Monday, June 30, 2008

Another treat! ...and it gets Bluecolours :P

I have spent a very VERY good weekend.
Great memories from that bloggers'lunch, finally much time to cuddle my lil family, oh and a very funny time yesterday at friends to try their PS3 (I had a big sword, screamed a lot and saved the world! -which feels pretty good!- lol)

And tomorrow morning I go to see my publishing house to get more books (yeepee) and and..... 9.15am I meet another star of the blogsphere, named Bluelulie! We talked on the phone and we already had fun, huhu! :) I just could not miss her, she's in Paris for a couple of days and then woooosh, back at the other side of the planet!

I hope you're all jealous of that fine plan!

The collector

I will answer Samantdi's request today = to participate to the chain thingie and answer this:
"tell us what do you collect or have collected in the past"

So here we go!

I've always had admiration for people patient enough to create their collection of whatever. I'm much more a *keeper* than a collector. I'm not a *hunter* looking for what I do not have.

Yet if I could collect one thing, that would be tattoos. Not like body covered (eeeeck), but definitely more of them. A great kind of collection, a bit expensive but easy to store and at least you're sure to keep it forever and ever! :P

Well, I reckon I actually collect one thing: kitsh postcards. That's a lil game Esox and I started a couple of years ago (I've foten talked of that here). The one who sends the most kitsh postcard wins (and I have an ally on my side now, Jérôme! haha!)
Anyway, it's more for the game than the collection itself!

But yeah, like many of us, I'm much more a *keeper*.
I just can't get rid of a letter or postcard, I keep them all. And as you get less and less of them, they're getting even more precious.

I also keep my concerts' tickets, concerts are so intense, each ticket brings me back in a different place, with an atmosphere and the heart beating faster or slower. Faster usually :P

Same for cinema tickets (for a movie I really loved). It's like this lil piece of paper could keep forever all the emotions I got, all the pleasure.

Well, thinking of it, I'm also a diet collector, but nene that does not count, no pleasure there!

And a few words in French, because Samantdi asked me and no way I'll resist her :)

Or donc... olala bloguer en Français c'est comme manger du couscous avec des baguettes pour moi, ça le fait pas du tout!

Donc je ne suis pas une collectionneuse, je suis une keepeuse (désolée mais je vois pas de chouette traduc, là)
Je garde précieusement mes tickets de concert surtout, chacun d'eux sont des trésors de plaisir et de souvenirs.
Pareil pour les billets de cinoche, enfin quand le film m'a vraiment plu. Impossible de les jeter, c'est comme si je mettais des émotions très fortes à la poub. Ha non!

Je collectionne quand même 2 trucs, j'avoue
1) les cartes postales kitsch, mais c'est plus un jeu qu'un besoin de collectionner
2) et les régimes bien sûr, ha oui je les collectionne, mais bizarrement ils n'ont pas pris beaucoup de valeur! grrmppphhh

Who's a collector around? Stamps, perfumes, ermmm dildos maybe (I bet some do! lol), anything?

Fed up with all the diets you get in the magazines ?

(the *diet* season will be over in a couple of months, be patient!)

Anyway, you know, we know, oh I know (booo ooooo), that diets suck.

So, don't bother with the magazines and just buy my book! Well, the one I've illustrated ;-)
No diet there, but the story of a lonely lil boy a bit sad because of his heavy weight.

I might imagine the topic is not inspiring for you, but weight, I mean wait! (I'm sooooo funny on Mondays!)

...maybe you would be very proud to get a book made by someone (very nice, friendly and modest) that you know (pointing finger towards own self))...NOoooOOO???
Yesss! In that case you can find the book here.

(all that to say, the book is available, blablabla, and that I'm definitely not a good seller!!! :P)

Friday, June 27, 2008

My *little moment* planned for tomorrow... A FREE DAY!

I have rendez-vous there, in this most charming lil restaurant with blogger friends, some I know since ages, some I don't. Well I don't know if the meeting is secret or not (lol) so I won't give names!

A big, a HUGE thank you to my other half for taking care of the lil devils while I'll just relax!!! :)


PS: And since the restaurant is located in a fine area for shopping (close to les Halles), other treats (my fav word of the day) should follow ;-)

(edit): Loup's really sick.... got a bad bad cold or something like that! ... ok, I'll make the shopping part really short!

(edit #2): Loup just wanted to stress his mama (grmppph!)... he slept the whole morning and now feels a bit better... pheww.

We had a great great lunch!

It was such a pleasure to get our Queenette back in Paris! (happy sigh)
And spending time with JvH, who looked happy and beauDiful (have you read her last post? I hadn't! And got really surprised :P), and sharing good laughs with Mel', Jérôme (stop tempting me with your chocolate! grrmpph), Lune and her adorable princess!
And then I had the pleasure to see Jenny again (but you were far we couldn't really talk! next time!), and it was a great honour to meet Dorian (who's said to be a star in the blogsphere! yup yup!), the talented Krysalia (Don't tell me you have not updated your bloggie since April! -faint- ;-), and the famous Samantdi who's my official copine d'apéro now! :P

Well, I can't wait for next year, sooner than later anyway!

(the pic is floutched on purpose, to preserve my buddies' privacy :P)

Major treat for the ears !!!

okok, before getting over-excited, maybe you already know The website.

I used to listen music on some web radios, on yahoo too, blogradio, etc... but I have just found the most exciting website! ... do you know it already?!!!

If not, and if you enjoy music, then you must absobloodilutely register there! (and if you do so, don't forget to tell me so I can find your profile there)

Jango is a kind of *social* network dedicated to music. No don't run, the "social" side of it is wunnerful, to share stuff you like with your friends!

There you have a profile and all the kind of music you enjoy. You use it as a radio. You select your artists, then the song you "love" (played very often), "enjoy" (played regularly) and do not like (never played again).

I use some add blockers so I'm not bothered with any kind of publicity.

Here is how it looks like...

the profile box:

and here is how you select your songs, so easy, so pleasant!

click here

I really hope the access to the site won't be stopped someday (like Radioblog)
It is so so soooo good! (sowwwy but I got addicted to it!)

Oh, and while your own radio is on, the site proposes stuff close to what you like, great way to discover new bands or songs... for me anyway ;-)

This happens once a century screams, no battles, no fights, no blood, no tears, no cries... ;-)

(happy sigh)

Oh noooo !

I've checked the tv program, and chock and horror, it seems they won't show the rugger match (Frawnch vs Wallabies) tomorrow... (Anyone gets any other info?)

So so unfair for us Rugger's lovers! :P

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Summer movie

...but of course (!) :

(it's online since ages, you probably already know this one!)

now the most terrifying one (a lil thought for Esox here :P)

Monday, June 23, 2008

A Summer picture

School's over next week, for 2 endless months.

.........wish me luck!

A summer drink


A summer wish

Let's have hundreds of ravishing twilights ...

Gawd, I love dem twilight blues!

photo from here

A Summer song

Only video crap here, too bad there were no real video at the time (the song's so inspiring!)

and as it's summer, I could add this one, but promise me you will just close your eyes, the video kinda kills the whole atmosphere of the song! (at least for me who only think about Clint here :P)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Christopher Columbus and popping pectorals

My diet does not work really. And I think I'm just eating normally which is fine :P
But I can see a lil tiny difference since I've started with........ my Pilates exercices. I do them usually 3 times a week, and -oh MIRACLE- I can see improvements!

I'm being a Christopher Columbus of my own body, discovering new body lands: lil muscles I did not know! (like on the chest, just above the boobs I have popping muscles when I work! lol that's really funny!)

It's not the toutouyoutou gymnastics (aerobics), no, it's much calmer...!

(this is a collector, I know some will love it! hehe)

Calmer, but not easier! Pilates's not easy, unlike what it seems!

But then... I have a great coach, and for free! The best thing is that she keeps telling me I'm making a goooood job, so satisfying!
I call her mrs Faith Flexible.
Faith because I trust her! Flexible because, well, you will quickly understand :P

Really that's the only sport I can stand. Biking, swimming (if not for fun), running, nooooo I'm not patient enough and too lazy too.

But Pilates, yeah that's made for me!
Ever tried it? Are you into any sport by the way???

I exchange 2 sunny hours against 2 dark ones (fair deal!)'s just that I need longer nights.

I don't know why really... but I've got a very busy week! Exhausting type.
I've fallen asleep each time we've started watching Prison Break's last season... pfff! That's a sign!

Anyway, I must say Loup has been very demanding, so active and ready to do exactly what's forbidden! The opposite of Lola who's calm, concentrated and careful.
Perfect balance ;-)

But, busy as I was, I managed to start a new book, the "Saragosse" one which is so far really good (I must confess here... that I put Post-it notes wherever I stop to remember instantly who's talking! lol)

And I've also found time to start with a new painting, which already required hours of work

and with a Summer series of candle-holders :)
(the problem with them is that I can only work on them with day light... complicate)

I just hope the weekend will be ermmm more relaxing... with more time for meself!

And there I stand alone, in the Purgatory...

...with the Eagles playing endlessly !

My sin belongs to the "think twice before doing anything" category.

You know, well maybe you don't but you should ;-), that Hotel California is a song I love. The vibes, everything, I love it (memo to self: gotta blog about songs and vibes some day)

Well I don't have anything from the Eagles, but I remember this album, Hotel California, from my dad. He had the LP (you know this big round thingie, black and flat). And I think it was great on hot summer days.

So the other day, I thought I'd treat myself with the CD.

Such a beauDiful sleeve. And Summer's being just around the corner. Yeah I would get it !!!
(Martin laughed when I told him! grmpph!)

Well Martin was right. A memory and a fine sleeve are not enough to make a good album.
Such a bad surprise.
I love *my* song but I can tell I am not a fan at all of the band!

I have also bought a shitty CD (by Arno) which is for re-sale already.

Anyway, to finish with a happy ending ... *the* song:

Gawd, it rocks, really!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Stress and adrenalin part 2

(warning: don't click on the links below if you're sensitive! I don't want to provoke any heart attack... specially with Barnaby :P!)

Sooo... after a pretty busy Saturday, in the late evening I felt a bit stressed, for no real reason though...
I asked Martin to watch something that would change my mind. Like... tada.... Midsomers Murders, of course!

Well, Martin suggested (with much diplomacy! hehe) that we could watch one of our "christmas" dvds (those still under plastic, huh). And why not the one my sister offered us "28 weeks later".

Hm, oh well, ok why not indeed, that will change my mind.
I remembered 28 days later, wasn't it a bit hmm bloody?
Ok, well we'll see.

After ten minutes I was screaming under the cover! More stressed than I had been in ages!!!! My heartbeats were not under control anymore!

The thing is that ok, the movie is absobloodilutely violent. Usually with a zombie movie I laugh, every 5 minutes. With this one, it happened (yeah it happened!), but twice only!

I could not sleep after. My adrenalin had reached a "coffee overdose" kind of level.
But the movie was fantastic, terrifying on many levels. What a surprise!
I LOVED it. Please, someone around must have watched it, no? I totally recommend it, when you're in the mood huh, and if you enjoy the genre just a lil bit ;-)

PS: if someone knows where I can find the soundtrack...just lemme know and you'll get a big hug from ol' Candy :P

Oui, Chef!

Ok, lemme see.. I don't like cooking, I'm on an endless diet, yet I keep talking about food!!! arggg!

Voilà, my lil game of the week is called "Supa lazy, Supa yummy!"
The rules are extremely simple:

1) You chose 1 or 2 ingredients maximum

2) No more than 5 minutes of preparation

So what do you propose? (just grabbing an apple and biting it does not count, you lazy bum!)

Here's my "Supa lazy, supa yummy!" :

no it's not burnt, just slightly coloured!

1)4 yellow/orange peppers
2) you take off the lil seeds and cut them in thin slices. In the oven for 20 minutes (I have never checked), salt and pepper, and there you go! yummmmmm!
Sweet, delicious, perfect with a light wine!

Bon appetit, les amis!

Stress and adrenalin part 1

I had some kind of busy weekend. Pretty stressing one because I ran everywhere... and also spent a lot of time thinking about next year, the fact that I don't have a "normal" job (that pays well enough), etc.
Stressing weekend but in a kind of positive way (phewww!)
As long as I can *work* from home, we'll do it this way, which makes of our lil family the priority.

Anyway, the weekend started with this meeting in Lola's new school... Her next school year in two words: much more serious and demanding.
Ok it will be fantastic too, learning how to read, count, etc. But for me, as a mama, it feels so much as another lil step towards independence. Sometimes I wish I could just keep my babes under my wings, making their life sweet and easy forever. (sigh)

Anyway, here's the typical week Lola will get:

click here

Français = French
Ecriture = writing
Découverte du monde = world discovery (time, space, sciences, etc)

What do you think? Not bad for a 5 years-old lil one, no?
No way she will get bored huh! :-)

Everyday she'll get some homework. hm.
Ok, I actually think we'll have fun! :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Singin' in the shower tonight

What do you prefer: a shower, a bath? and when is the perfect moment to have it? in the morning? in the evening?

I love baths. But baths are for the lucky people. I don't have time for them. :(
So I take showers (yeah you also feel this is a most important post, hm?! ;-)

Well, for the first time I've sung under my shower tonight! Yup, because... bath or shower I love them in the early evening if possible. Then I dress again for the evening , all fresh. Yup I love it.

Anyway, I've sung under my shower, that's a sign. I'm going to be rich and famous one day. Or happy, at least!

Wait, I already am! (hugging the Universe for that)**~~*^* *

Auf Wiedersehen, Lilie

Lilie, ha Lilie...

Lilie stands for Amélie. I met her on the internet in some forum 3 years ago. She was expecting a babe, just like me.

One day she said she was to be the boss of a kindergarten just near where I live.
A wunnerful opportunity for Loup!

Loup has spent almost a year there. It was so reassuring for me to know who will take care of my babe! So comfortable! I spent a wunnerful year, Loup spent a wunnerful year!

Now Amelie has just stopped working because she's to be a mama for a second time :)

Soooo... Loup made this, and it was he who chose what words had to be written down on it.
I've heard so many times "non pas Lilie" on the mornings (Loup, you know it, just prefer to stay in bed or stuck to his mama)... that I was really happy and relieved that he wanted to tell Lilie: "Lilie you are my buddy" :)

Now we're in June, the "school" year is almost done. Tomorrow we go at a party in Loup's next school, and I also have rendez-vous in Lola's new school. Both of my babes will start some important year (first year at school for Loup, and Lola will start with hmm the "serious" school, where you learn how to read and do ugly mathematics)

time's running, and so do I :)

Missing (international) rugger!

I think French were playing footie tonight? hm, not sure
(yawn ;-)

About a much more exciting sport, on the 28th of June in Sydney and on 5th of July (in Brisbane, home town of missed Penny Sillan), the Frawnch will play the Wallabies!
And the big boy, aka Caveman, aka Sea bass (loup de mer, another way to call "Sébas"), will be back with his heavy muscles! (faint)

Very exciting news !
(suddenly I feel very lonely! lol)
(huhu petit moment de solitude, non?)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Ali Baba's cave

I got them! I've received the first books some of you have recommended me, and it feels fantastic to discover what has touched you inside.
Besides, from what I've read (back covers), the books seem to be great!

My Ali Baba's cave is very international, I've bought 7 books, from American, French, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Uruguyan authors!
I'm absobloodilutely curious about them all.

my treasures:
Contes d'amour, de folie et de mort, by Horacio Quiroga
a personnal choice, a book of funny/fantastic/terrifying short stories. The author is compared with Maupassant... so exciting!

J'aurais préféré vivre, by Thierry Cohen
hmm, another personnal choice, but with this one I'm not sure at all.

Manuscrit trouvé à Saragosse
heavy book, with very small font (no I'm not afraid!), a book which seems fascinating: the story happens at the beginning of the XVIIIth century, said to be a fantasy tale, phylosophic one, libertine one, etc. Can't believe I did not know it!

City, by Alessandro Baricco
I have some strange and not really positive, but extremely limited, experience with Italian literature. I cannot tell you what it is about... but from the back cover, it's about ermm a city. I'm curious!

La fin des temps, by Haruki Murakami
it's gonna be my first Japanese book (waving @hiro)! The back cover's very exciting! Described as a kind of "Wonderland with no mercy" ! huhu!!!

La Chambre des morts by Frank Thilliez
the author was born in 1973, a year before me. And I can't believe someone so young (pulease no comment on that) can already be a famous author! It's a thriller, not my favourite genre, but as it was highly recommended, I say YES!!!!

Hyperion by Dan Simmons
I got it in French... usually I don't understand just everything when I read SF or Fantasy books, so for once, I should get it from top to toe ;-)
I'm pretty sure I'll love it, only because of the genre (Science-fi), background etc. But who knows... I'll tell you anyway!

now I just need a century to read them all... then I'll refill my Ali Baba's cave! :P

What about you, in the mood to get some Ali Baba's cave or not at all?

Lil devils' ambition tour

Really no one can tell that we put pressure on our angels.
When we think about their future, we just hope they can do something they really like. As long as there's passion in their life, they'll be motivated, and I'm pretty sure it will be fine.

Anyway, the other day, without me asking anything, Lola came and said: when I'm old like you (huhu), I know what I want to do: I want to be a cleaner (which is in her mind very close to Princess I believe)
hehe well, as long as she practices a LOT at home, I don't mind :P

As for Loup, it's more (sorry guys) typical!
me: Loup, soon you will start with school, right?
Loup No mama, I can't.
me: huh? why that?
Loup (slightly irritated, since it seems so obvious to him): because I will stay in bed!

Monday, June 09, 2008

lying down on the grass...

...can help you reach some intense kind of happiness. You agree, right, but when have you done it for the last time? Yeah, ages ago, so long ago actually that you do not really remember it.
It's time (summer time) to train at watching clouds!

That's what I've done during my weekend in Bretagne (not many clouds though!). The weather was gorgeous, sunny, just warm enough.
Bees, flowers, singing blackbirds, new fishes in my parents' pond (one named Crystal, the other named Fleur de vanille, thank you Lola ;-), stunning sunsets... When I win lottery, I'll enjoy that everyday!

click here

Charlie was supa cute, but he was full of surprises: he welcome us with excited fleafleas! Pfffff

Well, as my inner self is is way too reasonable... to deserve my "lying on the grass" sessions, I also worked a bit in the hobbit house. Painting doors and windows, to protect them from the weather, insects, etc. Painting is fine, but putting the fookin tape everywhere is a real pain in the bum!

So before the end of the week, our plumber will start new works, which sounds fantastic! :)

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Following the calling of the mermaids

...Yup, I'm on my way to Brittany for 3 days!
Well I wish it was to follow the mermaids, but it's way less sexy, salted and refreshing: we've rendez-vous with our plumber to finally start with the main installations..
Soon I will pee in my own house and when you can't do it, you realize what *this* means! (happy sigh)

We won't have much time, but I'll also probably paint a bit some windows and doors, take care of the garden... and I will mostly spend lots of time lying down on the grass to watch the clouds running in the sky!

As for the mermaids, I followed Mahie's piece of advice, and made 2 other paintings, not of the same mermaid though :)
I'm happy, it's a lovely triplette!

For more details about the paintings, it's in the gallery

Well, I think next stuff I'll paint will be more into goblins, bats and worms, just for my own balance and sanity you know! :P

have a most wunnerful end of week!

If the Dead can really dance

...I guess it's because they're musically inspired!

It's not easy to share something you like. Actually I almost never do it with music, it's so personal, sharing it often feels like spoiling the BeauDy of it. You take risks, you expose something you deeply enjoy and you actually do not need any feed back on it.
Anyway, for once, I feel like sharing music I really like. I hope it will also help a bit miss mahie to recover from a bad cold! :P

I think Dead Can Dance is part of the *cosmos' music* . The kind of music that will help to relax and float above.
Thee videos below do not matter really, just feel the music. It can take you higher than expected ;-)

Well, dead Can Dance is much more than that, but it this will give you an idea.
Oh, and pssshhiittt, don't watch the videos, just close your eyes and make your imagination work hard :)

Monday, June 02, 2008

Pink Floyd, Madonna, DM, Metallica,

Supertramp, SOAD, etc etc
I really enjoyed their concerts, But I tell you, my daughter on stage beat them all! hehe
(sowwy, a proud mama is this way!)

Yesterday, we were invited to see the end of the year's show dance of Lola and her girlfriends.
I took Lola there at 9.00am and the show was at 3.00pm.

And I can understand now why they needed so much time. The show was fantastic! Girls from 4 years old to 18 performing. We had actually 30 different performances, some classical, others more jazzy or cabaret-style and other more modern. Musicals, Mozart, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Bob Sinclar, Leroy Anderson, Eric Satie, etc)
What a surprise, I did not expect all that at all!

click here

I was used to the 4-6 years old training in their own way, never too concentrated, never remembering more than 2 steps. But cute, yup, so cute :-)
But their performance was perfect, so ermm professional! Wawww!
I was proud of my shrimpette, but beyond that, I really enjoyed the show! That was a wunnerful *first time* for Lola, and for me too!

When the crab winked at me

(aloa ew beauDiful people!
Where do I start? I had such a busy weekend...ok, I'll focus on the funny moments)

On Saturday, I went out for lunch with 3 wunnerful goilfriends.
We had decided to celebrate Michelle's birthday and so we all let the kids to the lucky papas (with the help of *Opa* and *Oma* huh)!

Sowwy for the *floutch* quality, but as I did not ask the girls to put a pic on here, soooo I just *floutched* it.

We had a great time together, giggling, laughing, talking about Brad pitt, Mc Dreamy and Mc Steamy of course.

Then at some point, I suddenly saw my crab winking at me!!! And I swear it (spitting far) I had only drunk a kir and one glass of wine...

So, sure thing, that wasn't my mind playing tricks, huh!
I wondered why the lil creature which was about to be eaten in the next minute sent me some signal.

I looked around.

Ohhh all right, now I knew!

This time it was not missh Dita Von Teese or any other glamoutous celebrities. Nenene
We tried to take pics being as discret as possible (lol)
Can you guess who was having lunch on the next table?

click here

*faints* (not!) hehe

Yup, my crab was only telling me the most famous French * salted journalist* (he presents some weekly broadcast on tv about the seas and oceans, and he's been doing that since about dunno 30 years)

Sir D'JORDJ' PEURNOUT' himself aka Georges Pernoud was just there! (totale glamouritude!)
Yeah, well, ok ok, it was not George Clooney or George Michael, but better than nothing for a blogarazzi like me, hey!

hehe, we had fun!

PS: a big thanks to Michelle, who ran after the guy and asked him with her best French-American accent to make a pic of him. He was all flattered, naturally!

PPS: *floutch* for those speaking a formal English language = blur