's the best for Lola.
And he told me if I did not mind I should go on nursing her! Jeeeez, I'm breaking records (actually no, not really, we're a few "octobrettes" still nursing our treasures, some only nursing them.. while I also give Lola artificial milk+vegetables and fruits too).

He told me then I could add to Lola's menus 30g of meet, 180g of vegetables, etc etc... Too complicate for me! And Lola won't eat that much! I'll follow Lola's rythm and that's all :P

So what has changed in a month for Lola? The bursts of laugh, there are a lot of them now! We've made a lil film during one of dem and I think I'll put it online, her giggles are so so cute!
She also "talks" in her own way, making high-pitch sounds, purring sometimes, roaring like a baritone too. You really feel she makes sentences. It's very funny.
She now smiles to any granny in the street who stops to tell "how cute your boy is!" (I've given up telling Lola was a goil, the best is to avoid long conversation or I'd never get back at home!)
She also starts to accept that I feed her with a spoon, but it's not yet her favourite thing.
She's greedy for milk, not so much for the rest. But it takes time, she's discovering all that :)
I need to find on ebay or somewhere a parc for her, because she's getting too big for her baby chair and I can't let her on the parquet. That would be practical for me when i have to let her alone for a minute. It's hard carrying her while cooking or feeding joe or watever:)

Anyway, enough of blablas, here's Lola's April gallery (with a very proud popa and moma as usual!)

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Oh Shiteroo, wish me luck! On lunchtime I'm taking Lola for her vaccin against hepatitis. For her last vaccin, she spent a day crying with fever, poor lil shrimpette!
It gonna be a cuddles'day!

Monday, April 07, 2003

I did not think I'd have a hard time writing a story for children!

I've realized I could not start properly without knowing how I wanted my story to finish. Then it's not enough to have an idea of a story, of a beginning and an end...

You gotta create a personnality for you main character, even a way of talking! Then you have to enter your character's mind to *feel* his reactions in different situations. Huuuuuuuu, I've spent my day trying to think like a 8 years-old boy! Talking of that, I've seen a boy that age asking his mom for a barbie today. I thought boys wanted kens!

Anyway, after creating your character, you have to create a universe around him, a universe that shall mean something to kids!!! ... //oO\\

Then you can go back to the story itself and start something. Ok, you've the beginning + the main character to lead you to the end. Time to explore this labyrinth!

But you know it's a book for children, so you've to keep in mind it must be about 14 pages (average it seems). The labyrinth will be short but not easier at all!

So finally you start typing words. Full, pleasant sentences appear on the screen. Getting easier then? Oh nenene, because you had forgotten you've to chose an age category for your "readers". You don't use the same words for 2 years-old angels than for 10 years old ones!

Ok, I have to re-start again keeping in mind so many "parameters" that inspiration's getting blocked!

Thank Gawd, I've not given up. Good or not I wanted to do it and I've just finished. Martin and I will read and re-read it this week. I told Martin I'd make an effort to accept criticism. I think he doubted that.

Friday, April 04, 2003

Ya know what have been my 3 lil pleasures of the day?

1) I FINALLY need a belt with my jeans, that did not happen since Lola's birth! Yeeeeeehoooooooooooo!

2) I scored 14/20 at the fookin trivia game I do online sometimes while having my first cawffee!

3) I've just finished a painting!!! (weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!)

PS: and, cherry on the cake, I'm chattin with m'zelle Jenny right now! hehehe **~~*^* *

Thursday, April 03, 2003

For the first time in ages we were sleeping hard yesterday at 11.30 pm, a record. We were so tired! And I woke up full of energy, ready to do the thousands thingies waiting for me.
But my adorable shrimpette had imagined a different script for my day. She kept me busy every single minute, when you know she wakes up at 9.30 and goes to bed at 10.00, you understand that it makes LOTS of minutes.

Now I'm dead again; I wanted to finish my painting tonight, but (yawning) we've not eaten yet and I can hardly open the eyes... sooooo, let's see if I manage to organize myself beDer tomorrow!

Anyone gets some *guuuuuuuuuuuuuuud* vitamines for me?

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

It's been a few days now that I really feel sea-sick when I jump into bed, always thinking about the nights dem Iraqi children are having at the same time in bagdad and around there.
And all that being inflicted by people who spend their time telling "they're sorry, that accidents might happen, and that it's wartime after all". It's revolting.